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Michael Crighton

( American writer)

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Biography Michael Crighton
Crighton, MICHAEL (Crichton, Michael) (p. 1942), American writer. He proved himself as a doctor, teacher, filmmaker, screenwriter, but is best known as a pioneer of 'tehnotrillera'. October 23, 1942 in Chicago (pc. Illinois). In 1964 graduated with honors from Harvard University, became a member of the Society students and university graduates. At the age of 23 he was invited to give lectures on anthropology at Cambridge (England). Returning to the United States, began to study medicine and in 1969 graduated from Harvard Medical School. Funds for training mined, publishing under various pseudonyms thrillers, one of them, "If necessary" (A Case of Need), signed by 'Jeffrey Hudson' won 'Edgar', awarded by the Society of American detective.

By the time the medical school of Creighton was already the author of the bestseller "A strain of 'Andromeda'" (The Andromeda Strain, 1969), which sold Hollywood. He continued his studies at the Institute of Biological Studies in California, then devoted himself entirely to literature. Film based on the novel (directed. R. Wise) was released in 1971.

After the "Andromeda" Crichton has written 12 more novels, each of which demonstrates the profound professional knowledge in various fields. His second novel, "The Terminal Man" (The Terminal Man, 1972) received critical acclaim friendly. Particularly noted his ability to intrigue the reader and is understandable to talk about things that require professional knowledge. The novel was filmed in 1972. His third novel, "The World in the west" (Westworld) he filmed in 1973.

In the novel "The First Great Train Robbery" (The Great Train Robbery, 1975) Creighton parted with academic problems and into the world of Victorian England. Remotely linked to the real event, this charming and cheerful 'roman-romp' earned him a second 'Edgar'. Creighton took off on him in 1978, absorbing the style of old film starring Sean Connery and Donald Sutherland.

In this book, followed by "Poedateli carrion" (Eaters of the Dead, 1976), "Congo" (Congo, 1980), "Sphere" (Sphere, 1987) and "Jurassic Park" (Jurassic park, 1990), which became the basis of the same name movie St.Spilberga (1994).

In the novel "Rising Sun" (Rising Sun, 1992) Crichton again leaves the world of science, turned to the genre of political thriller, the plot which twists around the powerful eastern syndicate. The film based on the novel filmed in 1993 (directed. F. Kaufman). Bestseller and film (directed by. Levinson, 1995) was tehnotriller "Disclosure" (Disclosure, 1993), where some technical reason is a general concern about sexual. Was followed by "The Lost World" (The Lost World, 1995), "Skeleton of the aircraft" (Airframe, 1996) and "Timeline" (Timeline, 1999).

Crichton is also the creator of the television series that brought him 14 awards Emmy. He is an expert in the field of computers and the author of one of the first books about information technology "E-Life" (Electronic Life, 1983), as well as the computer game 'Amazon'. Collecting works of modern art, has written a major monograph devoted to the leading representatives of Pop Art Jasper Johns. He also owned the book "Five patients, or What is the hospital" (Five Patients: The Hospital Exlained, 1970, Prize of the Association of American authors who write on medical topics) and "Travels" (Travels, 1988). Crichton's novels have been translated into many languages.

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Michael Crighton, photo, biography
Michael Crighton, photo, biography Michael Crighton  American writer, photo, biography
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