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Barkhin Sergey

( Russian stage designer, painter, book artist, architect)

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Biography Barkhin Sergey
Barkhin, Sergei Mikhailovich (1938), Russian stage designer, painter, book artist, architect. People's Artist of Russia (1998), laureate of State Prize of Russia (1993, 2001). Professor, Head of Department of scenography Russia Academy of Theatrical Art.

Born in Moscow on March 31, 1938 in a family of architects EB Novikova, and M. Barkhin. In 1956 he entered the Moscow Institute of Architecture, graduating in 1962 (the major teachers SV Tikhonov, MA Turkus and GY Movchan). After three years the institute has worked in the 'Mosproject 2', in the studio LN Pavlova (1962-1965). But then, . lost interest in completing the tasks of others and themselves to the aesthetics of these tasks (Soviet model building of those years), . left the service, . and, . as architect, . continue to participate only in the various competitions: first domestic (draft Children's Theater, . with M. Anikst, . 1965 and the club - together with his mother and sister, E. Novikova T. Barkhin, . 1966), . in 1980-ies,
. and international, where he received several awards for TN. 'paper architecture' (the grand prize for the 'Theater' in Amsterdam - with M. Belov and M. Hazinovym, the second prize for the 'Japanese House', a special prize of UNESCO for the 'housing for the homeless', coined from the disarmed missiles).

Leaving workshops architecture, Barkhin took up book illustration and design performances. The first book ( "The Seven British plays" and Iris Murdoch, scarlet and green ", . both 1968) and the first performances ( "The Ballad of a sad pub" Edward Albee, . "Narodnaya Volya A. Svobodin - in the 'Contemporary', . 1967 and "Tartuffe" Moliere - in Taganka, . 1968) carried out in collaboration with M. Anikst, . then began an active and independent work Barkhin in the book and on the stage,
. Moreover, a characteristic of his work on the book lies in the fact that he draws her as a kind of theatrical performance (dust jacket - a cartoon 'curtain', and the illustrations themselves - 'the scene' of some composed by the artist 'submission'). Spirit special barhinskogo theater permeated and animated projects (eg, . "Leo with a gray beard," on a story by Tonino Guerra, . by A. Khrzhanovsky), . and 'paper architecture', . and paintings (including - a series of tracks from the land, . brought from Jerusalem, . and, . Finally, . quite unlike anything the play, . which he wrote for himself at leisure,

. The essence of their special (quite different from the dominant in the period stage design 'severe style') understanding of the theater Barkhin identified in the first fully independent work - "Seagull" in 1970 in the 'Contemporary': the principle of, . as he himself called, . 'eclecticism': the stage is a cluster of individuals (the characters, . not ensemble), . nature (trees, . bushes), . pieces of architecture,
. Connection of various and different styles: '. This understanding scenography antagonize critics. Artist accused, . that 'it is not Chekhov', . how about his subsequent work said: 'This is not Shakespeare', . but in fact he proposed while paradoxical, . but subtle and penetrating dramatic vision of Chekhov's drama and deep organic visual interpretation of Shakespeare's plays,
. Ahead of its time, it revealed a first in the Soviet staging of the artist postmodern mentality. It is easy and fun to play on stage with different styles, from decorative forms of ancient theaters, easy combining images and real objects, frankly theatrical props and natural textures. And all this - on the basis of proficiency in the wealth of world culture, past and present. How exactly researcher wrote of his work Kuleshova, 'although solutions Barkhin ostrosovremenny, he calls himself an old-fashioned word' decorator '. This, . as in his artistic universalism, . Barkhin: is the master of the same warehouse, . which included the great Italian Renaissance interior decorators and Baroque, . or born Russian Silver Age most educated, . refined aesthetes, . artists of his case 'miriskusniki'',

However, the approval of this special quality of its first ten years (after the rejection of his "Seagull") Barkhin had largely on the stages of peripheral theaters. Moving from town to town (he even jokingly called himself an artist 'long distance' - in contrast to some of the more fortunate colleagues, . already at that time were 'international'), . He generously for its outstanding decisions of local filmmakers and the audience (most often - Gorky, . and Sverdlovsk, . Ivanovo, etc.),
. In Moscow in those years, his most significant work - "Romeo and Juliet" was created for the performance of graduate school named. B. Shchukin (1975). And only towards the end of 1970 gg.situatsiya was broken and its decorations began to appear on the big scenes in Moscow: the Small, the Moscow Art Theater, the Theater. Mossovet. In 1988, the musical director of the Moscow Musical Theater. Stanislavsky and Vl.I.Nemirovicha-Danchenko invites him as a major artist, . and for four seasons of their (and director O. Ivanova) joint cooperation Barkhin manifests itself as a master of strict classical solutions, . including in the spirit of tradition A. Appiah: opera "Pirates" V. Bellini, . Boris Godunov, . as well as the ballet "Romeo and Juliet" by Prokofiev, staged by Vladimir Vasiliev, . from which in 1995 he received an offer to become chief stage designer of the Bolshoi Theater,
. Five years of work on the home country's music scene offers a varied range of scenery and ends, . one hand, . Monumental tragical visually opera Nabucco Verdi, . and, . another, , . dedicated to 225 anniversary of the Bolshoi Theater,

. In parallel with the work of the Bolshoi (and after leaving it in 2000) Barkhin continued fruitful cooperation with the dramatic directors, . first of all and most of all - with G. Yanovsky ( "Heart of a Dog" by Mikhail Bulgakov, . "Ivanov and others" by A. Chekhov, . "Thunderstorm" by A. Ostrovsky) and K. Ginkas ( "Black Monk", . "Lady with the Dog, . where the artist is designing for Chekhov's characters and the audience a new theatrical space, . Finally, . grand mystery "Polyphony of the world" V. Bakshi - one of the central events of the Moscow Theater Olympics 2001).,

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Barkhin Sergey, photo, biography
Barkhin Sergey, photo, biography Barkhin Sergey  Russian stage designer, painter, book artist, architect, photo, biography
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