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Joni Mitchell

( American singer, composer)

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Biography Joni Mitchell
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Joni Mitchell (Joni Mitchell) (p.
Born Nov. 7, 1943 in Fort McLeod, Alberta, Canada. Worked in a variety of styles: from folk-rock, singing with a guitar to the electronic pop-music. However, remained always the same two basic elements - its bold and deep lyrics, built on personal experiences, inner feelings and a unique voice: a muted, the media, always supple and feminine. According to the stories the singer, she began singing in his hospital bed, being a child for a long time chained to a bed of polio.

At an early age learned to play guitar and fascinated by folk music, performed traditional American songs. If you are going to become a painter, enrolled in art college, but soon the music took center stage in her life when the future of Joni Mitchell realized that the songs - they are the same pictures, but only the written words and sounds. However, the singer did not leave and painting classes. For example, most disks Mitchell decorated her own.

Name Joni Mitchell came when in 1965 she married Chuck Mitchell (Chuck Mitchell), and folk singer-song. In 1966, shortly after moving to Detroit, she parted with her husband and began to actively engage in their own musical career. In 1967 recorded and released their debut album, "Joni Mitchell" (Joni Mitchell), who brought her great success. The song "Both sides" simultaneously (Both Sides Now) has become one of her most famous songs and later performed by various artists. One of its first version of this song recorded a popular folk singer Judy Collins at the time (Judy Collins). Song J. Mitchell often performed by other musicians, which is also a testimony to its composition and poetic talent.

Two follow-up album, "Clouds" (Clouds, 1969) and "Canyon Lady" (Ladies of the Canyon, 1970) demonstrated the maturity of the creative young singer. Songs of these albums were a confessional ballad character, filled with guitar or piano. Lyrics contained serious poetic dignity. Most of them dealt with the relationship between women and men, the pain, which often cause people to each other. The prevailing mood in the songs of J. Mitchell - a sad. Speaking on behalf of women, she managed not to fall into the framework of a so-called. 'women's poetry', tk. words of her songs, experiences described in them and the manner in which this is done, are equally close to all people, regardless of gender.

The song "Woodstock" (Woodstock) from their third album, written by Mitchell on the stories of her friends (the singer was not at this famous festival 1969), became the anthem of her generation. Best known version of this song, made at the same time a group of 'Crosby, Stillz, Nash and Young' (Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young). The third album is another frequently performed by other musicians, the song - "Big Yellow Taxi" (Big Yellow Taxi). One of the most recent versions belong to the American group 'Kauntin Krouz' (Counting Crows); she appeared in 2003 and is often heard in radio Russia.

In search of the necessary playing time began to rebuild the guitar, inventing their own ways to customize, tk. traditional setting is not always liked her and limited her ability to. All she came up with more than 50 kinds of settings for the 6-string guitar.

Kvintessenitsey creative J. Mitchell in the genre of folk-rock began to drive 1971 "Blue" (Blue), which brought her international fame. Many listeners, to take no further changes in the music of Mitchell, are considered "blue" peak of her creativity. In recording this album participated famous American guitarist and singer James Taylor (James Taylor), with whom Mitchell in the period have repeatedly staged joint concerts. One of these performances was released in early 1970 on the record under the name "Joni Mitchell and James Taylor: close your eyes" (Joni Mitchell & James Taylor: Close Your Eyes).

Being a very popular singer, Mitchell decided to seek new ways to evade Role folk singer. In her album "For the Roses" (For the Roses, 1972) traced the influence of jazz-rock. Vocals Mitchell and before that album had a jazz tones. Her most commercially successful disc is the album "grooming and seduction" (Court and Spark, 1974). In 1975 came the disc "The rustling of summer grass" (The Hissing of Summer Lawns), where she tried to combine their songs with ethnic and avant-garde music.

In the second half of 1970 has released several albums in collaboration with jazz musicians: Wayne Shorter (Wayne Shorter), Larry Carlton (Larry Carlton), as well as the legendary bass player Jaco Pastorius (Jaco Pastorius). The first collaboration is the disc "Hijra" (Heijra, . 1976), . on road travel, . followed by "reckless daughter of Don Juan" (Don Juan's Reckless Daughter, . 1977), . and in 1979 released the album "Mingus" (Mingus), . above which worked with the legendary jazz composer and bassist Charles Mingus (Charlie Mingus),
. He wrote to her a few instrumental pieces, and she composed the texts. Album is dedicated to the memory Mingus, who died shortly before the release plate.

In the 1980's trying a new sound, turning to the latest developments musical electronics. The search for new sounds are already noticeable in the album "Wild things are rushing at great speed" (Wild Things Run Fast, . 1982), . However, this turn to experiment with electronics began with the album "Man is wolf to man" (Dog Eat Dog), . analogue of the Russian proverb, . 1985),
. Major role in these experiments belonged to Larry Klein (Larry Klein), bass guitarist and sound engineer, who became her husband Mitchell and co-produced her album

. On the next drive Badge, . drawn chalk, . in the pouring rain "(Chalk Mark in a Rain Storm, . 1988) she helped such famous performers, . as Peter Gabriel (Peter Gabriel, . Tom Petty (Tom Petty) and Billy Idol (Billy Idol), . as well-known country musician Willie Nelson (Willie Nelson),

1990's were marked for J. Mitchell returning to a more intimate sound, typical for her work 1970. Drives "Night Way Home" (Night Ride Home, 1991) and "Turbulent Indigo" (Turbulent Indigo, 1994) are restrained by sound. Main elements of the album - the voice and guitar.

In 1998 Mitchell returned to jazz, releasing the album "tame the tiger" (Taming the Tiger, 1998). The disc "Both sides at the same time" (Both Sides Now, 2000) contained the famous jazz and pop songs in the performance Mitchell, accompanied by a large orchestra.

In the album "The story of travel" (Travelogue, 2002) she presented the orchestrated process of their songs of past years. After the release, made a statement that is not going to now deal with the music business, ie. record and release albums

. The most famous collections of the best songs that Mitchell - "Miles Alley" (Miles of Aisles, . concert recordings, . 1974), . "Shadows and Light" (Shadows and Light, . 1980) and "Hits and misses" (Hits and Misses, . another translation of this play on words: 'Hits and those songs, . that did not hit ', . 1986), . first half of which consists of popular songs of the singer, . and the second - the songs, . undervalued by the public.,

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Joni Mitchell, photo, biography
Joni Mitchell, photo, biography Joni Mitchell  American singer, composer, photo, biography
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