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KURAEV Mikhail

( Russian novelist, screenwriter)

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Biography KURAEV Mikhail
Kuraev, Mikhail Nikolayevich (p. 1939), Russian novelist, screenwriter. Born June 18, 1939 in Leningrad in a family of an engineer, in the siege of Leningrad was evacuated in Cherepovets. After the war, in connection with the specifics of his father's work lived on construction sites and Arctic Onega. Since 1954 - in Leningrad (St. Petersburg). In 1956-1961 he studied at the Faculty teatrovedcheskom Leningrad Theatrical Institute (diploma work "The works of Anton Chekhov on screen", published. 1965; Chekhovian theme Kuraev devoted a number of works in t.ch. "Chekhov with us?", 1990, "Who will be in the house Chekhov, 1998).

In 1961-1988 he worked in the script department studios 'Lenfilm' by film scripts "Fifth Quarter" (1969), "Strong Men's Life" (1974), "Loon Creek" (1979), "Walk worthy men" (1984) "Burn" (1988). Publication in 'New World' 'fantastic narrative of the breakaway jig' "Captain Dikshtein" (1987), . written in line with the 'fantastic realism' AF Veltman, . Gogol, . Dostoevsky, and not without the influence of romantic dvoemiriya E. T. A. Hoffmann, . where a certain percentage avtobiografizma shown double life of a typical 'little' people of Russian Literature, . externally imperceptible dreamer, . creates a different, . high existence, . brought Kuraeva fame,
. Unpretentiousness main plot canvas (the hero, having passed the morning bottles of linseed oil and drinking beer on the way home died of a heart attack) hides the complex inner layer being. Turns, . that the hero of the work is not really Igor Dikshtein, . as someone 'forelock', . sailor'bratishka ', . once be shot as a member of the Kronstadt rebellion in March 1921, . but accidentally survived because, . that instead of error (meaningful for this story, . transforming into a real man, a plan for a symbolic totalitarian elitist thinking aphorism of 'forest' and 'Sliver', . which should not be spared when an important matter 'logging') killed this Dikshtein,
. The hero takes the name of dead man, . implanted in an unfamiliar human nature and wittingly or unwittingly fulfilling the purpose shot: be 'in the middle of history', . between its poles, . be that 'little' man, . for which we make the revolution and which, . beating, . quickly forget, . and 'small' people stay with their problems and hopes with myself and make their own reality, . beyond the control of the surrounding dirt, . ennobled his 'purified', . improved, . idealized 'I' (in this case, the imaginary 'I' died Dikshtein), . if, once again proving the validity of the maxim Bakhtin on, . that everyone more of their own destiny,

Influence of Dostoevsky, with his eternal theme of intertwining of God and the devil in the human mind very clearly in the novel "Night Watch: Nocturne for two voices with the participation of arrow VOKhR Comrade. Polubolotova "(1989), . where the arrows of the white non-departmental June night in Leningrad, . when 'dream of some spilled over the city', . delight in sharing the beauty and tranquility 'of the bright vast silence', . exclaims: 'Good on a night walk to search or seizure! " (echoing with "Faithful Ruslan" GN Vladimov, . story Kuraeva performs the difficult task of rebuilding the internal appearance of sincere in his devotion to the Soviet authorities jailer),

. In its thoughtfully-verbose, . detail-bytopisatelnoy, . sincerely, lyrical, and at the same time, imagination and an ironic, . clearly a stylized narrative manner Kuraev on new material is drawn to the traditional in Russian literature, 'St. Petersburg myth', . and in it there first - to the artificial, , . the architecture on someone's imperious command, . imposed on life ( "And who has provided me? Who invented my life, . who invented ?...' - "Night Watch"),
. The contradiction between the sense of 'screw', . lost in the big city, . lives of its huge, . overwhelming, . 'public' life, . and acute deep sense of originality, . exclusiveness of his own humble existence - from Kuraeva 'painful nerve' problem 'young' man, . as man in general,
. This feature combines the separate existence of the writer with the theme of the double ( "Mirror Montachki", . 1993; on the definition of the genre author, . 'criminal suite in 23 movements with the introduction and the theorem about ghosts', . telling about the fate of many people, . doomed to be haunted, . which trace absorb mirrors, . of twins, . of the St. Petersburg municipal apartment and ravelin Peter and Paul Fortress, . everything grand, . mysterious and tragic city on the Neva),

. In 'St. Petersburg' artistic consciousness Kuraeva fantastic unreality, . 'illusory nature of' human existence is closely linked with the constant feeling of imminent death, . often as the outcome, . release, . even the attraction of vitality (novella "The Little Family Secrets", . 1990; Originally,
. ref. - "Cruelty: From a family chronicle" 1988; "Peter on the way to the kingdom of heaven", 1991; 'holiday tale' "Blockade", 1994, where an elderly woman finds solace in caring for the grave of some of its samoyu 'son' - 'unknown blockade '). Noteworthy, . that the sadness of being a writer (his books since the late 1980's widely translated abroad) due to the everyday evil of 'big', . Historic, . and 'small', . private worlds, . - Evil, . in determining the source of which Kuraev varies between man and himself the Creator,
. In 1990 the writer published written in 1987 'peaceful chronicle of naval life with three prologues without the epilogue' "Seven monologues in the high seas", . where a particular material life 'maritime theater', . in the 'polyphonic' style clash of different positions showed a constant for his artistic world tense relationship of individual human lives, . characters and actions with the mores of society.,

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KURAEV Mikhail, photo, biography
KURAEV Mikhail, photo, biography KURAEV Mikhail  Russian novelist, screenwriter, photo, biography
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