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Makarska Anton

( Actor)

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Biography Makarska Anton
photo Makarska Anton
Anton Makarsky, an actor in the third generation, born on 26.11.1975 in the town of Penza. After 12 years, Anton was born sister Asya, and in another year and a half - Shura. According to the eldest, Anton since childhood had a "tremendous energy, which has always caused people to gravitate toward him, has always been a leader in everything: school, drama school, in the courtyard, among friends ..."

. After leaving school at 17 years Anton Makarsky went to conquer the capital and entered immediately into three theater institute
. Chose Shchukin, who considers "the best acting school and who did Anton, according to him, another man, taught to value life in all its manifestations.

After graduation Anton worked in the theater "Nikitsky Gate". But, after playing for some time the main role and not getting satisfaction from work, he joined the army. After six weeks of service in the escort company Anton was sent to song and dance ensemble of internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, where he sang about a year and conducted concerts.

Works in mysterious ways, and it turned out that dramatic actor Anton Makarsky suddenly began singing in a musical. And there is generally a random. After the service, heard about the casting for the musical "Metro", Anton came to the selection, and was immediately adopted. Now Antony said that participation in the musical - a great happiness for him. In addition, the project "Metro" became for Anton fatal yet because it is here that he met his future wife, actress and singer, Victor Morozov, but more about that later:

. Since May 2002, Anthony was involved in the musical "Notre Dame de Paris"
. He played a major role - Captain Phoebus de Shatopera. From the beginning of the play attracted the attention of the audience. In many ways a great success of the project in Russia is linked with the musical material itself, because Russian and French culture with something close to each other. Yes, and the plot of the immortal works of Hugo's easy to shift under the realities of Russia.

Many contributed to the popularity of the project output to the video screens of the country the world famous song "Belle" from the musical performed Petkun, Golubeva and Makarska. Success was simply grand! The public have deeply touched by the song, sales of singles have broken all records.

Himself an actor of his vocal says: "Singer, I do not consider myself. On the contrary, I remain just dramatic, I am glad that it finished Shchukin. Well, yes, I sing, can sing, but - to sing, but not vocalize! For me, any character in the first place - its essence, the meaning of what I sing. Hit in the cavity - this is already the second time. Maybe it is just that and should be in a musical ... "

Since 2002, Anton has been active in film. He starred in the film Leonid Kulagin of oilmen "drill", filmed at the present drilling in Surgut, as well as in the movie "Orel" on the story by Maupassant.

. Since the autumn of 2003 Anton Makarsky takes part in the grand joint US-Russia project - a televised novel "Poor Nastya"
. In the series Anton plays the role of Prince Andrei Dolgoruky, who, like his hero in "Notre Dame de Paris is torn between two lovers - the bride of noble origin and serf girl.

In fact, the role of Prince Dolgoruky in "Poor Nastya" one of the directors Peter Stein series looking for an actor with a distinct Slavic appearance. But seeing in the brown-eyed dark hair samples Makarska in military uniform, with impeccable bearing, without hesitation gave him the role. However, with one "amendment": Anton with lenses made of blue-eyed handsome man.

The authors of the series could not resist the temptation to use vocal actor. Together with Sergey Lee and Arina he performs the title song film "I'm not sorry '.

All creative success, according to Anton, pales in comparison with the other fallen him luck. Makarska was lucky to meet the woman of his dreams and win her love.

... 6 years ago, an astrologer Pavel Globa said the young singer Vike Morozova: "Do you have a chance to become a superstar. But most likely you will not want to use it. You'll have a wonderful husband, and you will think only of his family ". Wick desperately protested: "Is this not, I was 5 years old learn the music of her, and I think, In a music school for two years, grade 4 has passed!" I can not be happy without a stage! " - And did not believe the prediction.

A few years later Victoria came to audition for the musical "Metro" and there met with anyone if not well-known actor Makarskij. Both successfully passed the test.

Antony fell in love with a girl at first sight: "I immediately recognized in her the girl of my dreams. Golden-haired, lovely creature, it became an obsession for me. As soon as I did to win it! And singing serenades with romances, and poetry reading. But all in vain. She remained indifferent ".

