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Biography STEPHANOU Gwen
photo STEPHANOU Gwen
His first song written by Gwen Stefani at the age of seventeen years, and she still remembers the feeling of force that she experienced at the moment. 'This is completely turned my life' - recognized Gwen. - 'Suddenly I realized that I have talent, and I can make its own contribution, any, into something'. That something was the group organized by her older brother, Eric. Together with a friend named John Spence, he founded a group called No Doubt and Gwen dragged there on the back vocals. Since the guys were playing ska, Gwen, a fanatical fan of Madness, simply could not refuse such an offer. The first formal statement No Doubt took place in March 1987 - and in December the same year, a few days before an important speech in the famous club 'Roxy' in Los Angeles, John Spence committed suicide. Stunned by this event No Doubt was decided that without Spence's group does not make sense, but within a few days they come to the conclusion that further work would be started correctly. Gwen naturally become the main vocalist of the group.

In his native California, No Doubt quickly gaining a lot of fans - 'rough boys and girls' as she calls them the group. By 1991, . when they sign their first major label contract with Interscope, . their composition has finally emerged - in addition to Gwen and her brother Eric in the group are guitarist Tom Dumont, . drummer Adrian Young, . joined the group after one of the concerts, . and bassist Tony Kanal,
. To record their debut album, the boys have to whirl - all group members combine their musical activities with their studies and work. Gwen goes to art college and working in parallel saleswoman in a large supermarket (by the way, Tony is working ibid.). Debut album without a title released in March 1992, at the apex of grunge. Sales are sluggish, radio asserting that it would take divine intervention to shove a group of broadcast. Chapter label Interscope, however, firmly convinced that in five years Gwen is sure to become a star.

. The album 'Tragic Kingdom', No Doubt became a step to a wider fame began in March 1993 - and lasted a total of two and a half years, passing through 11 different studios
. The work was marked by a mass of difficulties - leaves the group, Eric, . later became one of the animators of the popular animated series 'The Simpsons', . a romantic relationship Gwen and Tony, . began seven years ago, . suddenly come to a rather unpleasant finale,
. Now, Gwen is, what to write, and she wrote - more than half the songs on the album was dedicated to the gap between Gwen and Tony. While working on the 'Tragic Kingdom' group self-released 'Beacon Street Collection' - a collection not included on the albums of things, and sells it on their own concerts. Printed thousand copies diverges when. In October 1995, 'Tragic Kingdom' finally comes to light, no one, as usual, does not pay attention. But only at first - by January next year's single 'Just a Girl' crept in tenth place number one magazine Billboard, the video clip for it at all spins on MTV, and the group is constantly invited to various TV shows. By July, 'Tragic Kingdom' is certified platinum, and photos of Gwen adorn a good half of glossy magazines of America. Each shift her hair becomes the news, which bypasses all the editions - it is not surprising that other musicians do not have much enthusiasm from such a situation. The music video for their super popular single, 'Don't Speak' is portrayed as the group is divided into two camps - Gwen and adored by all three useless guys. Gwen herself with absolutely no intention to leave the group: 'I did not for a moment thought about how to act solo, but for some reason tried to ascribe to us a thirst to take a run'.

. Slowly but surely, 'Tragic Kingdom' has evolved from their second album, a little-known group in the real triumph
. Nearly 15 million copies sold worldwide, . nomination for a Grammy, . American Music Awards and the California Music Awards, . Award MTV Video Music Awards for Best Music Video 'Don't Speak': Nominations in the category of 'Best New Artist' has always amused Gwen: 'It must be the same, . working for ten years, . and then suddenly become the new ', . - She smiled,
. Gwen also won a special honor - the jury California Music Awards awarded her a prize in the category 'Outstanding vocalist States'. Procedure umotavshis in endless touring, the guys finally decide to take a break from the hustle and then slowly begin to work on new album. Endless touring and turned to Gwen gaining a new love - in 1996 they were quite a long time were an opening act for Bush, . between Gwen and their lead singer Gavin Rosdeylom finally emerged a large and bright sense,
. January 1, 2002, after six years of courtship, Gavin Gwen made the offer hands and hearts, to which she replied joyful 'yes'.

