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Caldern de la Barca, Pedro

( Spanish dramatist)

Comments for Caldern de la Barca, Pedro
Biography Caldern de la Barca, Pedro
Caldern de la Barca, Pedro (Calderon de la Barca, Pedro) (1600-1681), Spanish playwright. Born January 17, 1600 in Madrid, the son of hidalgo Montagny (region of Asturias). He studied at the Jesuit College, he studied canon law at the universities of Alcal and Salamanca (before 1620). In 1619 he wrote the play, and then fully devoted himself to literature. Member of the war with France, 1635-1638, an expedition to put down Catalonia (1640). In 1651, ordained to the priesthood, have stopped writing comedy for public presentation in 1665, wrote in the main auto (religious play) and play by the order of the court.

Calderon wrote almost exclusively of drama and create a circle of followers in the genre of Spanish comedy. His innovations were both style and dramatic technique. He kept the traditional three-act comedy, . typical for her variety of sizes and nature of the solution in terms of national values and behavioral imperatives, . as honor, . but the meaning of his poetry and drama of deep originality,
. Drama Calderon belongs to the Baroque. Calderon often resorted to poetic reception, where the brilliant metaphors are piled on each other, and then merge into the final transfer to emphasize the logical stress generated by their heterogeneity. His tongue twisting and straining, trying to free themselves from the shackles of necessity, if it is interesting to note that the prison and freedom among the favorite drama so Calderon. Prisons are not only material - even the presence of man on earth is limited to the prison walls of death, and only compliance with the dogmas of any comfort in this uzilische. Structure of Caldern's plays hard, with the rapid and unexpected change of events can be traced detailed logical plan.

Total Calderon has created about 120 comedies and dramas, 80 auto, most of whom survived, and a few interludes. Of the comedies, the best known "Salameysky Alcalde" (El Alcalde de Zalamea, 1640-1645, ed. 1651), "Magic magician" (El magico prodigioso), largely repeating the legend of Faust, and the famous "Life is a Dream" (La vida es Sueo, 1631-1632, ed. 1636). The latter is often called the Catholic replica of tragedy. Caldern's position as one of the great playwrights of Catholic confirm autosomes sakramentales. They are probably most accurately be defined as a representation of dogma, often in allegorical form. Abstract theme allow Calderon to fully demonstrate dexterity of scholastic logic; staged auto usually during the holiday dedicated to the Eucharist. Probably the best known at the present time "The Great Theater of the World" (EL gran teatro del mundo, OK. 1645).

Baroque tensions allegorical constructions and style define the special place of Calderon, the last great Spanish playwright of the Golden Age, in the history of European literature. For Europe, it is to some extent represents the Spanish drama, much of its influence on the Romantics (PB Shelley), and even later writers such as G. Hofmannsthal.

Died Calderon in Madrid May 25, 1681

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Caldern de la Barca, Pedro, photo, biography
Caldern de la Barca, Pedro, photo, biography Caldern de la Barca, Pedro  Spanish dramatist, photo, biography
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