Melt the heart of the beautiful Makarska been sparing men's tears. Once Anton Wick told the story of love Marc Chagall and his wife Bella - and with amazement, that deeply moved her admirer's eyes on the wet spot. At this point, Victoria suddenly clearly understood that it is a romance, and she waited all my life.

Vika says: "Shortly before this, his birthday, sitting with her friends on the balcony of his apartment, I assured them that not marry, because the peasants in Russia was. And then a few days later, on the same balcony, I looked at Anton, listening to his words: "Beloved, I can not offer you all the wealth I had - the jeans and two shirts, and, interrupting him, saying:" All this is irrelevant. The main thing that we found each other! "

A year later they married in a chapel near Moscow:

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Photos of Makarska Anton
Makarska AntonMakarska AntonMakarska AntonMakarska Anton

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  • Ne_zabudka for Makarska Anton
  • Anton, you are the best and most-beautiful!
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  • Anton just syuper he plays the actors but also romantic and provocative "and snow falls," I Unfortunaly not inspected
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  • Anton best of all! Both in appearance and character, in at least that's all you can say about him, though the program with his uchastiem.ANTOShENKA! BEZUMNIE I LOVE YOU ! !
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  • Anton're my favorite actor. I would like more movies with your participation. i love you so much.
  • Lena for Makarska Anton
  • You're just super
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  • Dear Anton. you are the most wonderful man, kotogo I could see on the screen. Your acting skills ... He simply has no equal. Look with admiration at all the movies with your participation, I read the article and intervyu with you. You just ducky. )))) You're the sexiest man on planet Earth. Dear Anton, keep so! You - the most!
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  • "The rare combination of intellect and RASOTY"
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  • Today looked "And the snow falls" (Eugene fool ! It's so romantic when a handsome but still cool cars steal!) I oh-very much ! !
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  • Today I saw the film and the falling snow, still can not move away! What it all did was love, this finale knocked me on the felling ... Someone explain to me why Eugene was not left with Max? Why is fate so cruel ...
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  • Anton you super ! After viewing the film "And the snow is falling ..." I'm madly in love with you !
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  • Critic for Makarska Anton
  • I would be surprised if someone like the finale of "And the snow falls .." (We would like to Eugene left with Max). Anton very nice young guy. One of his eyes which are. You are on this girl once and sank. So do not write about the "rare combination of wit and beauty". Beautiful it may be true, but about the mind just can not say
  • Lyudok for Makarska Anton
  • Zrish in the root, the critic:) I also like Anton
  • AliNOChKA for Makarska Anton
  • Anton, you're very handsome man! And maybe inside you're not perfect, but you I really liked. It's a pity that you are not reading this nonsense that you write girls
  • Anita for Makarska Anton
  • Anton, you're very handsome man! Maybe you're not inside a idialny as externally, but I really like you
  • Amin for Makarska Anton
  • I love Anton Makarsky! he is the best actor, pivets in the world! and even Anton Makarsky most beautiful!
  • Amin for Makarska Anton
  • I very strongly love Anton Makarska! He is the best in the world! Most the most beautiful! I'm crazy about him! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it !
  • TANYA for Makarska Anton
  • ANTON! VIKA! May God give you health! POWER! ENERGY! Harmony in the family! HAPPINESS AT HOME AND WORK! BUDBTE HAPPY! MAY GOD HELP YOU!
  • Olga for Makarska Anton
  • I do not like Anton Makarska, because someone else to love a man can not ...
  • Gulden for Makarska Anton
  • You are the best actor !
  • Natasha for Makarska Anton
  • You just п?п-п?п·п¬п п-!
  • tea for Makarska Anton
  • zdrastvuite anton, ia tea iz gruzii ... ia vas ochen liubliu i abajaiu ... jilaiu vam uspexi vlichnoi jizni ... izvinite za bispakoistva:)
