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Borisov Andrey Savich

( Russian film director)

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Biography Borisov Andrey Savich
Borisov, Andrei Savich (p. 1951), Russian director. Honored Artist YASSR (1985). The chief director of the Yakut State Drama Theater. P. Oyunskogo (1983), laureate of USSR State Prize (1986) and the State Prize of Russia (1999). Minister of Culture of Yakutia (1990).

Born November 28, 1951 in Yakutia. Creative activity began immediately after the end of the High Theater School. M. Schepkin (class Gladkova, MN), making his debut in Yakutsk State Drama Theater. P. Oyunskogo (Saysary "S. Omolloona, superintendent, 1974). After serving in the army returned to the theater, where, in 1976 on a voluntary basis, organized a drama school at the Yakutsk State University. In 1977-1981 student rezhiserskogo Faculty GITIS them. Vladimir Mayakovsky.

Since 1982 the director of the Yakut State Drama Theater. P. Oyunskogo, . where executed thesis Borisova - the play "Desire, . Blue Coast's my story by Chingiz Aitmatov "Spotted Dog, . Running at the edge of the sea "(the play was the recipient of several theater festivals, . in 1986 he was awarded the State Prize of the USSR),
. In 1983 was appointed chief director of the Yakut Drama Theater. The basis of the troupe was Yakut studio - Course Schepkinskogo School, where he studied and Borisov. Today is the leading artists of the theater: Borisova, E. Stepanov, AN Stepanova, A. Nikolaev, S. Fedotov, G. Vasilyev, etc.. The first performance of a new chief director has composition B. Protodjakonova and A. Borisov "left me song, . then followed by "Marriage" by Gogol (1984), . "Stumbled" A. Sofronova (1886-1935; play by classic Yakut literature was banned Yakuskim regional Party committees in the same 1984 and appeared on the scene only two years later), . Liberty hot day "Omolloona S. (1985), . "Alampa, . Alampa: N. Luginova (1986), . "A good man out Sezuana" B. Brecht (1987), . "Great Kudangsa" Oyunskogo P. (1990), . "Dancing" A. Borisov (1993), . Nicholas Dorogunov - Children of Men "P. Oyunskogo (1994), . "The Seagull" Anton Chekhov (1995), . 2Korol Lear "by Shakespeare (the play was awarded the State Prize of Russia, . 1999),
. In 1989, put on the stage of Moscow Art Theater. Gorky "Farewell to the mothers V. Rasputin, . in 1993 - the opera M. Zhirkova and Litinskii "Norgun Bootur Swift", . in 1996 the opera "Boris Godunov" by Mussorgsky at the stage of the State Opera and Ballet of Yakutia, . 1999 - Odyssey monk Yakutsk "Fedotov on the stage of the Russian Drama Theater,
. Alexander Pushkin (Yakutsk). Earlier Borisov set in the Russian theater performance of "Three Conversations on the" Tale of the Antichrist "Vl.Soloveva (1993).

Handwriting Borisova different organic combination of national and European theatrical techniques and traditions. Always rich music and almost ascetic in scenography (constant since 1983, co-author of Borisov - artist G. Sotnikov), the action plays Borisova emotionally hot, designed to engage visitors in an atmosphere of what is happening. His plays remain in the repertoire for many years. In 2000, in honor of the opening of the building Sakha Theater (now the official name of Yakutsk State Drama) hosted the festival 'Theater at the Turn of the Century', . where viewers were shown the performances of the Marriage ", . "Desire, . My Blue Beach ", . "Stumbled", . Nicholas Dorogunov - Children of Men ", . not only withstood the test of time, . and received new, . Fresh paint,
. The name of Borisov bound for the brightest 70-year history of the Yakut Drama Theater of the period, the true blossoming of the Yakut performing arts.

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Borisov Andrey Savich, photo, biography
Borisov Andrey Savich, photo, biography Borisov Andrey Savich  Russian film director, photo, biography
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