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Andreeva Maria Feodorovna

( Actress)

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Biography Andreeva Maria Feodorovna
photo Andreeva Maria Feodorovna
ANDREYEVA, Marija FEDOROVNA (nцLe. Yurkovska, in the first marriage Zhelyabuzhskiy) (1868-1953), Russian actress. Born in 1868 in St. Petersburg in a theatrical family. Father F.A.Fedorov-Yurkovsky, was a director Aleksandrinsky theater, where actresses worked as her mother and sister. Scenic activity began in 1886 in Kazan scene in entreprise Medvedev. She was married to a senior official AA Zhelyabuzhsky, interrupted by a professional artistic career, but the scene did not go away. She has performed as an actress-lover - first in Tiflis in the artistic circle (played by Larissa in "without a Dowry Ostrovsky, . Maritsu in Kashira antique Averkieva, etc.), . then in Moscow in the Society of Arts and Letters, . where she became a partner of Stanislavsky and one of the most prized of the actresses on the role of 'heroines',
. Exceptional data (rare beauty, grace, musicality), combining it with the capacity for work and devotion to the stage. Since December 1894 Andreeva played in productions of Stanislavsky Olu Vasilkova in the light, that does not warm, "Judith in" Uriel Acosta, "Larissa in" without a Dowry, Rautendeleyn in the sunken bell, etc.. Results on the stage of the Society has played 11 roles.

In the Moscow Art Theater's troupe in the first season Andreev played Portia in "Merchant of Venice" and Edu in the "Edda Gabler," which assessed the V.I.Nemirovich-Danchenko. Reviewers praised its elegant and stylish Olivia in "Twelfth Night" (1899). Noted poignancy, tenderness, femininity Kete ( "Lonely", 1899), noting that the image Andreeva away from the modest meschanochki of Hauptmann's play.

In the spring of 1900 in Yalta, during the tour of the Moscow Art Theater, she became acquainted with Chekhov, who praised its ability to stage (in particular, as Nina Zarechnoj in "The Seagull," where she replaced Roksanova). In "Three Sisters", which he soon transferred to the theater, Chekhov ordained role of Irina Andreeva. The image of Irina was one of the best acting work Andreeva.

In Yalta Andreev met with Gorky (he came backstage after Edda Gabler). Associated with it its destiny, Andreeva joined the revolutionary movement. From love in her S. Morozov (one of the richest Russian merchants and major sponsors), she got the money for the publication of the Bolshevik newspaper Iskra 'and the other party's needs, was the publisher of the Bolshevik newspaper' New Life '.

In "At the bottom of" Gorky (1902) played Natasha Andreeva. At this time, she - one of the most popular and best actresses working in repertory theater (of the Moscow Art Theater on the stage she played 15 roles). Among them are fabulous Lel in "Snow Maiden"; typical role of a spinster-toiler Mikaliny in "Michael Kramer, Vera Kirillovna in" In Dreams ". Andreev called one of the first actresses of the Moscow Art Theater. Stanislavsky, often chafing at the whims Andreeva, nevertheless working hard with her, struggling with those character traits and the excess of vanity, that interfere with a collective case. Strained relations are formed by an actress with Nemirovich-Danchenko, whom she constantly accuses of favoring his pupil A. Knipper. Strain relations Nemirovich-Danchenko with Morozov and Gorky. The actress is not satisfied as to their position in the theater, and by the Art Theater.

The "Cherry Orchard" (1904) she played Varya (Nemirovich hesitated a suitable actress role in Chekhov, a few contestants chose Andreyev). After the break Gorky Art Theater Andreev in the summer of 1904 takes the annual leave. In its plans for a new theatrical things to Gorky, Savva Morozov, Komissarzhevskaya Nezlobin. A building for theater supposed to withdraw Liteynom Avenue. The troupe was to be an actor and theater Nezlobin Komissarzhevskaya. She calls for a new partnership of many actors of the Moscow Art Theater, including Kachalova. Andreeva briefly return to the Moscow Art Theater since the beginning of the season 1905-1906, will play Liza in "Children of the Sun" (1905).

After the defeat of the December uprising Andreeva, together with Gorky in early 1906 moved abroad. In letters in 1913 expressed a desire to return to the Moscow Art Theater (with Kachalov and Moskvin Andreeva ventured to resume and play "alone" in Kiev). Upon his return to Russia joined in 1913 at the Free Theater of K. Mardzhanov, but stayed there for long. In 1914-1915 season began acting troupe NN Sinel'nikova in Kiev, . where it was played ten roles, . including Nina in Masquerade Lermontov, . Masha in "Three Sisters, Chekhov, Anne Demurin in the Price of Life" Nemirovich-Danchenko, . Bianchi in "Florentine Tragedy Oscar Wilde,
. From 1915 to play in Moscow at Nezlobin: Marit in "little woman" O. Mirtova, Zinaida Pavlovna Veresova in Act savage "Artsybasheva etc..

Since October 1917 Andreyev was appointed Commissioner of theaters and circuses in Petrograd. From 1919 to 1926 worked as Chairman of the Board in its set up with participation of Bolshoi Drama Theater (played Desdemona in "Othello"). In 1931-1948 Director of the Moscow House of Scientists.

Andreyev died in Moscow on Dec. 8, 1953.

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  • Andreeva Maria Feodorovna
  • Andreeva Maria Feodorovna
  • Andreeva Maria Feodorovna
  • Andreeva Maria Feodorovna

Photos of Andreeva Maria Feodorovna
Andreeva Maria FeodorovnaAndreeva Maria FeodorovnaAndreeva Maria FeodorovnaAndreeva Maria Feodorovna

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Andreeva Maria Feodorovna, photo, biography
Andreeva Maria Feodorovna, photo, biography Andreeva Maria Feodorovna  Actress, photo, biography
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