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Paul Wulff Leontievna

( Russian actress)

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Biography Paul Wulff Leontievna
Wolf, PAUL Leontievna (1878-1961), Russian actress. Born in g. Porkhov Pskov Province 7 (19) July 1878. As a child, appeared on stage mug lovers of dramatic art, in house productions. She graduated from drama school in St. Petersburg Pollack (director Yu.E. Ozarovsky) and Imperial College in Alexandrinsky Theater. Was intimately familiar, and the advice Komissarzhevskaya. After graduation, along with Komissarzhevskaya made tours in the province - Kharkov, Odessa, Nikolaev. During the tour, performed the role of Lisa ( "Fairytale"), Nastia ( "Wrestlers"), Laura ( "Butterfly Boy"), Polyxena ( "Truth is good, but happiness is better"). At the beginning of a creative way around trying to look like Komissarzhevskaya. Since 1901 worked as an actress in theater in Nizhny Novgorod entreprise KN Nezlobin. Besides her, the troupe were VI Neronov, D. J. Georgian, EP Lermina. The best role of this period was the role of Edvig ( "Wild Duck, Ibsen, 1902). In 1902-1904 played in the Riga City Theater. She played Snow White ( "Snow Maiden" Ostrovsky), Juliet ( "Romeo and Juliet"), Bronk ( "Snow" Przybyszewski) staged GV Glavatskiy. On tour in Odessa, played together with M. Savina. V1905/1906 has worked in the Theater Korsch, played with VI Kachalov. In subsequent years appeared on the provincial scene, created images Zhuazel (Zhuazel "Maeterlinck, 1907), Helena (" Marriage "Belugina, 1908), Lisa Kalitina (" Noble Nest "Turgenev, 1909), Nina (" Seagull "by Chekhov, 1909 ). Was partner N.I.Sobolschikova-Samarinova. From 1909 to 1911 worked in Moscow in the 'New Theater' KN Nezlobin. She played in the play "Bewitched" E. Chirikov, "Nu" O. Dimov, E "grew and Psyche" G. Zulawski. But because of disagreements with the director Nezlobin Mardzhanov last left the theater.

Wolf returned to the provincial scene. Before the 1917 revolution has played in theaters in Rostov-on-Don, Kiev and Kharkov in NN Sinel'nikova in Irkutsk. On the provincial scene, improved the image of Lisa in "The Noble Nest" and Nina in "The Seagull". In 1916 he played Nastya in Gorky's play "The Lower Depths". After the revolution, Wolf entered into a partnership, organized V.A.Ermolovym-Borozdin. First, a partnership working in Evpatoria, then in Simferopol. As part of the troupe were: JF Skuratov, SI Dneprov R.A.Karelina-Radic, NI Kvartalova etc.. Among novice performers in the troupe worked DN Zhuravlev, EI Stradomskii, FG Ranevskaya (later Wolfe became close friend Ranevskaya).

In 1920 Wolf was a leading actress of Simferopol Theater. Beginning To teach in a theater school, organized in Simferopol State Drama Theater. In Simferopol, Wolfe met with KA Trenev, who invited her to play Love Yarovaya. After Simferopol period from 1923 to 1929, Wolf worked in Kazan, Svyatogorsk, Baku, Smolensk, Dnepropetrovsk. Starred in productions of: "Mandate" N. Erdmann, "Storm" V.Bill-Belotserkovsky, "Theft" and "Wolf's soul," D. London, and others. In 1927 she was awarded the title "Honored Artist of the RSFSR '. In the season 1929/1930 Woolf was invited to Makhachkala in Daghestan State Academic Theater as an actress and a regular director. Staged "conspiracy of feelings" Olesha, which received approval from critics and audience feedback. In 1930-1931 was the teacher-class movement in the Azerbaijani section of the Baku Theater of Working Youth in the Russian section - elocution. Since 1931 worked in Moscow, first as a teacher in the school Chamber Theater in agitkollektive of Mechanical Engineering and School of Drama in the Theater of the Red Army. In 1935 returned to the scene in the Theater of the Red Army, where she played the general's Nyura's ( "I love you" I. Prut in the formulation A. Zavadsky). However Zavadsky went to work (1936-1938) in Rostov Gorky Theater, . where she played Faboideae ( "Glory" Gusev, . Khlestov ( "Woe from Wit" Griboedova), . Polina Bardin ( "Enemies" Gorky), . Polezhayev ( "Restless old age" Rakhmanov AL), . Evdokia Antonovna ( "Days of Our Lives" Andreeva),
. Back in Moscow, in the Theater. Because of severe illness in 1938 was forced to leave the stage.

Woolf died in Moscow on June 8, 1961.

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Paul Wulff Leontievna, photo, biography
Paul Wulff Leontievna, photo, biography Paul Wulff Leontievna  Russian actress, photo, biography
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