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Vragova Svetlana

( Russian film director)

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Biography Vragova Svetlana
Vragova, Svetlana (cf.. name Gyurdzhyants) (p. 1953), Russian director. Born March 31, 1953 in Yerevan in the family of a serviceman. In 1972 entered GITIS at the Directing Department of the workshop of the People's Artist of the USSR A. Zavadsky. His first play "Spring HRE" the novel by W. Tendryakova placed in the Kirov Theater of Young Spectator in 1974, while still a student. In 1975, Mr.. Shadrinsk out her performance of "Kovalev from the province" I. Dvoretzky. After graduation he began working at the Moscow Drama Theater named after A. Pushkin. Put the "forties" A. Belinsky, the performance was a great audience success and was more than 500 times. First in Moscow carried staging Siberian Roman playwright Solntseva "We are waiting for man", in which 'the working class was revealed not the leader, and an obedient herd'.

Party government for ideological reasons, do not take a double play, after significant changes he had been adopted, but not for long stayed in the repertoire. The performance was filmed, and terminated the contract with the director. Two years Gyurdzhants not worked, in 1981 invited her to his theater chief director of the New Drama Theater VV Lanskoy. Here Vragova put "Untilovsk" Leonov, "Monologue of the town square" G. Zubkov and "Hotel Oblivion" R. Ibrahimbeyov - performances that caused the public interest in the theatrical. In 1986, MN Tsarev handed her his last year at the Theater School named after M. Schepkin, on which she creates in 1988 the studio theater 'On Spartakovskaya'. The first performance theater - "Dear Elena L. Razumovskaya. With this performance the theater went on tour in the U.S., which passed with great success. Vragova invited to give lectures on acting and innovative movements in modern theater in major U.S. universities: San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles. In 1990, the play goes "looking for a meeting", built on improvisation. Next - Rasplyuevskie happy days "and the play" Death of Tarelkin A.V.Suhovo-Kobylin (1990) at the festival 'Games in Lefortovo received several awards, including' For a better interpretation of the classics'. In 1991 Vragova puts the play "Video. Boxing. Bullet, a critic called "a stunning avant-garde ',' ballet-opera ',' ritual ',' Soviet liturgy '. Then in the repertory came the play "laugh", plays for children - "Bunny-Zaznayka and Trusohvostik" Mikhalkov and New Year's fairy tale "Journey to the country Musketeers.
. In 1995 Vragova produces software performance "Katerina Ivanovna," Andreeva, made in the style of Russian Art Nouveau
. The main roles were invited artists Satire Theater Elena Yakovleva and Yuri Vasiliev. The play was involved in the Belgrade Theater Festival, one newspaper was called 'performance, break new ground in art'. In the same year the theater was renamed the 'Modern' - a name more in line with the direction of artistic director of Theater searches. In 1998 Vragova released two premieres - second edition "Rasplyuevskih gay days" A.Suhovo-Kobylin and "happy event" S. Mrozheka. In the "happy event" for the main role was invited artiste satire Spartak Mishulin. In the play there was another opening of the actor - debut Seeds Kowalski. "Happy event" has become one of the brightest performances of Moscow. In August 2000, Theater of 'Modern' participated in the festival city theaters in the city of Budva (Montenegro), the play "Looking for a meeting" was enthusiastically adopted by the audience. Itself Vragova repeatedly presented Russia as a jury member of the Belgrade Theater Festival BITEF. In October 2000, on tour in Belgrade was invited to play "happy event". Development Fund and support the theater under the direction of OP Tabakov Vragova rewarded for successes in 'theater construction'. In the theater, 'Modern' runs a small troupe of young performers have already acquired fame Oleg Tsarev, Sergei Pinegin and others, are beginning to now popular actress Oksana Mysina.

Vragova - a member of the Council on the Arts under the President of Russia, Chairman of the Commission's 'Culture and Childhood', a member of the Expert Council under the Committee on the Arts, a member of the editorial board of 'theatrical life'. In 2001, the theater 'Modern' premiere of the play "Dream Empress" by the famous journalist Andrei Maximov, speaking and as a director of the performance, but the main role played by Ilse Liepa.

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Vragova Svetlana, photo, biography
Vragova Svetlana, photo, biography Vragova Svetlana  Russian film director, photo, biography
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