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( English playwright, actor)

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Biography BENNET Alan
photo BENNET Alan
Bennett, Alan (Bennett, Alan) (p. 1934), English playwright, actor. Born May 9, 1934 in Leeds. In 1957 he graduated with honors from Exeter College, Oxford University, receiving a Bachelor of Arts. His theatrical debut in 1960 as one of four authors of the satirical play "Beyond the Fringe" (Beyond the Fringe), which took a resounding success both in Britain and the U.S.. Assertive, do not recognize any of the prohibitions and restrictions on Bennett's humor helped break into the scene in England, actor M. Python, but in the United States - the famous show Rowan and Martin's "Fun and Saturday night" (Laugh-in and Saturday Night Live).

In 1968 he had his first personal debut as the author of the play "Forty Years Later" (Forty Years On) with Dzh.Gilgudom starring. This ingeniously-designed 'play in the play' is a comic allegory, which easily was read for the typical realities of life in Britain. The play was highly appreciated by the critics: 'Alan Bennett has incomparable ear for the verbal punches and a rare ability to build them in the degree irresistibly charming absurdity' (B. Nightingale).

The play "Afloat" (Getrting On, 1971), a comedy in Chekhov's exquisite style, and "Beyond the Fringe" and "Forty years later, won the annual prize of the newspaper 'Evening Standard' as the best piece of. In 1973, to put a-farce "Habeas Corpus", in which Bennett took the stage as an actor. The premiere took place almost unnoticed, but the resumption of play in the late 1990's definitely elevated her to the rank of modern classics. In the play "Old Country" (The Old Country, 1977) Bennett with comedy shows state of mind of a spy living in exile. The action takes place in a country house near Moscow, where the hero, an Englishman, a defector, is trying to recreate with his wife dedicated their homeland. The play brought Bennet success, comparable only with the "Forty years later. The theme of exile Bennett turns in one of his most famous telepes "Englishman Abroad" (An Englishman Abroad, 1980). The plot of the play recreates the real story of meeting a British spy G. Berdzhessa, in 1951 fled to the USSR, and the actress Coral Browne, who arrived in Moscow on tour

. One of the most important works Bennet - play "The Madness of George III" (The Madness of George III, . 1991), . recreating a two-year life of the English monarch, . during which he lost his first British colony in America, . and then your own mind,
. The play received positive reviews both in Britain and in America in 1994, was filmed. Scenario "The Madness of King George," he wrote Bennett, thereby greatly expanding its reach and scope of audience recognition. It was not his first script: Bennett's film debut took place in 1985 in the film "Party for their" (A Private Function), with Maggie Smith and M. Palin, a disciple Python, starring. 'For the first time since the golden age' Ealing comedy ', . prevailed in the British cinema in the early 1950's, . - Columnist, wrote The New York Times' V. Kenbi, . - We saw a truly British comedy, . hero is - a crook and crook, . combination of greed and generosity ',
. The second scenario Bennett, "all ears" (Prick up Your Ears, 1986) - kinobiografiya English playwright J. Orton, 34 years killed her lover, who then committed suicide. In the rating of films, which are called 'cults', "all ears" is one of the highest places.

Among the most significant pieces Bennett as "Pleasure" (Enjoy, 1980), "Kafkin member" (Kafka's Dick, 1987), "Single Spies" (Single Spies, 1988; Laurence Olivier Award for best comedy of 1989) and "Talking Heads" (Talking Heads, 1992).

Collection of autobiographical prose Bennett's "Letters Home" (Writing Home, 1994) became a bestseller in England, like the novel "The dress in which they arose" (The Clothes They Stood Up), in 2000, was published in England in 2001 in the U.S.

. Last date for Bennett's play "Lady in the van" (The Lady in the Van, . 2000) represents the processing stage for his story of Miss Shepherd, . real woman, . noisy and senseless, . without its roof over their heads because fifteen years, settled in the van in the garden of the Bennett,
. In the play there are two Bennett, 'Alan Bennett 1', angry and quarrelsome, and 'Alan Bennett 2' - calm, balanced. According to the author, 'which gave the play faustianskoe start'.

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BENNET Alan, photo, biography
BENNET Alan, photo, biography BENNET Alan  English playwright, actor, photo, biography
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