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JAMES Montague Rhodes

( English writer, translator)

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Biography JAMES Montague Rhodes
photo JAMES Montague Rhodes
James, Montague Rhodes (James, Montague Rhodes) (1862-1936), English scholar, translator, writer. Born Aug. 1, 1862 in Goldnistoune (Kent). Father, researcher at Kings College at Cambridge University, later became vicar in Kent and Suffolk, where James spent most of his childhood. From an early age, discovering remarkable abilities, most of the time gave the reading and examining old books, such as the Dutch Bible 17., Preferring to communicate these lessons with their peers. Educated at Eton and then at Kings College, worked in the department of classical archeology Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge (in 1893-1908 - director of the museum). After defending his thesis on "The Apocalypse of St.. Peter was elected a Fellow of Kings College, lectured on theology, in 1889 became dean of the College. From the scope of the initial interest, archeology, James moved to Palaeography

. Outstanding medievalist ( "The Life and Miracles of William Norwich" - The Life and Miracles of William of Norwich, . 1896; found them and published in Latin with his comments, "Twelve medieval stories about ghosts" - Twelve Medieval Ghost Stories, . 1922), . James has written numerous monographs and articles on the bibliography, . Antique editions, . edited the work of bibliographical and historical societies, . translated the (compiled and translated into English a collection of fairy tales Hans Christian Andersen, . 1930),
. A remarkable linguist, and an excellent connoisseur of the Bible, an unusually gifted sharp memory, he created a lot of fundamental works, in particular the translation of the New Testament Apocrypha (The Apocryphal New Testament, 1924).

In 1905, James was elected rector of King's College, from 1913 to 1915 was vice-chancellor of the University.

No matter how significant scholarly works of James, he is better known as the author of 'horror stories' included in any anthology. In these novels are refracted in a certain way or tradition of Christmas Christmas story, and likewise reflected in their superior knowledge of the typical English 'ghost story' (ghost story). This character dzheymsovskih stories must be understood precisely as a 'ghost' - that 'hath' that is 'in the eyes'. Ghost in the James always spiteful and hostile to man and often looks (appears) in the unfamiliar human forms. It may appear with a sheet of ancient engravings, . in the stories 2Albom canon Alberic "(Canon Alberic's Scrap-book) and" Mezzotint "(The Mezzotint), . and still be teriomorfnym, . an anthropomorphic, . or from the hollow of an old tree, . with spider traits, . as in the novel "Ash" (The Ash Tree), . or manifests itself in the folds of tissue, . in the short story "School History" (A School Story), . and even the only person with the eyes of the Spider, . discovered in pieces of matter, . in the novel "uncommon prayer book" (The Uncommon Prayer-book),
. The appearance of ghosts sometimes associated with old things or curiosities, . to which they are attached and which are subject, . - "Album of the Canon Alberic and the short story" You whistle, . I'm not forcing you to wait "(Oh, . Whistle, . and I'll come You, . my Lad), . Named by the line from a poem by R. Burns, . where anthropoid shadow comes from the sound of an old whistle, . found in the ruins of the ancient buildings,

. Allusions, . hidden quotations and references to the works of William Shakespeare and Charles Dickens, while interest in mass culture in all its manifestations, . from newspapers to novels, satirical articles puppet, . booths and early cinema, . and the reflection of their repertoire make small stories extremely rich meaning and succinct,
. In the author's life stories published in small collections, of which at first is not repeated. The canonical collection of prose James consists of 32 short stories.

Despite the significance of these works and their high artistic quality of the poetics of James says little. Of the classics, working in similar genres, flattering words about him a cult figure 'black fiction' HP Lovecraft. Genesis stories of James is difficult to establish. As obvious predecessors, . whose influence is reflected not so much in plot construction, . as in the overall approach to the problem of the supernatural, . should be called Irish writer Dzh.Sh.Le Fanu, . whose book, . uniting found in the archives of unpublished works, . James was and gave a brief introduction, . and Welsh writer A. Machin,
. His creative method, . is housed and the rational and magical interpretation of the above, . Novelist formulated as follows: 'It is necessary from time to time to leave a loophole for plausible explanations, but, . so to speak, . Let this loophole is so narrow, . that it generally is hardly possible to take advantage of ',

James died at Eton June 12, 1936.

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JAMES Montague Rhodes, photo, biography
JAMES Montague Rhodes, photo, biography JAMES Montague Rhodes  English writer, translator, photo, biography
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