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Ingeborg Bachmann

( Austrian poet and novelist)

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Biography Ingeborg Bachmann
Bachmann Ingebog (June 25, 1926 - October 17, 1973)
Austrian novelist of the postwar period in poetry, prose and radiodramaturgii described the overwhelming loneliness of modern man. The works are imbued with a desire to Bachmann a breakthrough from a lonely existence for a full life.

Born in Klagenfurt in the teacher's family, Bachmann was the eldest of three children. Since 1945, she studied philosophy, psychology and Germanic in Innsbruck, Graz and Vienna. In 1950, Ingeborg academic degree work Critical installation ekzistentsialchoy philosophy of Martin Xaydeggera. After that, she worked as a secretary in the American occupation administration in Vienna, in 1951 passed an editor at the radio station Rot Weiss-Rot.

Beginning 1950: Lyrics. After the first participation in the readings at the conference of the Group of 47 "in 1953, Bachmann has received the Writers' Union Prize. This award, together with the success of the first poetry collection "delayed time" ( "Die gestundete Zeit", 1953) allowed her to leave work on radio and move to Italy. After the second collection of poetry, "The spell of the Great Bear" ( "Die Anrufung des GroBen Baren", 1956), Bachman published only a few individual poems.

. In his carefully encrypted intellectual lyricism Bachmann expressive language speaks of a sense of existential threat
. Man saves only the desire to escape from an intolerable present and a desire to break through to a better future. Basically Bachmann uses free rhythms and strict rhyme, imagery and metaphors taken from nature, from the myths and fairy tales.

1954-1959: radio plays. In 1954 appeared radio plays Bachmann "Cicada! (" Die Zikaden "). In it the author required to adapt to the existing social order, despite awareness of its flaws. In 1957, Bachmann took a job at the Bavarian Radio in Munich, where year after the premiere of her play "The Good Lord in Manhattan" ( "Der gute Gott von Manhattan"). Radio plays won in 1959, the prize of the Society lost their sight in war. Theme of the play - the impossibility of pure love and complete happiness with the existing social order. "Good God", the defender of public order, brought before a court for the attempted assassination of the amorous couple, whose mutual overwhelming feeling increasingly alienated them from society. The resulting violation of generally accepted norms of morality becomes a threat to society.

After the 1961-th: Prose. In 1961, Bachmann has published the first collection of short stories, "thirtieth year" ( "Das dreiBigste Jahr"). Seven short stories narrated about the individual in captivity family relationships and again and again breaking attempts to rebel against society, man, start a new life. Event stories are the poor in its content rather lyrical than epic.

The following years were marked by a pause as poet. Bachmann wrote the libretto for the composer Hans Werner Henze ( "Prince of Hamburg, 1966," Young Lord ", 1965, and others). In 1964 she was awarded the Georg Bц+chner Prize.

1971: "Raspberries". Seven years later came the novel "Malina" ( "Malina") - the only complete novel from the series "Views of deaths, which Bachmann conceived in the 50-ies (fragments left after her death in 1978). Malina - an example of ruthless self-examination in the literature. In this work, it is about a love triangle consisting of the narrator and two men - one of whom, Dr. Malina, is a personification of the rational part of the personal of the main character. Link rational and passionately loving part of it can not: the emotional aspect of personality must be put to death ( "killed"). This is a novel about self-knowledge, consisting mostly of monologues, in which there is no traditional description of events.

1972: Recent works. Collected short stories "Simultaneous" ( "Simultan", 1972) is riddled with subtle irony the reader snapshots of the lives of five women who developed their own life strategies in a world dominated by Man. The coldness and detachment - their distinctive features, the highest value becomes independent, often associated with loneliness. For only through independence can not find the "true" freedom. In 1973 sorokasemiletnyaya writer died in Rome from extensive burns during a fire in his home. According to one version, Bachmann asleep with a burning cigarette in his hand.

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    Ingeborg Bachmann, photo, biography
    Ingeborg Bachmann, photo, biography Ingeborg Bachmann  Austrian poet and novelist, photo, biography
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