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Bechterev Sergey S.

( Actor)

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Biography Bechterev Sergey S.
Bekhterev, Sergei S. (p. 1958), Russian actor. Born May 19, 1958 in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy. In 1979 he graduated from the Leningrad Institute of Theater, Music and Cinematography at the rate of AI Katsman and L. Dodin. Upon graduation he began work at the St. Petersburg Maly Drama Theater, the head of which was EM Padva. The first work on the professional stage - the role of Lieutenant Vetkina in "Gentlemen" Kuprin A. (1980), in the same year his father Andrei's played in "Live and Remember" on a story by V. Rasputin, Veriiskogo guy and Galaktion Act eternity N. Dumbadze. Padva valued performance artist, his ability to respond to the most unexpected directorial job and 'render habitable' them. Onstage MDT actor played the King in "Cinderella" E. Schwartz (1981), . Montoya in "Fiesta" E. Hemingway (1982), . Juan Juan in "given to the sun and sea" Chingiz Aitmatov (1982), . Utochkina in countries emphasize "B. Ratsera and V. Konstantinova (1983), . Basel and Rukosueva in twenty minutes with an angel "A. Vampilov (1983), . peasant in "Mumu" (1984),

The watershed was the role of Gregory in the show "House" on the novel by Fyodor Abramov (1980, director of Dodin). Rehearsing is a student play "Brothers and Sisters" Abramova, novice actors with the director-teacher Dodin spent the summer in his homeland. Understanding the life and characters of the northern Russian countryside enriched performances, and later formed the Abramovskaya trilogy on the stage of the Maly Drama. In 1985, in "Brothers and Sisters" Bechterev played an authorized Ganicheva (USSR State Prize, 1986). Rehearsing novel, proven in the student actors of the Maly Drama again went to Pinega. According to the artist, 'when we began rehearsals of "Brothers and sisters, it became clear which way we passed between the two performances. In his student years, we crushed under her material, could someone from the characters to delete. And then kept for each remark ... ". His Ganichev just disappeared from the pages of the novel Abramovskaya: iron teeth, . grayish skin hungry man, . wolfish grin, . Persistent inflammation of consciousness - a mixture of sacred and executioner (his hero dekulakize hungry families, . and his children's blindness of hunger,
. Ganichev Bechterew was fantasmagorichen and terribly reliable, recognizable.

In 1986 Bechterev participated in the memorial performance "Fyodor Abramov on our stage" N. Kolotova. A deliberate lightness and technical skills demonstrated in the roles of actor Simon in "Lord of the Flies William Golding and Alexander in melodrama Galin" Stars in the morning sky "(1989). Actor's personality traits Bechterew apparent in his next big acting work - Peter Verkhovensky in Devils on Dostoevsky. In rehearsing for three years performance Bechterev was busy and as assistant director. Possession of acting technique allows the artist in subsequent years be equal to a convincing, playing female roles (Bridget in "The Broken Jug" G. von Kleist, . 1992; prostitute in "Roberto Zucco" BM Koltesa, . 1994), . dramatic roles (Gaev in "Cherry Orchard", . 1994), . fairy-tale characters (the Boss in "star boys" O. Wilde (1997), . comic simpletons (a young shepherd in "Winter's Tale" by W. Shakespeare, . 1998),
. The most recent work in MDT - role Chepurnov in Chevengur "Andrei Platonov (1999).

Since 1996 Bechterev plays entreprise role of Nijinsky in the play "Vaslav Nijinsky. Wedded to God, "where on stage together drama and ballet actors.

Bechterev much to act in films: White Dance (1981, dir. V. Vinogradov), Voice (1982, dir. I. Averbakh), blonde around the corner (1983, dir. V. Bortko) fantastic story (1983, dir. S. Ovcharov), Life of Klim Samgin (1986, dir. Titov), Gobsec (1987, dir. A. Orlov), Heart of a Dog (1988, dir. V. Bortko) Intergirl (1989, dir. AP Todorovsky), Cyrano de Bergerac (1989, dir. N. Birman), Action, Manya! (1991, dir. R. Ershov), Haji (1992, dir. D. Svetozarov), zany (1996), Fourteen colors of the rainbow (2000) and others. Conducts cycles telecasts 'Boyarsky Dvor' (from 1997) and 'studio' V''(from 1998) at TRK Petersburg (RTR).

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Bechterev Sergey S., photo, biography
Bechterev Sergey S., photo, biography Bechterev Sergey S.  Actor, photo, biography
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