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Isabelle Adjani

( French actress cinema and theater)

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Biography Isabelle Adjani
photo Isabelle Adjani
Adjani, Isabelle (Adjani, Isabelle) (p. 1955), French actress and movie theater. Full name - Isabelle Yasmine Adjani. Born June 27, 1955 in g.Zhanneviler (France), in an Algerian family, the owner of the vehicle repair workshop, and the Germans. At age 14, first appeared on screen in a children's film "Little collier" (Blacky, 1969), and two years later, director Nina Kompaneetc offered her a role in the film "Faustina, or Summer red" (Faustine ou le bel ete, 1971). Back in high school Ajani successfully played in the television drama "School for Wives" on the play by Moliere, and then worked in the theater Robert Hossein (1972-1974) in Reims, and soon was invited to the company of one of the most prestigious theaters in Europe - 'Comedie Francaise'. The young actress played in the play "School for Wives" and "Ondine" (play Jean Giraudoux), after which she proposed a 20-year contract. However, at this time (after taking part in the film K. Pinoteau "Slap" - Ohrfeige, 1974) there was the prospect of becoming a movie star, and left the scene Adjani. International success of the film F. Truffaut Story of Adele H. " (The Story of Adele H., 1975, nomination for 'Oscar'), where a brilliant actress starred as the daughter of Victor Hugo's gone mad by unrequited love, confirmed the validity of this choice

. Ajani put in one row with B. Bardot and Deneuve K., . She was withdrawn from such masters of the European direction, . as A. Tц?chinц? ( "Baroque"-Barocco, . 1976, . Sisters Bronte "- Les soeurs Bronte, . 1979), . B. Herzog ( "Nosferatu - the specter of the night" - Nosferatu - Phantom der Nacht, . 1979), . D. Ivory ( "Quartet" - Quartet, . 1981), . C. Saura ( "Antonietta" - Antonietta, . 1981),
. With the success of playing the beloved villain in horror Nosferatu Herzog, . Ajani agrees to a risky role in the erotic horror A. Zulawski Possession (Possession - "Obsessed with the devil", . 1980), . and even this experiment is a favorable interest critics (prize Cannes International Film Festival, . highest prize of the French film 'Cesar', . 1982),

For his role in an action film classic of French cinema G. Becker, "One Deadly Summer" (L'д?tд? meurtrier, 1982; the novel S. Japrisot) Adjani was again awarded the prize 'Cesar'. Third 'Cesar' has been awarded to the actress for the role of Camille Claudel ( "Camille Claudel", 1988) - artist, Rodin's contemporaries, and Debussy, in the eponymous film B. Nyuittena (close friend of the actress and the father of her child). The film became a major event in world cinema and was nominated for an Oscar.

Repeated attempts Ajani foothold in Hollywood (W. Hill's thriller "The Driver" - The Driver, 1978, adventurous comedy E. Mae "Ishtar" - Ishtar, 1987) were not successful. In the late 1980's Adjani survived a personal and creative crisis: the lack of interesting and creative projects compounded unsuccessful romance with a young Hollywood 'Star' Daniel Day-Lewis, from whom the actress gave birth. In 1991, Adjani moved to London. Her new work in France (Queen Margot in the homonymous historical epic "La Reine Margot", 1994) and Hollywood (Mia in a detective thriller "Demon" - Diabolique, 1996) has again attracted the attention of the press. Since 1996, the actress almost ceased to appear on the screen

. Other movies with her participation: "The Tenant" (Le locateur, . 1976), . "Clara and luxurious guys" (Clara et les chics types, . 1980), . "Next year, . if nothing happens "(L'annee prochain: si tout va bien, . 1981), . "All - fire, . all - the flame "(Tout feu, . tout flamme, . 1981), . "Underground" (Subway, . 1984), . "Poisonous matter" (Toxic Affair, . 1993).,

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Isabelle Adjani, photo, biography
Isabelle Adjani, photo, biography Isabelle Adjani  French actress cinema and theater, photo, biography
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