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ISAEV Egor (Gregory) A.

( Russian poet)

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Biography ISAEV Egor (Gregory) A.
photo ISAEV Egor (Gregory) A.
ISAEV, Egor (George) ALEXANDROVICH (p. 1926), Russian poet, social activist. Member of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR (1984-1989). Hero of Socialist Labor (1986), Lenin Prize (1980).

Born May 2, 1926 in s.Korshevo Bobrovsky district of Voronezh region. the family of rural teachers of the peasants. In 1943 - at the front, after the Great Patriotic War - the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany. Since 1945, published in military newspapers, in 1951 in the anthology "Literary Voronezh 'first published poem," Face to Face "(finish. variant under the name. "Above the waves of the Danube", . 1953), . in which all necessary for the orthodox ideological accents spoke of Soviet soldiers, . serving overseas, . told about the reflections of the protagonist of the poem, . Sergeant Ershov, . together with the ordinary from Paris, . corporal from the banks of the Thames and a sergeant from Charleston patrolling Vienna,

In 1955 he graduated Isaev Literary Institute. Gorky. In 1962, saw the light of his most famous poem, . "The court Memory", . which through the prism of the fate of the soldier Hermann Horst (German equivalent, while the antipode Sergeant Ershov), . accustomed to during the war blindly obey any command-and-shoot 'is not on the targets, . to live ', . now sleepless nights tormented by the constant arrival of 'the little woman - In memory', . highlights particularly relevant in the literature of Russia (and Germany) 1960-1970's theme of guilt and responsibility 'small' Rights,
. Poem, . seeks to unite the narrative, . lyrical, . philosophical and sociopolitical and psychological beginning, . different alloy of allegory and symbolism characteristic Isaeva unpretentious simplicity, . even the language of poverty, . stylistic conciseness and rhythmic monotony, . always animated topical political issues,
. In the same vein theme of the struggle for peace is revealed in the poem "Twenty-fifth Hour" (1984), in which the Soviet soldier descends from his pedestal in Berlin's Treptow Park, to remind people about the danger of another war and nuclear holocaust. Attempt epic historical way of thinking, . traversed Russia, . presented in a kind of conceptual continuation of the Court's memory - the poem "Dal Memory" (1976-1977), . gravitating towards folklore, . clear continuity with Lewis Carroll's poem Who Lives Well in Russia and making a point of reference the position of a simple peasant (since Stepan Razin, . according to the concept Isaeva, . trains himself to revolt against their oppressors, . beaten in the end 'flint', . which turned people's eternal tears),

. The quest for scale-historical understanding of the past as, . and topical this is typical of 'ethical and environmental', . as always with Isaeva, . responsive to the urgency of the problem is maturing poem "Kill the hunter Crane" (1985), . numerous poems and ballads (When the rocket being taken, . On SDI, . Rereading Terkina, . Nurse, . Quietness, . Abuse of the cross, etc.),
. Isayev belongs to the set of journalistic and literary-critical articles on creativity Tvardovsky, B.L Pasternak, MV Isakovskogo, AA Prokofiev, Ukrainian writers Shevchenko, P. Tychyny, O. Gonchar, A . Malyshko etc.. in the collections of the "peak", "The Bell of Light", "Sense of the verb," "There, for a song - Ukraine", "Listen to the star (of Armenia).

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ISAEV Egor (Gregory) A., photo, biography
ISAEV Egor (Gregory) A., photo, biography ISAEV Egor (Gregory) A.  Russian poet, photo, biography
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