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Polad Bul-Bul oglu

( The singer and composer)

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Biography Polad Bul-Bul oglu
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Polad Bul-Bul oglu

Born in 1945 in Baku (Azerbaijan) in the family of the great Azerbaijani singer, founder of Azerbaijani professional vocal art, musicologist, professor Bulbul.

Creative and professional appearance Polad Bulbuloglu formed in the Azerbaijan State Conservatory named after U. Hajibeyov in the class composition of the outstanding composer Kara Karaev.

While still a student determined the creative inclinations musician - the desire for modern music, for clarity and nobility of form.

For many years he acted as a singer and composer, is actively promoting the Azerbaijani musical culture. Supervised pop groups of the republic. As an artist traveled with concerts throughout the Soviet Union, visited more than 70 countries. Polad Bul-Bul oglu created a whole new trend in Soviet music, combining contemporary rhythms and harmony with a clear national melodies, which became an example to follow the next generation of musicians.

Polad Bul-Bul oglu starred in the lead roles in movies that have become extremely popular. Composed music for more than 20 films. Through participation in numerous music programs, and television Polad Bul-Bul oglu became TV stars of the first magnitude. And not by accident that he became the sole representative of the Azerbaijani culture, in whose honor in February 2000 was opened by the star on "Star Square" in Moscow.

Composer creation Polad Bul-Bul oglu diverse. In his creative assets are large symphonic works, chamber and instrumental music, musical, vocal loops, film music and drama performances. Particular success brought him the songs that are performed as well-known singers of the country, and he.

For several years, Polad Bul-Bul oglu served as director and artistic director of Azerbaijan State Philharmonic Society, having shown the best organizational quality, excellent knowledge of the concert business. Since 1988, he - Minister of Culture of the Azerbaijan Republic. His flurry of activity on such a responsible position gained recognition and credibility of not less than in concert. In 1995, Polad Bul-Bul oglu was elected to the Milli Majlis (Parliament) of Azerbaijan. The scale of personality Polad Bul-Bul oglu, his cheerfulness and professionalism allow up to date outside the box to solve highly complex problems of development of national culture.

In 1994, Polad Bul-Bul oglu elected Director-General, established in 1993 by the International Organization TURKSOI and is the Commonwealth on the development of Turkic culture and art. In 1997 and 2000, re-elected to this post. Throughout its activities, aims and objectives of TURKSOI close to the structure of UNESCO and to play a unifying role in the Turkic-speaking region. Through the organization and on the initiative TURKSOI Polad Bul-Bul oglu published numerous books of the classics of literature of Turkic-speaking countries, calendars and magazines, forthcoming encyclopedia on the monuments of culture and art

. Polad Bul-Bul oglu - Doctor of Fine Arts of the National Academy of Creative Republic of Azerbaijan, Honorary Professor of the Azerbaijan University of Culture and Arts, member of the International Humanitarian Academy "Europe-Asia"
. In 2000 he was awarded the academic title of professor.

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Polad Bul-Bul oglu, photo, biography
Polad Bul-Bul oglu, photo, biography Polad Bul-Bul oglu  The singer and composer, photo, biography
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