  • Anonymous for Makarska Anton
  • Handsome, and most importantly true to his woman with such looks and fame. Well do not believe that there are real men and not ...
  • Gerasim for Makarska Anton
  • 10 years hews Morozov, and children are not ..??? he windbag ...!...??? Toli Toli is empty ...!...???
  • Alena for Makarska Anton
  • Anton, my son is very similar to you, even though 10 years younger (many recognize). We are where you saw the first time at the beginning of your career (in the performance of Notre Dame) - stunned. And then - other coincidences: my husband, too, was born on November 26, moments from the film "Snow Drop" (accident, dislocation, etc.). In this movie reminded me about my son - your speech, attitudes, behavior. We see him often - he, too, with 16 years of conquering the capital (Minsk, first, then Kiev). I wish you good luck and fidelity to his wife!
  • Vika for Makarska Anton
  • Love it! The Voice of God !... And looks too))))
  • Anonymous for Makarska Anton
  • Natalli for Makarska Anton
  • Dear Anton. You obadaete great charisma and the "twist", rather, consists entirely of "highlights", at least one of them wants to be endowed with everyone. You must be a much greater recognition, but, unfortunately, mediocre upstarts why - the more successful. God willing, you will take a worthy place in the world, you are more than worthy.
  • Lilia for Makarska Anton
  • Anton! You're the best and most beautiful!
  • Luda for Makarska Anton
  • Anton, you-wonderful actor! "There still searching.
  • Amina for Makarska Anton
  • Anton Makarsky best actor, singer, and is the most beautiful, I love him !
  • Xue for Makarska Anton
  • Antoshenka, I love you very much!
  • Irina for Makarska Anton
  • I'm sorry that you are married ........
  • Anonymous for Makarska Anton
  • Angel for Makarska Anton
  • The cartoon and the snow falls ZHENYA real fool! I would have chosen that I love, and not to who is richer! Anton is the most beautiful man on the screen, let his talent flourish even further! I love you!
  • Galchonok for Makarska Anton
  • Wonderful voice! Anton you are super, I adore you!
  • Sisters obsiratelnitsy for Makarska Anton
  • Anton, . usually we govovorim people unpleasant things, . that is, we say that, . what we think! But you, . sorry, . You are one of the few of our favorites! We previously admired you, . but once, . seeing you live on the Day of Poetry in Tarkhany (July 4, 2009), . were simply enchanted by your beauty and force of talent! We want to wish you, . that you do not lose that sincerity and light energy, . posed people! But there is only one pritenziya, . rather the question! Well, why you came only to old women, . standing in a huge crowd?,
  • Katya for Makarska Anton
  • Anton really talented! Raduy and further us with your creativity:)
  • Anonymous for Makarska Anton
  • he just super .... I love him he is so sexy
  • Daria for Makarska Anton
  • I just love it so beautiful ...:) 18sentyabrya visited Volokolamsk ... on a poster with his photograph wrote: Dasha Happiness! And I'm so glad autographs:) he is very talented, beautiful and romantic ... not this man of God
  • Darika for Makarska Anton
  • Hello Anton Makarskiy! My name is Darika im from Kyrgyzstan,but currently im in Afghanistan due to my work i just finishe watchn uor movie "Dyshi so mnoi" znaete ya za dva dnya dosmotrela 20 seriy. I don even know what to say u are the best actor who ive ever seen,i watched this movie onl bcuz of u even 1st day i didnt go to work because i was so interested whats gona happen next so i took a sick day to finish a movie. u played so good like it happened in real life for a moment i started to think that u and Lana husband and wife in real life u could be such a nice couple! But this movie changed evtg for me im happy i cant stop thinking about u mr Makarskiy u are smtg else u different! God bless u and uor family i will always pray for u! Take care!
  • Inga for Makarska Anton
  • May God Bless you and your family Anton,helth,succses and all of the best,may god give to your family that miracle what you dreaming about,best wishis ;)
  • rigasa for Makarska Anton
  • Žaviuosi Jūsų Talentu! Linkiu Sėkmės! Linkiu puikių Idėjų, kurios džiugintų žiūrovus ir aplinkinius. Puikiai dainuojate prancūziškai, jums tinka Prancūzų tartis. Visada žiūriu kino filmus, kuriuose vaidinate. Ačiū.
  • Tamara for Makarska Anton
  • The most beautiful human being ever...
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