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Victoria Abril

( The Spanish actress)

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Biography Victoria Abril
photo Victoria Abril
Abril, Victoria (Abril, Victoria) (p. 1959), Spanish actress. Real name - Victoria Merida Rojas. Born July 14, 1959 in Madrid. From childhood seriously studied ballet, at age 15 she made her debut in film in the film F. Lara Polop "Obsesion" (Obsession, 1976), then played the young Queen Isabella in the movie R. Lester's Robin and Marien "(Robin and Marian, 1976, in Russian. Hire - Return of Robin Hood). Becoming the leading Spanish television entertainment programs, endowed with dramatic abilities, Abril quickly gained popularity. Combination of impulsive eroticism and self-irony Abril not only allowed to appear in episodes of frank melodramas and thrillers series 'B', . but also create custom images of 'rock', . sexually provocative female characters in the films of Jean-Jacques Binet ( "Moon in the gutter" - The Moon in the Gutter, . 1983), . Jose Luis Bora ( "Down by the River" - Rio Abajo, . 1984), . Vicente Aranda ( "El Lutheran" - El Lute, . 1987),

Since 1982, the actress settled in France, but the principal director for it was the leader of the Spanish postmodernist Pedro Almodovar. In the movie "Tie Me Up" (Tie me Up!, . 1989) she appeared a prisoner of his young lover, a psychopath (Antonio Banderas), . in "high heels" (High Heels, . 1991) the object of her passion was a transvestite, . and in "Quique" (Kika, . 1993) her heroine, . TV presenter of program "The worst of the day ', . became a party to those grim incidents, . which did report,

The first serious sign of recognition of talent Abril became prize IFF San Sebastian in 1987 for his role in the criminal drama Aranda El Lutheran ". Another role in the film Aranda - widow of seduction, which has smashed a pair of young lovers ( "The Lovers" - Lovers, 1991), brought her a prize 'Silver Bear' Berlin International Film Festival. Features of the actor's talent Abril allowed her to successfully express themselves in comedies - from the surreal pastisha ( "Max, . my love "- Max, . Mon Amour N. Oshima, . 1986) to the consumer 'comedy of manners "(" cursed the lawn "- Le Gauson Maudit, . 1995, . "My father, . my mother, . My brothers and sisters "- My Father, . My Mother, . My Sisters and Brothers, . 1999),
. In 1994, Abril played his first major film role in the American mainstream (in the drama Levinson "Jimmy Hollywood" - Jimmy Hollywood), . but its further career was related to European cinema, . where she consistently reiterated its 'star' status,
. The role of Gloria Duque, . young woman from the common, . fleeing persecution gangsters ( "No one will talk to us, . when we die "- Nobody Will Talk to Us When We Die, . 1995), . was awarded the Cannes International Film Festival Award (1995), . and the image of Mary nuns in the socio-drama epic V. Aranda "liberator" (Liberaciones, . 1996) on the material of the civil war in Spain has won unanimous compliments of criticism for realism and psychological elaboration of the nature,
. However, more familiar to the Role Abril images remain independent contemporaries - whether it be erotic thriller M. Pereira "Between your legs" (Between the Legs, . 1999) or ironic drama of Icelandic director B. Kormagura "Reykjavik, . 101 "(Reykjavik, . 101, . 2000),

. Other movies with her participation: "I want to be a woman" (I Want to Be a Woman, . 1976), . "I go to you!" (Coming at Ya!, . 1981), . "Bicycles for the summer" (Bicycles Are for Summer, . 1983), . "The most beautiful night" (The Most Beautiful Night, . 1984), . "Supplement" (L'addition, . 1985), . "Deadly pleasure" (The Pleasure of Killing, . 1987), . "Sandino" (Sandino, . 1990), . "Great epoch" (El Epoque formidable, . 1991), . "Too cardio" (Too Much Heart, . 1992), . "Blue Helmet" (Blue Helmet, . 1994), . "The wife of an astronaut" (Femme de cosmonaute, . 1998).,

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Victoria Abril, photo, biography
Victoria Abril, photo, biography Victoria Abril  The Spanish actress, photo, biography
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