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Klaus Maria Brandauer

( Austrian film and theater actor, screenwriter, director)

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Biography Klaus Maria Brandauer
photo Klaus Maria Brandauer
Brandauer, Klaus Maria (Brandauer, Klaus Maria) (p. 1944), Austrian film and theater actor, screenwriter, director. Real name - Klaus Shteng (Klaus Steng). Born June 22, 1944 in Alt Aussee (Austria). He studied music theory and drama at the Stuttgart Theater Institute. Cast debut in 1962. Since 1972 member of the troupe 'Vaynerskogo Burgtheater "in Vienna. Since 1975, plays on the stage 'Salzburger festshpile'. Beautiful theater actor Brandauer attitude to cinema and skeptical and the first movie role played 28 years in the film "Salzburg gang" (The Salzburg Connection, 1972) Lee Kechinov. In 1975-1978 he worked in theater and on television, which appeared in six television series. Only seven years after the first film debut Brandauer received positive feedback from critics, . brilliantly played a German diplomat in the film "The October Sunday" (Oktuberi vasц¦rnap - The October Sunday, . 1979) A. Kovacs, . classic Hungarian cinema,
. It is thanks to the Hungarian filmmakers Austrian Brandauer became a movie star of the first magnitude.

World fame and prize in Cannes 'for the main male role' Brandauer brings the film "Mephisto" (Mephisto, 1981), filmed by the Hungarian director I. Szabo on the novel by C. Mann (1906-1949). Role Hendrick Hefgena, provincial theater actor who made his career under the Third Reich, Brandauer opened the door to the world cinema. "Mephisto" - the first film of the 'German Trilogy' Szabo. The continuation of the theme 'the history of a career' were the films "Colonel Redl" (Oberst Redl, 1985) by D. Osborne's play "Patriot" for himself and Hanussen "(Hanussen, 1988), in each of them Brandauer played a major role. The role of Alfred Redl - the best work in film Brandauer.

Brandauer played in the movie about 50 roles, many times he was awarded the prestigious International Awards. For his role as Baron Bror Blixen in the film "Out of Africa" (Out of Africa, 1985) S. Pollack received the award 'Oscar' and 'Golden Globe', the British Film Academy Award, Award of the New York critics, national awards. Brandauer In 1989 he began making films, acting as writer, director and lead actors. His first painting "George Elzer - one of Germany" (Georg Elser - Einer aus Deutschland, 1989) won several national prizes, but the roles played by Brandauer in the 'German Trilogy' Szabo, remain the best in his acting career. However, Szabo Brandauer created in the world cinema Role 'statesman', 'the individual in history', showing how psychological mutations occur with a man who came into contact with the authorities. The logical conclusion of 'the history of a career' for Brandauer began the role of Lenin in the film "Faith, Hope and Blood" (Vera, nadezhda, krov ', 2000) and Julius Caesar in the film "The Druids" (Druids, 2001).

In 1980-1990-ies Brandauer withdrawn in English, Italian, American and Russian films. The most notable roles are played by them in the pictures "Out of Africa" and "searing mystery" (Burning Secret, 1988) British E. Birkin. Even uncomplicated role of an actor makes a memorable bright work, . like in the movies "Never say never" (Never Say Never Again, . 1983) I. Costner, . "Kindergarten" (Detsky sad, . 1983) Evg.Evtushenko, . "Russian House" (The Russia House, . 1990) Australian Fr.Skepsi,
. In 1994 Brandauer made the film "Mario and the magician" (Mario und der Zauberer) after the novel by Thomas Mann, which was submitted in the competition program of the Moscow International Film Festival XIX. He was awarded the prestigious television awards 'Amy' and 'Golden Globe' for 'Best Actress' in the TV series "Introducing Dorothy Dandridge" (Introducing Dorothy Dandridge, 1999).

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Klaus Maria Brandauer, photo, biography
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