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Edison Denisov V.

( Russian composer, musicologist)

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Biography Edison Denisov V.
Denisov, Edison Vasilyevich (1929-1996), Russian composer, musicologist, a public figure. Born in Tomsk, April 6, 1929 in the family of an engineer and initially received instruction in physical-mathematical faculty of Tomsk State University, while engaged in the urban music school. In 1950 he sent several of his works DDShostakovich and receiving an encouraging response, he entered in 1951 at the Moscow Conservatory in the class composition VY Shabalin. After graduating from the conservatory and graduate work in the same, mainly at the Department of Instrumentation (one time led the class analysis and subsequently - a composition). In recent years he lived and worked in France, not breaking, however, ties with Russia.

Denisov said about himself at the turn of the 1950's and 1960's as the undisputed leader of the movement (AM Volkonsky, S. Gubaidulina, Schnittke AG, in the republics - A. Pцгrt, V. Silvestrov, etc. ) tends to perceive the achievements of Western contemporary music. Key product of this period - the cantata "The Sun of the Incas" in the words of Chilean poet Gabriela Mistral (1964), written in the freely interpreted by the 12-tone technique, as well as the cantata "weeping" on Russian folk texts (1966). Denisov stayed until the end of days leading figure in the direction, had many disciples and followers (including among the graduates of the Moscow Conservatory). Since 1960 he has established strong ties with the 'vanguard' in other countries, . thereby contributing to a familiarity with the activities of Western music, . lived in the USSR, . and dissemination of knowledge in the country on the trends of Western music, from the same time, Denisov's works often performed abroad and published in the Western publishing,
. On the eve of the 1970's and 1980's Denisov made propagandist of the Russian musical avant-garde 1920 (NA Roslavetz, . VM Deshevov, . LA Polovinkin, . AV Mosolov and others) in 1989 created the Moscow Association of Contemporary Music (successor of the same name of an international organization, . who had in the 1920's - early 1930's offices in Moscow and Leningrad),

. Genre range to Denisov is wide enough: it is central to writing opera "Pena days of Boris Vian (1981), . as well as a number of works for orchestra and especially for solo instruments and orchestra (Concerto for Cello, . piano, flute, . Violin, . flute and oboe with orchestra, . created mainly by the orders of well-known artists),
. In 1980-1990-ies Denisova attracted large vocal and instrumental forms (eg, . Requiem for soloists, . choir and orchestra, . which multilingual poetry Francisco Tantsera combined with the traditional Latin texts, . 1980; essay in the genre of Passion "The history of life and death of our Lord Jesus Christ", . 1992),
. In the 1990's Denisov implemented early completion and orchestration of Claude Debussy opera "Rodrigo and Jimena (1993), as well as the spiritual reconstruction of the opera-oratorio by Franz Schubert" The Raising of Lazarus "(1994)

. Unlike most Soviet 'avant garde', . Denisov was creatively from the very beginning does not focus on the German (Schoenberg, . Webern and their followers), . and on French culture, . largest authority among his contemporaries for him is P. Boulez, instrumental and orchestral letter, . general resonant character of music Denisova, . culture of sound exhibit continuity with the tradition of French Impressionism,
. For its mature technology characterized by the free combination of techniques of serialism, aleatoriki, sonoristiki etc.. A key category of its aesthetics composer himself considered the notion of 'plastic'.

Denisov died in Paris on November 24, 1996.

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Edison Denisov V., photo, biography
Edison Denisov V., photo, biography Edison Denisov V.  Russian composer, musicologist, photo, biography
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