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TAL Michael Nehemevich

( chess-player)

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Biography TAL Michael Nehemevich
Tal, Mikhail NEHEMEVICH (1936-1992). Eighth World Chess Champion (1960-1961). Born November 9, 1936 in Riga, the family physician. He learned to play in 10 years. Engaged in the chess circle of the Riga Palace of Young Pioneers. Received a master's degree in 1954 for winning the match over multiple champion of Belarus master V. Sayginym with a score of 8:6 (+6-4 = 4). After taking 1 st place in the semi-23 national championship, received the right to play in the finals (1956), which divided the 5.7 space. Leaving the second time in 24 Championship (1957), brilliantly won the first place, ahead of 8 grandmasters, including P. Keres, Bronstein and B. Spassky, and was awarded the title of grandmaster. Game of the new champion distinguished only aggressive style of play associated with significant risk, which immediately attracted to him many fans. Next three years are characterized by his triumphant takeoff. 25 Championship (Riga, 1958) was both the zonal tournament for world championship. Won in this competition, Tal received the right to play in inter-zonal tournament (Portoroz, 1958), which also won an overwhelming victory. Finally, brilliant style won the tournament contenders (Bled, Zagreb, Belgrade, 1959), Tal won the right to play a match for the chess crown with M. Botvinnik. Match this (Moscow, 1960) ended the triumphant victory Tal - 12,5:8,5 (+6-2 = 13), who became the youngest world champion in chess history: he was under and then 24 years old. However, in the next year, Tal was defeated in a rematch with Botvinnik with a score of 8:13 (+5-10 = 6). Having studied the works of his opponent, Botvinnik well prepared for the rematch, and identified weaknesses in his game. In fairness, it should be noted that before the game Tal fell ill, and Riga's doctors provided him with a certificate, respectively. When Botvinnik demanded that the Tal arrived in Moscow for examination, then, according to his long-term coach and friend A. Koblenz, Tal supposedly said: 'Then I beat him, and so! "
. Because of problems with the kidneys, Tal was forced to withdraw from the tournament contenders (Curaц¬ao, 1962), but in the next cycle again tried to compete for world championship
. At first, he shared the 1-4 places in the inter-zonal tournament (1964), then won in the candidate matches L. Portisch - 5,5:2,5 (+4-1 = 3), then B. Larsen - 5,6:4, 5 (+1-2 = 5), but lost the final match of applicants Spassky - 4:7 (+1-4 = 6). In 1967 the USSR Championship Tal tied for first or second place with L. Polugaevsky, and both were declared champions of the country. In the next round of candidate matches (1978) he won Gligoric - 5,5:3,5 (+3-1 = 5), but lost to Korchnoi - 4,5:5,5 (+1-2 = 7).

In 1969, he had a kidney removed, but it did not free him from health problems that often prevented him from achieving better results. However, in these years, his achievements were sufficiently expressive. He still three times, became the champion of the country (Baku, 1972, Leningrad, 1974, together with A. Belyavsky and Tbilisi, 1978, together with V. Tseshkovsky). Won or shared first place in 11 international tournaments.

Won in Riga inter-zonal tournament (1979), he made another attempt to fight for the highest chess title, but lost in the quarter finals Polugaevsky - 2,5:5,5 (+0-3 = 5). The last time he played in the inter-zonal tournament in Montpellier, Section 4 place with Ya Timmanom have killed the match with a draw - 3:3 (+1-1 = 4), but lost on additional indicators. A great lover of the game in the blitz, he in 1988 I won the unofficial world championship for lightning game. Died June 28, 1992 in Moscow, was buried in Riga.

Tal was a kind of artistic, on stage, in the presence of spectators, he lights up, felt exhilarated, he played not only for the board, but on the stage. He loved to speak to the chess fans, loved to give interviews, and his words would not climb, which is very impressed journalists. Often dressed in his thoughts in the chapel, aphoristic form. Because it would have made a great entertainer and showman.

The struggle for the chess board requires self-restraint, hard, sometimes even ascetic regime. Asceticism is a completely alien choleric, even demonic nature of the eighth world champion.

Won a rematch Tal, Botvinnik said: 'If Tal learn how to program themselves, then with it would be impossible to play'. However, self-programming was organically alien to his nature.

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TAL Michael Nehemevich, photo, biography
TAL Michael Nehemevich, photo, biography TAL Michael Nehemevich  chess-player, photo, biography
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