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Gusev Victor M.

( Russian poet, playwright, translator)

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Biography Gusev Victor M.
Gusev, Viktor Mikhailovich (1909-1944), Russian poet, playwright, translator. Born on 17 (30) January 1909 in Moscow in the family of employee. In 1925-1926 he studied at the Drama Studio at the Moscow Theater of the Revolution (now Theater. Vl.Mayakovskogo), in 1926-1929 - on the highest literary courses they. V. Bryusov, after the restructuring - at Moscow University at the Faculty of Literature and Art (graduated in 1931)

. In 1929 released the first poetic book, "Hiking things", . Mayakovsky criticized for 'halfpenny romanticism', . which, . contrary to the last, . not exclude, . but emphasized the revolutionary enthusiasm of poetry Guseva, . quite evident in his later books ( "The heroes go to the farm", . 1931; Word of the brigadier ", . 1932; Contemporaries, . "Genius", . Both 1933 and "Sons diktatury2, . 1937; Poem "Verse", . 1942) - and especially in his texts of songs ( "Polyushko-field", . 1934, . etc.),
. His works were published in 1927, with the same time a member of the Moscow Society of Dramatists and Composers and Production Association of Young Playwrights. Made friends with the magazine 'Blue shirt', wrote scripts for the popular in those years 'living pictures', different mass representations, ditties, reprise, vaudeville, etc..

Going in line with the maximum date and politicized, almost 'newspaper' Soviet drama early years, Gusev in the late 1920's wrote the comedy "American citizen" and "Closing America" (co-authored). Detour of the writers of the country's largest building teams (Kuznetskstroi, Uralmash, etc.), Gusev was infected by the energy of industrial five-year.

In 1935 wrote a resounding success which brought him play Glory printed in almost all theaters and amateur groups of the country, which raised serious problems of the new socialist morality, duty and heroism. Follow the comedy Guseva "Friendship" (1938), "Son of Rybakov's (1940, post. 1953, publ. 1955; revision V. Vinnikov), . "Muscovite", . "Your Song" (both 1942), . symbolic drama "Sons of the three rivers" (1944), . that demonstrated the inherent Gusev Artistry, . ability to build a simple and exciting story, . ease, . even in operettochnomu festive talk about serious social processes - coupled with the romantic perception of life and light nenazoylivoy didaktichnostyu, . affected both in the plays about the manners of today (with undisguised sympathy for open an honest worker and contempt for the 'grabber' and 'bureaucrat'), . and in the works, . devoted to the topic of succession of the revolutionary tradition ( "Son of Rybakov),
. Gusev real masterpiece in this regard were lyrical comedy for young people "Spring in Moscow" (1941; same name. film director. IE Heifits, Joint. with NN Kosheverova, 1953) and "Pig and shepherd" (same name. film director. IA Pyr'ev, 1941, USSR State Prize, 1942; completed at the beginning of the war), as well as the screenplay "At six o'clock in the evening after the war" (same name. Film Pyr'ev, 1944, USSR State Prize, 1946).

Since the end of June 1941 Gusev - Head of the literary department of the All-Union Radio Committee, wrote, in addition to the above plays, stories and dramatic works for radio, the patriotic poem "Sister" (1941), "Mother and Son" (1942), etc.. Gusev left as translations of works of Kyrgyz, Tajik, Turkmen, Belarus etc.. Poetry.

Gusev, died in Moscow on January 21, 1944.

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Gusev Victor M., photo, biography
Gusev Victor M., photo, biography Gusev Victor M.  Russian poet, playwright, translator, photo, biography
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