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Biography KARELIN Lazar V.
Karelin, LAZARUS VIKTOROVICH (p. 1920), present. Surname Katz, Russian writer. Born June 12, 1920 in Moscow. His parents, Polish Jews who settled in Moscow in 1914 as refugees from German-occupied Bialystok. Father, . famous in their town master textile, . began to work on the well-known in those years, the Moscow textile factory 'Atlas', in the period of the NEP him by Order gave this factory in possession, . that was the cause of subsequent links Karelin family (mother - nee Halperin, . a family of hereditary rabbis) in Solikamsk (1932-1938),
. After father's rehabilitation Karelin went to the scriptwriting faculty of VGIK (graduated in 1946). As part of the national militia participated in the battles of the Great Patriotic War

. He worked as head of storyboards Ashgabat studios until the night of 5 to 6 October 1948, . when in the capital of Turkmenistan, an earthquake measuring 10 points, . claimed about 100 thousand lives (documentary novel Karelin "Earthquake" was published in 1969 with the exceptions of censorship, . first complete publication, . after 12 editions, . - 1993; in 1995, Turkmen President Saparmurat Niyazov awarded Karelin for this book medal 'Gairat' - 'Courage', . which at that time were given only two Turkmen writer),
. Back in Moscow, Karelin became a professional writer, in 1956 joined the Communist Party and the Union of Soviet Writers, in 1967-1985 - the secretary of the Moscow Writers' Union

. In the first book of Karelin's "Letter" (1946, in collaboration with famous Armenian writer Leonid Guruntsem) includes stories and essays about military postman Great Patriotic War (except for novella "Steps", . 1969-1970, . Karelin the only product on the war),
. Has brought the writer famous story "Junior Counselor of Justice" (1951) is devoted to prosecutors. The main problem novels "On a quiet street" (1957), . "In April" (1956), . "Dormitory" (1957), . "Hope and Love" (1959), . "Open House" (1961) relate to the character of a young man, the novel "Girl with paint" (1963), . saturated with the realities of life Solikamsk, . - About the miracle of life-giving contact between child and a lonely old man's soul,
. Roman "neighborhood" (1962) tells about the life of the youth of the modern city. The greatest successes have brought the writer's novels "Zmeelo" in (1982) and "The Last Lane" (1984), the first of which was the literary event. In one of the first 'surgery' issues of the journal Ogonek his novel Karelin "I give lessons" (dp. ref. "Golden Triangle", 1986), which raises the problem of anti-drug

. The works of writer, . always addressed to the present, . focus on events and facts, . well known to him, . different socio-critical orientation, . Scene pointed and uncompromising moral, . not preclude, . however, . In many cases, the hopes of winning a good start in man (embodied by a Karelin often is a woman or child),
. Noteworthy in Karelina real urban toponymy (Solikamsk, . Moscow) - down to street names, . squares and stations, . living spoken language of heroes, . Organic woven into the fabric of the narrative reality of the described time, . autobiographical features,
. All this, combined with issues 'sick' intellectuals and 'patient' of the city, can be considered works of Karelin in line with a so-called. 'urban' prose, essays provided by Yuri Trifonov, Yu Nagibina I. Grekova, etc..

In the same vein are read and created by Karelin in the 1980-1990-s the story "At the end of tape" (1982), "Dubler," "Shelf" (both 1987), "Rock" (1988), "Own" (1989) "bouncing" (1994), "Risk" (1998).

A number of the writer's works translated into foreign languages, staged (in t.ch. "Zmeelov", which raised the same name as a film director VK Derbeneva, "Trainee", "neighborhood"). Karelin was also a publicist, author of short stories (in t.ch. "Power", 1988), scripts, documentaries.

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  • Aulus for KARELIN Lazar V.
  • He died after a long illness 20/11/2005
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    KARELIN Lazar V., photo, biography
    KARELIN Lazar V., photo, biography KARELIN Lazar V.  Russian writer, photo, biography
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