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KOGAN Pavel Davidovich

( Russian poet)

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Biography KOGAN Pavel Davidovich
KOGAN, PAVEL DAVYDOVITCH (1918-1942), Russian poet. Born July 4, 1918 in Kiev. From his childhood love of poetry, who knew by heart hundreds of poems, writing poems, a single line of which was not published during his lifetime. In 1936 entered MIFLI, since 1939 studied at the Literary Institute. Gorky. In 1941 he volunteered for the front. One of the bright and talented representatives of the cohort 'Lobastov boys unprecedented revolution', . its romantic and uncompromising singer, . Kogan also, . as his young comrades of the pen and the fate of (N. Mayorov, . MV Kulchitskii, etc.), . gave accurate and collective (following the 'collectivist' aesthetics of the time, . which were identical with 'I' and 'we') portrait of his generation in verse,
. My friend, . my buddy ... "(1934, . devoted friend Kogan, . author of music to the song "Brigantine" GS Lepskiy, . - 'And then we will be severely / in words and friends, . / At agitated strings / And the choice of ways ...'); Groza (1936), . given its name to the first collection Kogan (publ,
. in 1960) and the programmatic lines: 'Since my childhood I did not like the oval / Since my childhood I drew a corner'; in the prophetic words outline: 'The break-grass, grass-dodder / We have to grow bitter, / by the great, / By watered with the blood of our land ... '. 'Lean and the awkward boy, . surprisingly cheerful and passionate in their gestures and judgments' (p. Narovchatov), . Kogan combined in his poetry a fervent and sincere devotion to the ideals of the revolution (one of his favorite characters was Schors, . in the introduction (1937) to an unwritten poem about him Kogan wrote: 'I'm listening to the distant thunder, . / Subsoil, . unclear gud, . / There rises era, . / And I cartridges Bank,
. / I held them to shore for battle. / So give me courage in battle. / For if the battle, . I'm with you, . / Epoch loud, my ') with an acute sense of his own warm and exuberant energy, . indomitable and samostoyaniya ( 'Adventurers, . we searched feat, . / Dreamers, . We raved about fighting, . / A century ordered - on cesspools! / A century commanded: 'In the ranks of two! " - "Monologue", . 1936; 'I'm used to the eternal morals,
. / You babble today / on the construction, of course, / on the age and the fact that / I looked up, and left behind ... / And tell me - you never / not steal apples? / You throw stones, / fell, screaming songs / mother so that creepy / and yelled: Kolka, crack! "? - "I used to morals eternal ...", 1934)

. 'Vikings, . successors pirates', . Comrades and associates Kogan were encouraged by the romance of distant travels and daring discoveries, . original hymn which was a popular student song "Brigantine" (1937) on poems Kogan, . gained its second life in 1960,
. In verses Kogan, . melodious, . rhythmically precise, . full of intense energy of thought and emotional intensity, . love, . friendship, . loyalty poetic vocation, . noise and the mystery of the city and nature, . people and the planet is wreathed in a single pulsating living space, . in which all the maximalist aggravated, . scale and significantly,
. Rebellious romanticism, . the freshness of artistic perception and imbued with a lyrical, intimate, . and publicist, . and philosophical and meditative, . and 'landscape' line Kogan, . which 'filibusters', . 'Pirates' and 'ringleaders' side by side in one time dimension with the images of Paris, . Don Quixote and Helena, . historical characters - with the figures of friends and loved ones, . a dream of San Francisco and interplanetary travel - with live pictures of their own room, . Butcher Street, . Arbat and the whole of Moscow ( 'In these lines all: and that he dreams / And that cry and dream of me, . / Blue caddis fatigue, . / Tender songs about spring ...'; 'Well, tell me something tender, . / Good girl, my ...'; 'The whole town evening vysinil, . / And parted lights, . / A little eye screw up - / And knock in the eye ... ' - In the evening, 'Spring is mine! You again pleschesh in puddles, . / And once again flourished Moscow / thee in the yellow mimosa !...' - Spring mine!; 'Wind, . that he was tired of the world scour, . / Under the wall lies at rest, . / I dream of a distant Frisco / And that, . as splashing surf ',' Lat strange not having, . / Thinner from worries, . / He wears a dress Moscow Seamstress / Modern Don Quixote '- did not think small part ...;' a little confused: / 'not asked', . / Easy, . clever and cunning, . / So he flew, . white blue, . / And lay down on the sleeve '- First Snow, . all of 1934, 'Let's talk about happiness,
. Evening. / Lyrics. Cigarette butts. Shade. / Green Light. / Do not they labeled it, / In the anguish of the room, I go '. - Let's talk about happiness, 'You Again, . room of my, . / Swim through a tipsy evening ...'; 'Again autumn passes squares, . / Maples old gold ... ', . 'Again month scimitar hangs, . / The wind burns sheet, . / Early in the morning of Zurbagan / Boats leave in Liss ...'; 'like Paris in the old days, . / Leave for his Helen ... ', . all 1936; 'Chopin rise,
. / In a glass melting / longing and ice ...'; 'In an old house on the Arbat, / Where the heart of the heart to pay ...';' The world is huge. Snow Spit. / People - a word, and herbs - the rustle. / Son you this land or not son? / The son of this land thou il stranger? / Output. Kolobrodov. Ataman '. - Therefore, all 1937; 'A moment stops. / Slow thread / He kink in person. / Shock! / And the rocket rushed to the zenith, / So that little star flickered '- Launch, 1939)

. In open, . greedily absorbs all the impression of being the world Kogan special theme is love for their land, . its history, . people, . his colorful language (Old Town over the river dense ...; Song ( 'Edges, . where the horses were stamping / good powder, . / Where the Polovtsian steppe / And where is the source of love ', . Both 1937; Poems about craft, . Road to Tungudu, . Both 1939; just begun senozornik ...; on the net my dream, . both 1940), . with aphoristic clarity and strength expressed in unfinished chapter Kogan built up in 1940-1941 of the novel in verse The first third: 'And let me show them narrow / And they universally insult, . / I - patriot,
. I am Russian air, / I love the Russian land ... And where else will you find such / Birches, as in my side! / I'd croaked like a dog, from nostalgia / In any coconut paradise '. Constant awareness of the unprecedented historical role of his generation, . taking on responsibility for the fate of the world and 'us time', . Though not devoid of critical notes ( 'the pathos of Days, . who knew not of berths, . / When, . had not yet invented the fate, . / Ourselves, . not unravel in the principles, . / Vershilo transient courts! ", . 1937), . first gave rise to poetry Kogan insistence to adopt his moral purity ( 'We were only twenty years, . / And we know how to love '- The girl was crying because ..., . 1938, . etc.), . high and sacrificial missionary work ( "But we still get to the Ganges, . / But we're still going to die in battle, . / So from Japan to England / was shining my motherland '- from the unfinished chapter,' We go, . where lie, . / And there stand, . where lie ..,
. And, gasp 'Internationale', / To fall down face to dry herbs ...', 1941), his special 'light', which should reach the future compatriots

. Lyrics Kogan began to publish only the second half of 1950, . they entered into a series of collective collections ( "The names on the roll call", . 1963; "Through Time", . 1964; "Until the last breath: Poems of Soviet poets, . died in the Great Patriotic War ", . 1985, . etc.), . translated into many languages,

Cogan died near Novorossiysk on Sept. 23, 1942.

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KOGAN Pavel Davidovich, photo, biography
KOGAN Pavel Davidovich, photo, biography KOGAN Pavel Davidovich  Russian poet, photo, biography
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