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( American playwright)

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Biography GARE John
photo GARE John
GARE, JOHN (Guare, John) (p. 1938), American playwright. Born February 5, 1938 in New York. He studied at Georgetown University (Washington), in 1960 became a Bachelor of Arts. There were staged his play "The Girl from the Theater" (Theatre Girl, 1959) and "Boy-grebe" (Toadstool Boy, 1960). He continued his studies at drama school at Yale University in New Haven (pc. Connecticut). In New Haven were delivered to the Golden cherub "(The Golden Cherub, 1962) and" You wrote my name in the snow? " (Did you Write My Name in Snow?, 1963).

After Yale Gare went to New York, where he participated in the creation of an association of playwrights associated with the Memorial Theater YU.O 'Neil (1965). During this period he created the play "To Wally Pantone confidence remains" (To Wally Pantoni, We Leave a Credenza, post. 1965); "Beautiful noon, and something about which I'll tell you on Tuesday" (The Loveliest Afternoon of the Year and Something I'll Tell you Tuesday, the post. 1966); "Muzzika" (Muzeeka, post. 1968 Prize 'Obi', 1968), "Police - won" (Cop - Out, Post. 1969), brought him a prize 'Obi' as the author, recognized by the New York critics, the most promising playwright, 1968-1969, "Home Fires" (Home Fires, post. 1969).

Gare finest hour was vnebrodveyskaya staged in 1971, the play "The House of blue leaves" (The House of Blue Leaves). The play received the award of the circle of the New York Drama Critics as the best American play and was honored as the best play in 1971.

For this play followed had resounding success on Broadway, "Two Gentlemen of Verona" (Two Gentlemen of Verona). Rock-musical comedy by William Shakespeare, . co-written with Mel Shapiro Gault McDermoth to music and verses Gare, . called in December 1971 the flow of rave reviews in the press, . won the New York circle of critics of the drama as the best musical award 1971-1972 and 'Tony' for best musical and best libretto of 1972,

. The four following pieces reveal new motifs in works Gare: "Marco Polo sings a solo" (Marco Polo Sings a Solo, . 1977) and "Rich and Famous" (Rich and Famous, . 1977) show the life of wealthy people as something grotesque, . absurd and unpredictable, the relationship of parents and children represented in the plays "The landscape of the body" (Landscape of the Body, . 1977) and "Strangers in the bosom of the family" (Bosoms and Neglect, . 1979),

In 1980, Gare wrote the script for the film "Atlantic City" (Atlantic City). Put it Louis Malle, starring Burt Lancaster and Susan Sarendon. In 1981 the film won awards of the New York Film Critics, the Los Angeles Film Critics, National Society of Film Critics, the main prize of the Venice Film Festival and the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.

Plays "Lydia Breeze" (Lidia Breeze) and "Gardenia" (Gardenia), set in 1982 in New York, and "Women and Water" (Women and Water), set in 1985 in Washington, made a family saga, which takes place in Nantucket (pc. Mass.). Ambitious trilogy Gare compared with O'Neill's plays of New England.

The most famous and successful of the later plays Gare is "Six Degrees of exclusion" (Six Degrees of Separation), whose first performances in New York (1990), and then in London (1992) have become a theatrical event in the life. Based on real facts, the play shows a wealthy couple, belonging to the best New York society, whose position is fundamentally changes the gay black man, posing as the son of actor Sidney Poitier. The couple introduced Paul to his home - and his life - and before his fraud will be revealed, their life plans crumble.

Next play Gare "Four baboons, who worship the Sun" (Four Baboons Adoring the Sun, the post. 1992), received a mixed review of criticism.

Gare won the American Academy of Arts and Letters (1981), Fellowship of the New York Institute of Humanitarian Studies (1982). In 1978-1981 he was a visiting professor at Yale University, lectured on drama, and in 1990-1991 was invited to Harvard University in 1993-1994 served in the Juilliard School.

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GARE John, photo, biography
GARE John, photo, biography GARE John  American playwright, photo, biography
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