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Esin, Sergei

( Russian writer)

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Biography Esin, Sergei
Esin, Sergei Nikolaevich (p. 1935), Russian writer. Born December 18, 1935 in Moscow in an intellectual family. After graduating from the Faculty of Philology of Moscow State University (1960) was an actor in theater, worked on radio, TV, was the chief editor of 'horizon'. Since 1987 lecturer, then professor of literary excellence, since 1992 - rector of the Literary Institute. Gorky.

After compilation "We live only twice" (1976) and "In the light of the small spotlight" (1979) attracted wide attention novel simulator. Notes of an ambitious man "(1985), opening a joint general issues peculiar romantic triptych, including the novels" Vremenitel "(1987, etc.. ref. This "novel about love and friendship '-" Gladiator ") and" spy "(1989, etc.. ref. - "Running in the opposite direction, or Eschatology). Focus Esin, . writer analyst, . restrained in a respectable manner and style of ruthless in exposing the social and psychological, . modern intelligentsia, . with its ever-new set of popularity and envy, . lust for power and dependence, . with its formidable temptation temptation to lie well-paid and shameful deference to the arrogance of modern 'conquistadores', . as they are named by the author himself, . - From art dealers, . arrogate to themselves the labor of others, . talent and time,
. Tension characteristic of prose Esina inner monologue, . enabling with the greatest care to follow all phases of high and low in the soul of the hero, . the upheavals of the voice of conscience tormenting suppression, . renunciation of vocation in the name of 'vocation', . from the real creative breakthrough for the external success, . giver to determine the causes of human disorder in man, . Violations of harmony between the character's self-esteem and opinion of him around, . forces see in the product Esina drama of ethical principles, . akin to the drama of ideas of modern science fiction, . in which the most important aspect of the situation and the result of its consideration,

. Skeptical-ironic assessment of the modern domestic intelligentsia with its hypocrisy, . ignorance, . conformism and greed, . creates a fundamentally new interpretation of this layer of Russian society, . claim to be independent, . dedicated and selfless mentor people,

At the same time, the problem of intellectuals writer extrapolated to the whole society, thus acquiring the character of 'World eschatology, ie. teaching about the purpose of the cosmos and history, and their end '(dictionary definition, supplied by the author in the epigraph Bega ..."). That is why the assertion Esin (which can reasonably be attributed to his other works) that, for example, "Simulator" - 'novel is not about the artist', but the system

. Playing authenticity, . imitatorstvo timeservers, . vanity, . kills talent, . and this case, . is discovered on the example of a well-known author writing environment (here suggest themselves allusions to the novel "The Master and Margarita" by Bulgakov, and even play "Cat's home average fluffy" GI Gorin, and VN Voinovich), . in the novel "The retreat of the novel, . In season or pickling cucumbers,
. Pedagogical studies and reflections on the art of becoming a writer "(1984) develop into a touching and sad and sarcastic view of the world, . gradual 'obytovleniya', . omeschanivaniya Russian intelligentsia in the autobiographical novel "Memoirs of forty", . stories "Industrial Conflict", . "Contributor", . stories "Escape", . "The main pair, . "A relative", . "Newcomer", . "Serious pokupka2 (all 1984), . novel Own boss "(1985), . play "The flexible disc" (1984) and others, . while identifying the author's desire to play with time and space, . cinematic close-ups and literary collage, . mystical and fantastic motives, . elements of journalism and documentary,

. Leitmotivs for Esina problem of moral choice (with the same author's tendency towards justice as the foundation for preserving the honor and dignity) is projected and its socio-historical works - as based on fact and closest approach to the reality of the treatment to the revolutionary events in Russia beginning of the century (the novel Constantine P. ", . 1987, . dedicated to Lenin), . both historical and fantastic anti-Utopia ( 'one-party affair' "mishap, . or the effect of twins ", . 1992),
. Internal political processes of 1990 and is dedicated to journalism Esin (Sat.. articles "Culture and Power", 1997).

The story Esin "Technique words" (1990) shows the interaction of material life and imagination of the artist's multiple, purpose and meaning of which are not always predictable, even for the author.

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Esin, Sergei, photo, biography
Esin, Sergei, photo, biography Esin, Sergei  Russian writer, photo, biography
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