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Karpov, Vladimir V.

( Russian writer)

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Biography Karpov, Vladimir V.
Karpov, Vladimir Vasilyevich (p. 1922), Russian writer. Born July 28, 1922 in Orenburg, grew up in Tashkent, in 1939 joined the local military infantry school, chief of which was the Brigade Commander Petrov (later the hero of the documentary novel Karpova "commander"). Was the champion of Uzbekistan and the Central Asian republics of middleweight boxing champion. At the end of April 1941 was arrested after being denounced by fellow-student, was sentenced to 5 years in prison for 'conspiracy against the existing order' and 'compromise leader of the peoples of Stalin'. Since the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, after repeated requests to send him to the front, in October 1942 enrolled in one of the penal companies.
In February 1943 for their difference in battles with Karpov was overturned, and he was transferred to the infantry regiment scout. In the exploration personally led 45 'languages', participated in the seizure of 79 'languages' (the norm for the submission of a scout to the highest military decoration was 20). Received a medal "For Courage ', the Order of the Red Star, the title of senior lieutenant, was the commander of the department, then a platoon of reconnaissance. In 1943 was adopted by the party, in June 1944 awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union

. The absurd situation for forgiveness for the imperfect crime, . experienced by Karpov, . subsequently analyzed them in a number of works, . revealing, . one hand, . recognition of the author of the irrationality of what is happening, . on the other - the admiration of the actual embodiment of irrationality, . leader and dictator Stalin, . in whose wisdom and foresight, . despite everything, . Karpov never felt doubt,

Autumn of 1944, recovering after being seriously wounded, was the student of the Higher School of Intelligence of the General Staff Military Academy and then. Frunze, after which (1947) was aimed at higher academic courses (Military Academy of the General Staff), which trains intelligence operative and strategic management. Began to publish as a writer in 1945, Karpov in 1954, finishing the evening department of the Literary Institute. Gorky, . then, . upon request, . he was sent to the Turkestan Military District, . where he served for 10 years (deputy chief officer of the Higher School, . commander of the regiment in the Pamirs, . Kara Kum, . deputy commander and chief of staff of the division on Kushka),
. Since 1965 Karpov - retired colonel

. Most of the works devoted to the life of Karpov's military and are documented, factual, . biographical nature: collections of short stories and novels "Twenty-four hours in the life of intelligence" (1960), . "Regimental beacons" (1962), . "The commanders turn gray sooner" (1965), . "Once upon intelligence" (1970), . Soldiers Beauty "(1973); novels" Eternal Battle "(1967) and a marshal's baton" (1970), . awarded the State Prize of the Uzbek SSR (1970); story "Such work" (1974), . developed into a novel, "Wanted: Dead!" (1975) and received the prize of the Ministry of Defense of the USSR (1978); novel, "Not a single sword" (1979) - on the political-educational work in the army,

'п=п¦п©п+я-я-п¦пTп+я-п¦', dry and businesslike style of the author does not exclude, however, permanent open declaration the author's position, typical of prose Karpov - in t.ch. and in the novel "The Commander" (1982-1984, USSR State Prize, 1986), and in the trilogy "Marshal Zhukov: his teammates and opponents during the war and peace" (1989-1999), consisting of the novels "Marshal Zhukov", " in the Great War "," Opala2

. In 1966 Karpov - deputy editor of the State Committee of Uzbek SSR in 1973 - first deputy chief editor of 'October' (editor - Vs.Kochetov) in 1979-1986 - first deputy chief editor of 'New World', . informing him the nature of the moderately liberal respectability,
. In 1981, . first put forward in the number of delegates of the next congress of the Union of Soviet Writers, . Karpov was elected secretary and Bureau member of his reign, and in 1986-1991 he was - the first secretary of the joint USSR, . simultaneously - a candidate member of the CPSU Central Committee (elected XXVII Congress of the CPSU in 1986), . Deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR 11-th convocation,
. Karpov - Honorary Member of the Academy of Military Sciences of Russia, winner of awards named. Bunin, Konstantin Simonov, the International Prize 'Golden Astrolabe' (Italy), etc..

Karpov - active publicist, claims to autonomy vnekonyunkturnyh assessments of current events (kn. "Men's deed", 1980, etc.). Cautiously nostalgia for the lost Soviet Union and calling 'Ivan, . oblivious of his kinship 'of those, . who are 'trying to distance itself' from the whole of Soviet history and pours it 'dirt and insults, . fabrications and lies', . Karpov sees happening in Russia, the 1990's as a triumph of reactionary forces, . contrasting high unfairness of the historical process (going forward, even on 'rails' gratuitous insult - how, . understanding Karpova, . progressed, . despite everything, . Soviet society), cynicism and selfishness of rulers of the new,
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Karpov, Vladimir V., photo, biography
Karpov, Vladimir V., photo, biography Karpov, Vladimir V.  Russian writer, photo, biography
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