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Elena AGARONOVA Gerasimovna

( Actress)

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Biography Elena AGARONOVA Gerasimovna
AGARONOVA, ELENA Gerasimovna (1903-1985), Russian actress. Born in the village of Astara (Azerbaijan) 7 (20) September 1903 in the family of the lighthouse keeper. In seven years, played his first role of Vanya in amateur theatricals "Wife coachman" Nekrasov. After graduating from the historical-philological faculty of the University of Baku, was admitted to short-term drama courses at the Drama Theater. In 1928, after graduating from the Leningrad Institute of Performing Arts, early stage career in the Leningrad Theater of Young Spectators (TUZ). One of the most active participants tyuzovskogo movement, in 1930 moved to Novosibirsk to take part in the organization of the Novosibirsk Spectators. Worked there in 1930-1932 and 1935-1938. Create an unforgettable image of Herod ( "rifle?" 492116 "A. Kroner), in which all attention was drawn to the actress to the disclosure of the nature of the process of breaking. Ibid she had played the role of fairies Birilyuny ( "Blue Bird" Maeterlinck) and Masha (dramatization "Dubrovsky" by A. Pushkin). In the meantime, played in Leningrad Oblast TYuZe. With great enthusiasm and spontaneity played the role of adolescent boys: Aleyka (Timoshkin mine "Makarieva), Sergei Streltsov (Lyubimov), etc.. Role Aleyki was for her landmark. Sergei Streltsov - the greatest achievement in terms of roles travestiynyh actress. Agaronovoy was perfectly transferred to the process of physical and spiritual healing Sergei. Since 1938 the Novosibirsk Theater actress 'Red Torch'. Apart Agaronovoy the troupe consisted of: K. G. Goncharov, SD Ilovajskij, FI Evdokimov, AN Arkad'ev, N. Severs, etc.. Director to Agaronovoy were AI Salomarsky, VP Redlich, B. K. Kenny. She played the role: Nadi ( "Enemies" Gorky), . Tanya (Tanya A. Arbuzov), . Masha (Masha A. Arbuzov), . Vari ( "Meeting in the dark" Knorre), . Anna Karenina (Anna Karenina Leo Tolstoy), . Julia Tugininoy ( "The Last Sacrifice" by A. Ostrovsky), . Tatyana Ivanovna ( "Village Stepanchikovo by F. Dostoevsky), . Arkadina ( "Seagull" by Chekhov), . Queen Gertrude ( "Hamlet" by W. Shakespeare), . Kruchinina ( "Guilty Without Guilt" by A. Ostrovsky), and others,
. Most significant for Agaronovoy and theater 'Red Torch' was the role of an actress - Eugenia Grandet and Noemi in productions of "Eugenie Grandet" Balzac and the "Spanish" by M. Lermontov. In the role of Eugenie Grandet Agaronova superbly conducted two crucial scenes - the scene explanations in love with Charles and the scene of the last meeting with him. Role Noemi actress was built on contrasts: the transition from violent lyrical madness to the ringing words. During the war Agaronova the theater 'Red Torch' went on cities Kuzbass (Novokuznetsk, Prokopyevsk), visited the mine. The repertoire of mobile theater were included and patriotic plays ( "Front" Korneichuk, "Petr Krym K. Finn), and the Philosopher's" Hamlet "and the gay comedy" The dog in the manger ", and funny farce" Leo Gurych Sinichkin ". Comic talent is manifest in the roles Mirandolina ( "Mistress of the Inn") and Glafira ( "Wolves and Sheep"). Agaronovoy checkered history as the role of satirical and Distinguishing which she began to play later (Diana "Without naming names," Yulyasevicheva "Moral Pani Dulskoy, Arkadina" Seagull "). A characteristic feature of Agaronovoy - revealing the poetic beginning in the role. The actress tried to raise all that is best in man (Tatiana Village of Stepanchikovo, dramatization of Dostoevsky). In the play A Agaronova played the role of teacher Maria Petrovna. With all the drama material weakness actress managed to create a whole image of women workers, in their own way domyslivaya author's text. One of the most coveted roles was to Agaronovoy Mother Courage, and director of the theater 'Red Torch' K. Chernedyaev, carrying conceived staging Brecht, commissioned a major role Agaronovoy.
She died in 1985.

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Elena AGARONOVA Gerasimovna, photo, biography
Elena AGARONOVA Gerasimovna, photo, biography Elena AGARONOVA Gerasimovna  Actress, photo, biography
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