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( Russian writer, translator)

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Biography DANIEL Yuli
Daniel, Yuli (1925-1988), Russian writer, translator. Born November 15, 1925 in Moscow into the family of the Jewish writer, MN Meerovich are printed in Yiddish under the pseudonym of Daniel M.. In 1943-1944 participated in the Great Patriotic War, was seriously wounded. In 1950 he graduated from the Moscow Regional Pedagogical Institute, was a schoolteacher, first in the Kaluga region., Then in Moscow. In mid-1950 was published as a translator of poetry (Kalmyk, Armenian, Azerbaijani, peoples of the North Caucasus, etc.). In 1956 graduated from the historical novel "Flight" - the unusual fate of the peasant-nugget in Russia in the second half of the 18.

In 1958 was published abroad the story of Daniel "This is Moscow, then a few prose works (in t.ch. Hands stories, . 1959, . - About the absurd and the tragic fate of the Cheka 1920; "Man of the Ministry of Agriculture", . 1960), . in this connection in September of 1965 by Daniel, . as (for the same reason), his friend Syniavsky, . arrested, . destroyed was already printed copies of the book "Escape" (a shortened version publ,
. in the journal 'Pioneer', 1989,? 6-8). In 1966, Daniel was sentenced to 5 years in strict regime camps. In conclusion, wrote a cycle of poems and the poem "And at this time ...", did translations from the Latvian language works of his fellow prisoners, the poet K. Skuenieksa. After his release, under pseudo. 'Yu Petrov' published translations of Scottish and Georgian poetry, as well as works Dzh.G.Bayrona, W. Wordsworth, W. Hugo, C. Baudelaire, A. Rimbaud, and others

. Stories Daniel, . gravitating toward the modernist style Kafka (buying, . cinematic style cropped 'protocol' narrative), . striking unusual situation, combined with the logical behavior of a character (the theme of natural rights in the absurd world),
. An important milestone in the history of the genre became a dystopian novel "Moscow speaking" (published under the pseudonym 'Nicholas Arzhak', . taken from the prison folklore), . which refers to the fantastic decree of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, . proclaiming the 'Open Day murder',
. People perceive a decree granted in the queue for food was wondering who would have time to make his victim for that single day, which, incidentally, and the jury artists manage to make relevant promotional posters

. The same familiar everydayness terrible - in the novel "Atonement" (first published 1963), . where the hero, . accused of snitching, . he did not commit, . going crazy, . if redeemed those adopted by the blame the entire society of mutual suspicion, . cruelty and lies,
. Socio-political position of Daniel reveal its conceptual and journalistic articles "Letter to a Friend" (1969) and "A IR Shafarevich (1975). A number of works by Daniel translated into foreign languages, some of his poems formed the basis of a so-called. 'Copyright' lyrics.

Daniel died in Moscow on December 30, 1988.

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  • For me, Yuli Daniel was a remarkable teacher, a teacher of literature in the 9-10 grades and class teacher in a Moscow secondary school? 313. We are almost all engaged him in a circle. We loved him very, home visits when ill and in hospital. But he never initiates us into its dissedentskuyu activities. We knew that he engaged in a bit of translation work, but were unaware of the literary. His books I read only in the 90-ies. When was the process, I have at the time an engineer, did not even think about it over him. Or even worse, forced himself to think so. Even now it is difficult to think that I am a former student of his, almost betrayed him. Small consolation is that later, I always talked about Julia Markovich what I knew about it
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    DANIEL Yuli, photo, biography
    DANIEL Yuli, photo, biography DANIEL Yuli  Russian writer, translator, photo, biography
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