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Vladimirov Igor Petrovich

( Russian director and actor.)

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Biography Vladimirov Igor Petrovich
Vladimirov, Igor Petrovich (1919-1999), Russian director and actor. People's Artist of USSR (1978).

Born January 1, 1919 in Dnepropetrovsk. In 1943 graduated from the Leningrad Shipbuilding Institute, but soon realized that his vocation - Theater. Joined the acting department of the Leningrad Theatrical Institute (now - SPGATI, St. Petersburg State Academy of Dramatic Arts), graduating in 1948.

After graduation he was accepted into the troupe of the Leningrad Theater. Lenin Young Communist League, where he played the role of the young heroes. Creative destiny I. Vladimirov was largely determined by a meeting with G. Tovstonogov, who led the theater in 1949. The young actor was not only engaged in the performances of G. BDT, but was introduced to the basics directing profession, assistiruya master. In 1956, together with G. Tovstonogov joined the Bolshoi Drama Theater. Passed by G. Tovstonogov directorial internship. In 1960 he was appointed chief director in the Theater. Lensoveta experiencing at this time of creative crisis after the departure of artistic director Akimova. Theater of Leningrad City Council I. Vladimirov led to the end of his life.

By 1960, creative individuality I. Vladimirova emerged quite clearly. Bright sense of humor directed, ability to work with the musical score of the performance, focus on work with young people identified a new face of theater. Lensoveta, struggling for a new round of development. Vladimirov carefully and meticulously picked up in the company of new actors, failing in a short time to gather in the theater constellation of creative individuals. Main rate from the outset the director did to young actors: D. Barkov, L. Dyachkova, G. Zhzhenov, N. Penkova, A. Petrenko, A. Ravikovich, V. Kharitonov. One of the main successes was the arrival in the troupe A. Freundlich, whose name for many years has been inextricably linked with the theater and the most significant work directed by Vladimir.

From the beginning of AI Vladimirova Theater. Lensoveta introduced new features to the theatrical palette of Leningrad at the time. Organic synthesis bright game form, lyrical music journalism and pervasive element formed a truly innovative theatrical style. If in the first period of I. Vladimirova could talk about the two lines of the repertoire - 'problem' ( "My Poor Marat" and "Tanya" by A. Arbuzov, . "Pygmalion" by B. Shaw, . "Romeo and Juliet" by W. Shakespeare) and 'musical comedy' ( "Nunnery" V. Dykhovichnyi and M. Sloboda), . then by 1966, . with the production of Threepenny Opera by Brecht, . Theater in Leningrad City Council formed a special synthetic genre, . combining the best features of clowning and tragedy, . journalism and lyricism, . musical and dramatic action,
. It is in this genre in the Theater. Lensoveta I. Vladimirov best performances were delivered to the 1970's, had a huge audience success: "The Taming of the Shrew," "Dulcinea del Toboso," People and Passion "," Lefty, "" Il Trovatore and his friends ". These performances for many years ahead of the triumphal march of Russia venues musical genre. Among the performances of other genres - "Players" Gogol, who remains in the repertory.

In 1976, after twenty years of interruption, I. Vladimirov again took to the stage of his theater as an actor. He played in such productions, . as "Interview in Buenos Aires" (Carlos Blanco), . "Eldorado" (He), . "The Cherry Orchard" (Gaev), . "You whose, . stariche? "(Bagorych), . "Gaslight" (RAF), . "Song of the City" (Director), . Round table under the shade "(Prishivin), . "Heart of a Dog" (Transfiguration),

The entire period of work in the theater of. Lensoveta I. Vladimirov paid very much attention to the formation of the troupe. Among the actors who grew up on the stage of. Lensoveta in serious masters scenes - S. Migitsko, M. Boyarsky, L. Luppian, O. Levakov, J. Mazurkiewicz, E. Baranov, V. Matveev, Bubbles, T. Yakovleva, A. Aleksakhina, M. Devyatkin , LS Leonova, EV Markina, S. Strugachyov, A. Semenov, ES Filatov, and many others. In fact, it is several generations of actors, director grown I. Vladimirov. Many years he led an acting workshop in LGITMiKe (now - SPGATI), and his disciples are organically joined the troupe.

Consistent reliance I. Vladimirova youth has led to unprecedented action of Leningrad: in 1979 at Theater. Leningrad City Council opened its branch - Youth Theater, which were based on students Vladimirova LGITMiKu. Actors Branch were employed in the performances of the core repertory theater. Leningrad City Council, and on the small stage played a repertoire of self. In 1980, Youth Theater, headed by its director S. Spivak as a separate theater structure, while retaining its name (today - Youth Theater on the Fontanka).

Along with hard work in the theater I. Vladimirov was filmed in the cinema. The list of his film roles, not too great, but some of them enjoyed a great love of the audience. This is particularly true, of course, to the magnificent acting duet with A. Freundlich E. Saveleva in the movie "The old-fashioned comedy". As a filmmaker has made one movie: music kinoskazku adult extra ticket "(1983), where the main role played by E. Nightingale, and M. Boyarsky.

In the late 1980's AI Vladimirov, and its theater was unable to avoid a creative crisis, typical for almost all of the Leningrad Theater of the time. The troupe left many actors: M. Boyarsky, A. Ravikovich, J. Mazurkiewicz. Great loss for the theater began to care Freynlih A..

However, many performances IA Vladimirova remained in the repertory theater. Lensoveta. This is "Tiny" J. Letraza, "Love to the grave" A. Nicolai, "The hussar of the KGB" V. Ratsera and V. Konstantinova, "Gamblers" by N. Gogol.

Umer I. Vladimirov March 21, 1999 in St. Petersburg.

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  • Victoria Grasso for Vladimirov Igor Petrovich
  • Victoria Grasso for Vladimirov Igor Petrovich
  • Recently watched the "Old-fashioned Comedy" with Igor Vladimirov and Alisa Friendlikh-I received a true pleasure and delight of the play by these talented and bright actors. By the time I saw the movie for the first time, Igor Vladimirov already passed away. I just want to say that he left a great inheritance for us, Russian people, to enjoy his works forever. Thank you!
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    Vladimirov Igor Petrovich, photo, biography
    Vladimirov Igor Petrovich, photo, biography Vladimirov Igor Petrovich  Russian director and actor., photo, biography
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