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Gian Maria Volonte

( Italian film and theater actor)

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Biography Gian Maria Volonte
Volonte, Gian Maria (Volonte, Gian Maria) (1933-1994), Italian film and theater actor. Born April 24, 1933 in Milan, in a small factory owner's family. At age 18, joined the itinerant acting team, which was not only an actor but as a property man, electrician, etc.. Studying at the National Academy of Dramatic Arts in Rome, performed in various theatrical troupes. In 1957, successfully played in the tragedy Ippolito G. Racine "Phedre" (Roman theater 'Sant'Erazmo'), organized his own troupe. However, the full actor's identity was revealed in Milan Volonte ', Piccolo Teatro' ( 'Little Theater') under the guidance of producer Dzh.Strelera, known for his politically engaged performances. Actor has played dozens of roles on stage, including such characters as Astrov in "Uncle Vanya, Chekhov and Rogozhin in The Idiot" by F. Dostoyevsky.

The first major work Volonte in film was the role of trade union leader murdered mafia Salvatore Carnevale in the Taviani brothers' film, and V. Orsini "Man, that must burn" (Un uomo da bruciare, 1962). Public response, . caused this picture, . inspired the actor to further work in the genre of socio-political drama - films "Terrorist" (Il Terrorista, . 1963), . "Four days of Naples" (Le quatro giornate di Napoli, . 1963), . dedicated anti-fascist movement in Italy,
. This Volonte not scorned the proposal director S. Leone to play colorful villains in his 'spaghetti westerns' "A Fistful of Dollars" (A Fistful of Dollars, . 1964; For a few extra dollars (For a Few Dollars More, . 1966), . making Italian with thick black eyebrows and thick hair has become known in the world of commercial genre films,
. Unique synthesis of Western and became a political film "Golden bullet" (Quien sabe?, 1965) D. Damiani, where Volonte plastic brightly painted and impulsively spontaneous rebel and tramp Mexican Chuncho. But the main sphere of creative interests of the actor has remained a political film in the Italian material, reached its heyday in the late 1960's - early 1970. In the film E. Petri "To each his own" (A ciascuno il suo, 1967) Volonte plays a Sicilian master, trying to conduct an independent investigation into the assassination of his countrymen and intolerant of the tragic fiasco. Another role in the film Petri "Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion" (Indagine su un cittadino al di sopra di ogni sospetto, . 1969) not only confirms the high reputation of acting Volonte, . but also opens a new dimension in the political film: the film's hero has nothing to do with the progressive beliefs, . opposite, . he is a sadist, . murderer and neurasthenic, . confident, . that the uniform of the police will make it inaccessible to justice,

. Trying to combine their artistic passions with real life, . Volonte is a deputy of the Italian Communist Party, . trying to escape from the system of commercial cinema, . protested, . However, in its screen incarnation is making much greater effect,
. Gallery fighters and martyrs of the Italian political screen swell Aldo Hearts ( "Seven Brothers Worms" - I sette fratelli Cervi, . 1967), . Engineer Mattei (Mattei Case "- Il caso Mattei, . 1972), . Bartolomeo Vanzetti (Sacco and Vanzetti "- Sacco e Vanzetti, . 1971), . worker Emilio P,
. ( "Suspicion" - Il sospetto, 1974), miner Gregorio ( "Events at the mine Marousi" - Actas de Marusia, 1975), Communist Essara (Ogro "- Ogro, 1980). No less interesting from Volonte and anti-heroes of the genre: a coward and a conformist worker Lulu weight of the film "The working class goes to heaven" (La classe operaia va in paradiso, . 1971), . venal journalist in the political pamphlet M. Belokkio "Put the monster on the front page" (Sbatti il mostro in prima pagina, . 1972), . Chairman of "Todo Modo Hockey" (Todo-modo, . 1975),
. The most significant and humanly sympathetic character of all 'politicized' heroes Volonte became a writer and painter Carlo Levi, . sent into exile in the provinces during the reign of Mussolini ( "Christ stopped at Eboli" - Cristo si e fermato a Eboli, . 1979),

. In the 1980's Volonte even in films with political intrigue ( "The thing Moreau" - Caso Moro, . "Chronicle of a Death Foretold" - Cronaca di una morte annunciata, . both 1986), . but the popularity of political film is waning, . and actor, . less frequently appearing on the set, . prefers to focus time theater,
. Among his recent characters in cinema Greek physician and philosopher Zeno ( "The Philosopher's Stone" - L'Oeuvre au noir, 1988), educator Pestalozzi (Pestalozzi Mountain "- Pestalozzis Berg, 1989).

Died in Volonte Florine (Greece) 23 November 1991.

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Gian Maria Volonte, photo, biography
Gian Maria Volonte, photo, biography Gian Maria Volonte  Italian film and theater actor, photo, biography
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