. 'Return of Saturn', the first after the multi-platinum album 'Tragic Kingdom', released only in 2000, after five years
. Work on it was more than two years, because, as explained to Gwen, 'we did not know what kind of music shall write, because it felt it had grown out of our old style'. While working on this album there are many other interesting things - Gwen knocked 30, . and No Doubt were triumphant at the New Year concert, . hosted by MTV in New York at Times Square, . thus becoming the first group, . MTV hit the air in the new millennium,
. New album named Gwen very selfish: 'He's largely about me and my complexes. I just took them all and laid out all on display - and, you know, I felt so good '. And the audience, and critics agreed that good - for the first six months of sales out of print more than one million copies of the album, and a nomination for a Grammy for best rock album too, not long in coming. Around the same period, Gwen allows himself to participate in a pair of high profile duets - at first she appears in a clip from Moby 'Southside', then writes with stunning Yves hit 'Let Me Blow Ya Mind'. By amusing coincidence, both of these clips are on the prize at the MTV Video Music Awards in September 2001 as best male video and best female video, respectively. Gwen climbs onto the stage on both occasions, members of the group happily clapping in the hall. Their new album 'Rock Steady', recorded less than a year, became the most eclectic and unexpected creation of. The band describes it as 'old school dance floor 80 mixed with new wave disco'; on the album they worked with producers such as The Neptunes, Timbaland and Nelly Hooper. Gwen gets on the cover of the magazine 'Blender' - her picture is announcing a list of 50 Sexiest Musicians planet. Gwen, of course, is in the list - right between Jim Morrison and Shana Twain. CosmoGirl magazine recognized Gwen woman in 2001, and the television channel VH1 handed her the prize 'My favorite actress'. To crown it all No Doubt played a few concerts at the opening act for U2 - the triumphant Gwen said in an interview that her dream is fulfilled. MTV also is not outside - at the VMA's in August 2002, No Doubt carry off home awards for best pop video and best video for the group, with the clip on 'Hey Baby'. This same song brought the band their first Grammy - they won in one of three categories, which were nominated. Gwen awarded the honor of delivering a speech on the inscription of Police Hall of Fame Rock and Roll. After such an unprecedented influx of events that would be good to rest - that the group with joy and makes.

However, the rest of the group does not mean that you can not do anything at all. So for the beginning of Gwen runs his own clothing line called 'Love. Angel. Music. Baby. ' (abbreviated LAMB), and then record a solo album with the same name. Initially Gwen wanted to make an album just quickly: 'I thought I'd just take da record a few cover songs, the studio will invite different people, so we write this thing-quick'. Work, however, dragged on - it was not inspiration, it is not enough time. In the end, Gwen admits that Linda Perry is practically dragged her into the studio. 'She called me and said:' Well, what are you waiting for? " Well, I took and wrote a song with the title, 'What You Waiting For', and so it began to turn '. On this album, Gwen assembled a truly eclectic composition aides - in addition to Perry, . once worked with Pink and Christina Aguilera, . Gwen collaborated with The Neptunes, . Dr. Dre, . Nellee Hooper, . New Order team and Andre 3000 from the collective Outkast ( 'If I were a boy, . I would like to be, . as Andre ', . - Admires Gwen),
. The result is a remarkably incendiary and a positive drive, a real pop candy filled with many styles. Gwen delighted to get results: 'I just can not believe how great everything turned. At first I felt like get to combine all these different people on one plate, but as a result of all coincided exactly as it should. "

Photos of STEPHANOU Gwen

Photos of STEPHANOU Gwen

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  • koala for STEPHANOU Gwen
  • Great singer! Pop punk
  • Lenka for STEPHANOU Gwen
  • It's just п+яLпTпЁпTя-п¦п¦я-п+п¦я¦, kick-ass, arty, Madame! In vain it is compared with Madonna. Madonna, before she even danced with cancer! This sense of style, I've never seen. It seems that it is from the era of the Great Depression. This girl glamor. It seems all shines.
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    STEPHANOU Gwen, photo, biography
    STEPHANOU Gwen, photo, biography STEPHANOU Gwen  Singer, photo, biography
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