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Irving, John

( American novelist)

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Biography Irving, John
photo Irving, John
Irving, John (WINSLOW) (Irving, John) (p. 1942), American novelist, the originality of literary manner which is determined by the fact that it depicts the characters and conflicts, vesting them in a bizarre dark form, and give ordinary people's lives an unexpected interpretation.

Born March 2, 1942 in Exeter (pc. New Hampshire). He graduated from Phillips Exeter Academy, where he was wrestling and was captain of the team (the sport will be reflected in his novels). He studied at the University of Pittsburgh (1961-1962), Vienna (1963-1964), New Hampshire (BA with honors, 1965) and Iowa.

First novel "With the bear on the will" (Setting Free the Bears, 1969) was highly praised by critics, including K. Vonnegut. Were met with praise and the following two books - "The man who prescribed hydrotherapy" (The Water-Method Man, 1972) and "Marriage weighing 158 pounds" (The 158-Pound Marriage, 1974).

The real fame brought Irving novel "The World eyes to Garp" (The World According to Garp, 1978). In the center of this saga multipage Nurse Jenny Fields, black sheep of an aristocratic family from New England, her illegitimate son, the writer TS Garp (he has a last name and initials of his father, whom he did not know), as well as his wife and two sons. Releasing best-selling autobiography, Jenny becomes the leader of the feminist movement. The writers' ambition to Garp great, but even more he betrayed his wife and children. In the kaleidoscope of events, played out in the house, involved the righteous and the wicked, teachers, and prostitutes, amateurs and loafers, fixers and flatterers, transsexuals, hired killers, etc..

The book is frightening - and thus was attractive in the eyes of critics. It was noted that the cruelty of modern life revealed by the author in all its manifestations, the novel abounds in scenes of violence, murders, suicides, but the face of the tragic and comic, in the opinion of the reviewers, blurred. Irving himself admitted in an interview that no matter how grim the subject, he neither took, he still will comedy. Irving, the writer is associated with this book. Triumphantly passed through the screens of the same film (1982, dir. Dzh.R.Hill) with the participation of the author and his two sons.

The sensational success of the book led to the fact that Irving's new novel "Hotel New Hampshire" (The Hotel New Hampshire, 1981) inevitably lose in comparison with its predecessor. Staying within the framework of a family chronicle, . Irving unfolds the story of four generations of a family persecuted failures Berry, . again playing with incest, . terrorism, . suicide, . gang rape, the dark humor, . that was the hallmark of his prose,
. Berry and the mass of the secondary characters take up residence in the end of the three hotels, one of which is located in New Hempschire, the other - in Vienna, the third - in Maine. The novel was filmed in 1984 starring Jodie Foster, Rob Lowe and Beau Bridges.

The next novel, "Rules of the House of cider" (The Cider House Rules, 1985), which was set in the early 20 century., Calls to mind the novels of Charles Dickens and C. Bronte. Noble visionary doctor Lurch and his nurse touching care for the inhabitants of his orphanage. Knowing the difficult conditions, despite all his efforts to live abandoned children, he nonetheless never persuaded an unmarried woman to have an abortion, while not denying her that if she so decided. Name of the novel due to the ridiculous rules that existed in those days for seasonal workers - they will play a crucial role in the plot conflict. The novel has caused controversy in the press, it rightly saw the call to return to traditional moral values, and many critics felt that the author wants to draw attention to the issue of abortion. Replying to a question, or didaktichen polemichen his novels, Irving has claimed that it has both. In their scenario written in 1999 for the film. Michael Caine, who played Lurch, received Oscar for Best Actor. The work on a film writer, said in his book "My movie business" (My Movie Business, 1999).

In the center of the novel "A Prayer for Owen Mini" (A Prayer for Owen Meany, 1989) - the problem of good and evil, and their mutual degeneration. Likened to Christ, the hero of the novel, Owen Mini knows his destiny, he knows when and how to die. According St.Kinga, 'no one showed Christ as Irving in his novel'.

His next novel, "Son of the Circus" (A Son of the Circus, 1994), as well as all of Irving's novels, full of characters and themes, but many reviewers of the book has disappointed. In 1996 saw the light of a collection of "Saving Peggy aids" (Trying to Save Peggy Sneed), which included stories and memories of the writer. In the same year was published "imaginary friend" (The Imaginary Girlfriend), detailing the struggle of his classes and coaching and dealing with certain aspects of his writing career.

In 1998 came the ninth novel, Irving's "widow year" (A Widow for One Year), received the same notoriety as the "World eyes to Garp". It was noted that the special appeal of this 'multi', worldly wise love story, filled, as always, Irving, comedy.

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Irving, John, photo, biography
Irving, John, photo, biography Irving, John  American novelist, photo, biography
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