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Gromova (OPULSKAYA) Lydia D.

( Russian philologist, literary, textual criticism, an expert on Leo Tolstoy.)

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Biography Gromova (OPULSKAYA) Lydia D.
Gromova (OPULSKAYA), Lydia Dmitriyevna (1925-2003), Russian philologist, literary, textual criticism, an expert on Leo Tolstoy.

Born in the village Durykino (Solnechnogorsk district, Moscow Region), May 21, 1925. From 1933 she lived in Moscow. After graduating from high school (1941), entered the literary department of the Moscow Institute of Philosophy, literature, history (MIFLI). When the war started, along with the Institute moved to evacuation in Ashgabat, and then to Sverdlovsk, where she became a student of Professor NK Gudzy. She graduated in 1945, the Philological Faculty of Moscow University (MIFLI merged with MSU), post-graduate student. In 1949-1953 worked in Goslitizdat, where he participated as an editor in the publication of a comprehensive ( 'Jubilee' in 90 volumes) collected works of Leo Tolstoy. In 1952 she defended her dissertation "Characteristics of realism Tolstoy in late works (1880 - 1900-ies)". Since 1953 he worked at the Institute of World Literature. Gorky Academy of Sciences, first in the sector of textual criticism, then in the department of classical Russian literature, who was in charge from 1988 to 2002. In 1983 she defended her doctoral thesis "The problems of textual criticism of Russian Literature of XIX century". In 2000 was elected a corresponding member of RAS. Honored Worker of Science. Editor of academic publication the Complete Works of Leo Tolstoy in 100 volumes, published from 2000. Member of the Japan Society of Tolstoy, an honorary member of the University of Ottawa (Canada). Academic Prize Laureate Shakhmatov. Presented papers at national and international conferences on Russian literature, the author of numerous articles, reviews, comments. A great place to work LD Thunder held editorial activities: in addition to participation in the publication of The Complete Works of Leo Tolstoy, and other, less complete, she labored over the publication of collected works of Herzen in 30 min. (1954-1964), Complete Works and Letters of Anton Chekhov in 30 min. (1974-1983), Complete Works SAEsenin in 7 min. (1995-1999). In 2000 was published the first volume made up its "chronicles the life and work of Anton Chekhov".

Gromov - the representative of 'real' literature, based on a thorough possession of the text, knowledge of the manuscripts, all material life and work of the writer. Her main research and publishing interests - Leo Tolstoy, Chekhov, Dostoevsky, Russian Literature 19.

In 1954, literary historian NN Gusev (1882-1967), in 1907-1909 - Tolstoy's personal secretary, issued the first volume of his work by Leo Tolstoy. "Materials for a Biography, 1828-1855". In 1957 and 1963 came two further volumes covering the periods 1855-1869 and 1870-1881, in 1970, after the death of the researcher, published the fourth book of "material" (1881-1885). According to the will of Gusev, "Materials" completes Opulskaya: in 1979, goes to the light once that "the Materials" (1886-1892), in 1998 - one more devoted to the period 1892-1899. In preparing the final volume (1900-1910).

Scientific-tuned edition of the classics of literature is inconceivable without the laborious work of textual criticism, reads and compares the mountains of manuscripts, lifetime and other materials. An example of masterly work Opulskoy and text is the publication of drafts of Dostoyevsky, relating to "Crime and Punishment" (series 'literary monuments', 1970, 6 and 7 volumes of the Complete Works, 1973). They are contained in the notebooks of the writer and published first in a mechanical sequence of pages, but Dostoevsky did write a very disorderly and could fill it happened to come across a page, to continue it at the previous. The hard work has allowed to unravel a confused mass of records (not only literary, but also domestic) and to establish the chronological sequence of drafts of texts.

Gromov introduced into scientific usage and commented on the new texts of Leo Tolstoy and his entourage: "Leo Tolstoy and SA Thick. Correspondence with NN Strakhov (Ottawa, 2000) (38 letters of Tolstoy, 86 letters of Tolstoy), "From the archive NN Guseva. New materials on LN Tolstoy (Ottawa, 2002) (45 letters Gusev Tolstoy).

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Gromova (OPULSKAYA) Lydia D., photo, biography
Gromova (OPULSKAYA) Lydia D., photo, biography Gromova (OPULSKAYA) Lydia D.  Russian philologist, literary, textual criticism, an expert on Leo Tolstoy., photo, biography
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