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Akimov Nikolay Pavlovich

( Russian film director and artist. People's Artist of USSR)

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Biography Akimov Nikolay Pavlovich
Akimov, Nikolay Pavlovich (1901-1968), Russian film director and artist. People's Artist of USSR (1960). Born 3 (16) April 1901 in Kharkov in the family of a railroad employee. In 1910 his father won a seat in the Moscow-Rybinsk Vindava railroad, the family moved first in Tsarskoe Selo, then in St. Petersburg. In 1914 he studied at an evening drawing school Society for the Promotion of artists, in 1915 he took lessons in the studio S. Seidenberg, in 1916-1918 worked in New art studio under the direction of Dobuzhinsky, A. Yakovlev, V. Shuhaeva.

In 1918, interrupting his studies, joined the workshop poster Petrograd Proletkult. From 1920 to 1922 he taught drawing courses at the Higher politprosvetrabotnikov in Kharkov. In 1922 he began working as an artist in the newly created Kharkov Children's Theater. His first play "The Labors of Hercules A. Bielecki, then -" Alinur (dramatization Vs.Meyerholda and J. Bondi O. Wilde's fairy tale "Star Boy"), staged by Meyerhold participated. At the same time he worked in the theater 'Red Torch'. Returning to Petrograd (1923), entered into VHUTEMAS. Acquainted with NN Evreinov, he designed the play "Give Hamlet 'in the theater' distorting mirror '. He worked in theaters 'small forms' in 'Musical Comedy', 'Contemporary Theater', 'the Free comedy', in theaters, cabarets 'Carousel' and 'Puppet Show'. At the same time began creative collaboration with NV Petrov (Leningrad Academic Drama Theater).

In 1924, Akimov designed the performances of "virgin forest" by E. Toller in the Bolshoi Drama Theater and "Lake Lyul A. Faiko at the Academic Theater of Drama. In 1926 participated in the creation of the Leningrad Theater of Satire - theater entertainment review, headed by D. Gutman. In Moscow Art Theater 2-m designed the play "Evgraf, adventurer A. Faiko, created his first theatrical posters. The publishing house 'Academia' in 1927 published a book dedicated to his work (the authors of articles A. Piotrowski, B. Bryullov, N. Petrov).

His first self-directing the play, "Hamlet" set in 1932 in the Moscow Theater. Evg.Vahtangova. Performance was accused of formalism, in competition with Shakespeare and the lack of understanding of the internal development of the play. And the 'right' and 'Left' criticized the director for 'thick, loose Hamlet' and 'drunken Ophelia'. In 1939, when the play no longer walked on the 1 st All-Union Conference director remembered him as a bright example of alien theater. At the conference Akimov agrees with the error of his "Hamlet", but in a circle of close people did not renounce his. After 60 years, this performance will determine how 'political thriller' and consider it one of the highlights of the theater in Moscow 1930.

In 1935, Akimov headed the Leningrad Theater of Satire, received a new name - the Comedy Theater. This theater he dedicated his life. At this time he starts his co-operation with the playwright E. Schwartz, whom he persuaded to try ourselves in the comedy-fairy 'adult' drama - emerged as the play "Shadow", "Dragon", etc.. For many years, Schwartz worked as head of the literary section in the Akimov Comedy Theater. During the war, along with the theater was evacuated to Stalinabad. From 1939 to 1944 Akimov set and decorated the performances of the Dog in the Manger, by Lope de Vega, . "School for Scandal" RB Sheridan, . "Shadow" Schwartz, . "At the busiest place" by Alexander Ostrovsky, . "Alumni of Fame" A. Gladkov, . "Abduction of Helen L. Verneuil, . "Pygmalion" by B. Shaw, . "Dragon" Schwartz and others,
. In his performances influenced by idols of his youth - Vakhtangov and Tairov. In the theater worked stellar troupe - E. Jц+nger, LP Sukharevskaya, IP Zarubina, B. Tenin, AD Beniaminov, LK Kolesov, KY Guretskaya, I. A. Hanzel, etc..

In 1949 appeared in the press a devastating article on his performances, Akimova openly called cosmopolitan and formalist. Until 1956 he parted with the Comedy Theater, put on plays he was prohibited. He lived on the royalties that paid his eminent friends (NK Cherkasov, Tenin, NP Okhlopkov) for his portraits. In 1950 Okhlopkov Akimova invited to Moscow to stage the play "Director" S. Aleshin 1951-1955 Akimov - the principal director and the artist of the Leningrad New Theater (1955 - Theater. Lensoveta), where he staged his great performances of "Shadows" Saltykov-Shchedrin and "Case" A.V.Suhovo-Kobylin. From 1954 to 1968 he taught at the Leningrad State Institute of Theater, Music and Cinematography, led the class and led the artistic staging Faculty, Professor (1960). In 1956 he returned to the Comedy Theater, which all these years, the audience called 'Akimov', continued to work with the troupe.

In 1956 Moscow hosted an exhibition of theater posters Akimova in Central House of Arts. In 1957, on the 1 st All-Union Congress of Artists (Moscow) presented "Artist of the Soviet theater". At the World Exhibition in Brussels (1958) was awarded a silver medal. In 1963, he had a solo exhibition in Leningrad, in 1965 - in Moscow. The theater staged the comedy "Ghosts" E.de Filippo, Inspector Nikolai Gogol, "The Story of a young couple" and "Dragon" Schwartz, "Leo Gurych Sinichkin" DT Lenski, "Suitcase with stickers" and Ugryumova dp. In 1967 the Leningrad theater comedy was awarded the Academic. Among recent directorial works Akimova - performances of "Don Giovanni" Dzh.G.Bayrona, "Twelfth Night" by W. Shakespeare, "The Wedding Krechinsky Sukhovo-Kobylin. In 1966 released "Wedding Krechinsky on the stage 'Comedie Francaise' in Paris. In 1967 the premiere of his latest directorial work - "A call to an empty apartment" Ugryumova. As a theater artist has also carried out of plays "The Wise Man Stumbles" Ostrovsky and "Top Hat" E. De Filippo.

After the death of Akimov left a huge artistic heritage: portraits, book graphics, easel and theatrical graphics, designs sets and costumes.

Died Akimov in Moscow on September 6, 1968.

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Akimov Nikolay Pavlovich, photo, biography
Akimov Nikolay Pavlovich, photo, biography Akimov Nikolay Pavlovich  Russian film director and artist. People's Artist of USSR, photo, biography
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