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Ilin Natalia losifovna

( Russian writer)

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Biography Ilin Natalia losifovna
ILYIN, NATALIA losifovna (1914-1994), Russian writer. Born 6 (19) May 1914 in St. Petersburg in the family of the descendants of the ancient noble family (the maternal line - family Voeikov, . prominent representatives of which Ilina wrote in his book of memoirs "Roads and Destiny, . 1985); interest in Russian and world culture has absorbed since childhood from the mother - a highly educated woman, . graduates from the University for Women ( 'Bestuzhev') courses,
. Father (before the defeat of the Tsushima naval officer, then - gunner) fought in the White Army, on his initiative in 1920, moved the family to Harbin. Hard life in a volatile Russian emigrants in Manchuria (among whom were eminent writers AI Nesmelov, Vs.N.Ivanov, SY crimson S.G.Petrov-Wanderer, NV Ustryalov etc.. - Family friends Il'inykh), with their enduring nostalgia for Russia, impractical, and the dependence of internal strife, Ilyina later described in a number of memoirs, literary works.

In 1932-1936 Ilyina - volnoslushatelnitsa Oriental Department of the Harbin Institute of Oriental and commercial sciences, with the end of 1936 - in Shanghai. She has appeared in the emigre newspaper "Shanghai Dawn" with feuilletons under the pseudonym Miss Peng, . Russian organized a satirical weekly, 'The Shanghai market' (leaving before the end of 1941), . the beginning of World War II clearly has discovered a pro-Soviet orientation,
. Since the end of 1941 Ilyina collaborated with TASS, satires and essays published in the pro-Soviet emigre newspaper 'New Life' (collected in the book. "In other eyes: Essays on the life of Shanghai, 1946), created links with the 'Union of return'. In 1947, did not act without the influence of his old Shanghai friend, poet, composer and singer A. Vertinsky, in 1943 returned to his homeland, together with a group of returnees back in the USSR.

She lived at first in Kazan, in 1948-1953, studying part time at the Literary Institute. Gorky in Moscow. Since 1950, regularly printed (satires, parody, satire and book reviews in journals 'Crocodile', 'New World', etc.). Autobiographical novel "The Return" (h. 1 - 1957; h. 2 - 1965) brought the writer fame. The novelty of the subject (the first in the Soviet press, the image of emigre life 'Russian' Harbin and Shanghai), . sincerity of tone, . accuracy of specific historical details, . liveliness psychological sketches, . thin, . pervasive, . always colored light melancholy humor, . dynamics of ideological ratings, . in t.ch,
. against the Soviet Union - from the euphoric hopes of a society of justice to frustration and sad-caustic bewilderment, . clear and clean language, . and also to a large extent glamorous and touching the very image of the narrator identified honorable place this work in the Russian memoirs in the second half of the 20 in,

. Author memoir book "Destiny: From the long meetings" (1980), . Roads and destiny: Autobiographical Prose "(1985), . story about a famous scientist-philologist, . husband Ilyina, . AA Reformed, . memories of work in the journal 'New World' with Tvardovsky ( "My long lessons",
. - Ogonek, . 1988, . ? 17), . numerous collections of satirical miniatures ( "Warning: Danger!: Literary satires and parodies", . 1960; "No need to applause!", , . 1968; "Everything is written", . 1971; 'glowing scoreboard: Feuilletons different years, . 1974 "Belogorskaya Fortress: satirical prose." 1955-1985, . 1989) and literary-critical works (t.ch,
. Article On the tradition and innovation in the genre of 'ladies' story' ( "The experience of literary analysis"), . 1963; "Literature and 'mass circulation' (On some issues of 'Roman newspapers')", . 1969 "Fruits of Enlightenment, . or Power of Darkness ", . 1990), . different ostrokriticheskoy observation, . sighting accuracy of ironic, . sometimes sarcastic words, . freshness and sharpness of thought, . against all forms of totalitarian, . levels and degrading way of life: from life's troubles caused by them to the Market-bureaucratic mores literary environment,

Ilyina died in Moscow on Jan. 12, 1994.

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Ilin Natalia losifovna, photo, biography
Ilin Natalia losifovna, photo, biography Ilin Natalia losifovna  Russian writer, photo, biography
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