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( Russian theater director)

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Biography BUTUSOV Yuri
BUTUSOV, Yuri (p. 1961), Russian theater director. He was born in Gatchina, Leningrad region on Sept. 24, 1961. He graduated from the Shipbuilding Institute, some time after working on a specialty, dabbled in various occupations, was seriously engaged in horseback riding. In 1996 he graduated from the directing department of St. Petersburg Academy of Theatrical Arts (Course II Malochevskoy). Since 1996 at the invitation of V. nasu worked as a director in the theater Lensoveta (Open Theater).

Butusov attracted the attention of student work already - "Marriage" by N. Gogol (1995) and paradoxical on "Notes from Underground Dostoevsky (1996). Graduation Thesis: "Waiting for Godot" by S. Beckett, published in the Theater on the Kryukov Canal (1996), made famous Butusova: production was called 'event of the year' and awarded the top prize for Best Director at the St. Petersburg Festival 'Christmas Parade'.

Obvious interest to the intellectual Butusova western drama. For his interpretation of the existential and absurdist drama characterized by a clear directorial idea, without fog, and polysemy, although some critics accuse the director in facilitating the meaning. Butusov not embarks on a voluntary improvisation on the theme given by the author, but gradually, 'incremental' changes the nature of the text used. Director makes the narrative structure of the play often and skillfully using the techniques and elements of 'poetic theater' - tricks, metaphors, rhythms. Without wishing to explore the metaphysical nature of the text, asked them primarily as material for the game. Detail, phrase or individual word are played by actors, turning in a separate sketch. Perceptions are formed in an integral and lively picture of the performance. Butusov builds original and unexpected theatrical design. Conditional model of its productions - 'naked man on the bare ground'.

Butusov skillfully uses in his productions music. For example, in "Woyzeck" 'no dancing, but just ottaptyvalis for their own humiliation' under the melody T. Ueytesa; countless variations 'I'll be gone' created in the play "Waiting for Godot" mood debilitating cycle of life.

The first formulation of theater Lensoveta was "Woyzeck" by G. Buchner (1996). Of the unfinished pieces Buchner, of drafts, fragments and sketches Butusov created his stage text, the story of the pathetic plight of 'little man' 'no properties' Woyzeck (actor M. Trukhin). Of the many actors Butusov left eight, . amounting to four pairs: Woyzeck - fool Karl (Karl Khabensky), . that of the secondary characters turned into one of the principal, Mary (O. Muravitskaya) - Margarita (M. Aleshin); old man (M. Devytkin) - Captain (M. Porechenkov; Doctor (M. Vasserbaum) - drum-major (G. GAV Traugot),
. The performance marked the St. Petersburg Prize 'Golden Soffit' as 'the best performance of the small stage' of the season 1996-1997.

In 1997 Butusov restored the play "Waiting for Godot" at the theater Lensoveta. Formulation of a genre is defined as 'tragicomedy', built mainly on the elements of buffoonery. In butusovskoy versions of the characters, Vladimir and Estragon from bekketovskih philosophers have become itinerant artists. These are two inseparable friends, for whom the fruitless search for Godot was a fascinating journey - a game no less entertaining than the expectation. Heroes are alone, they do not have nothing but themselves. In such a situation can only 'be Godot for each other', which makes Gogo (Khabensky) and Didi (Trukhin). During the play "Waiting for Godot" Butusov obtained two awards - 'Golden maska'-99 (for' Best Director 1997-1998 season ') and the prize criticism.

Mastery of rhythms and forms of space Butusov demonstrated in a "caretaker" H. Pinter (1997), Stanislavsky Award Laureate (1999) in the category 'Best Director of the season'. In the "caretaker" captivates 'the magic of the authenticity of the existence of some strange, impossible, yet absolutely real beings - the descendants of Dickensian eccentrics'.

"Caligula" Camus (1998) Butusov is a story about the player - sensual young man set themselves unattainable goal and played a cruel spectacle 'as a Caligula', where he made while in the role of executioner and victim. Guy (Khabensky), this tormented boy-emperor, absolutely alone. If Godot Habenskij hero was doomed to drag around with a 'tree of life', the "Caligula" he wears a long pole, there is no Didi, ready to share his burden.

In 2000, the first time at the theater director of the Leningrad City Council undertook staging "The Bedbug" Mayakovsky (in the role of Prisypkina - Porechenkov).

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  • Alice for BUTUSOV Yuri
  • Hello! I love Yuri N. Butusova) Who coincides with my taste or who has any information about him write, I shall be very glad!
  • Alice for BUTUSOV Yuri
  • Hello! I love Yuri N. Butusova) Who coincides with my taste or who has any information about him write, I shall be very glad!
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    BUTUSOV Yuri, photo, biography
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