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Miles Davis

( American musician, trumpeter, composer)

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Biography Miles Davis
Davis, Miles (Davis, Miles; full name - Miles Dewey Davis III, Miles Dewey Davis III) (1926-1991), American musician, trumpeter, composer. He has made a huge contribution to the development of jazz and contemporary music in general. One of the creators of jazz-rock direction (fusion). Has a unique gift of improvisation. If life had the status of living legends of jazz and contemporary music.

Jazz, jazz, and especially in the mid-20. knew a lot of extremely talented musicians. But Miles Davis is a special place among them - not only because of his creative longevity, but its ability to absorb and to rethink a variety of musical trends, improving and developing them.

Born May 26, 1926 in the town of Elton, the United States in a fairly wealthy family of African-Americans. Spent his childhood in East St. Louis. In 12 years, began learning to play the trumpet. Within a few years already performed at local clubs and bars. In 17 years playing in local band 'Blue Devils Randle Eddie' (Eddie Randle's Blue Devils).

In September 1944 entered into the famous New York Julliard School of Music. He was lucky to get acquainted with famous musicians: trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie (Dizzy Gillespie) and saxophonist Charlie Parker (Charlie Parker), the founders of the bi-bop (be-bop), revolutionary trend in jazz. They have had a strong influence on him. Education was quickly sacrificed to jazz: Davis appeared and participated in recording sessions with Parker and Gillespie. In 1947, the first time held a record as the leader of the orchestra.

In 1948, he collected 9 musicians, and they made a series of records included in the book 1959 "The Birth of 'Kula'" (Birth of the Cool ie. 'cool jazz'). These recordings became the starting point of the new trend in jazz. Amid frenzied 'bi-bop' 'cool jazz' different restraint, introspection, 'chill', was reflected in the title (in translation means cool cool).

Not feeling more self sufficient, Davis joined the group Ted Demerona (Tadd Dameron), which in May 1949 performed at a jazz festival in Paris. In the early 1950's produced more than 20 records: "And the pipe" (And Horns, 1951), "New Sounds of Miles Davis" (New Sounds of Miles Davis, 1951), "Blue Haze" (Blue Haze, 1953) and others. Davis recorded with the famous saxophonist Sonny Rollins (Sonny Rollins), Quintet Milt Jackson (Milt Jackson) and many other jazz artists. However, at that time addicted to heroin and only to the mid-1950 was able to overcome their addiction and return to full creativity. The symbol of new life was his impressive performance at the festival at Newport in 1955.

Davis organized 'Quintet Miles Davis' (Miles Davis Quintet), which became one of the most interesting jazz groups of the period. In the quintet played a saxophonist John Coltrane (John Coltrane), who later made a brilliant solo career. The Group actively promoted and released several works: "concocting:, Job:, at full steam: and relaxing with the Miles Davis Quintet" (Cookin ', Workin', Steamin ', Relaxin' with the Miles Davis Quintet, 1955-1956). Quintet Davis offered a different interpretation of jazz: instruments sounded relaxed, but not aggressively, as sometimes in the bi-bope, but rather dreamily. Music critics often use the term 'introspective' in relation to the manner of performing Davis.

Albums "for many miles ahead" (Miles Ahead, 1957), "Milestones" (Milestones, 1958) (many names Davis play with his name) finally confirmed for Davis fame as one of the most talented and promising artists in the world of jazz. In 1959, the quintet has recorded one of the most well-known album Kind of Blue (translation options: blue, or a little sad, 1959). He had and continues to be unprecedented for a jazz disc commercial success. But the main thing - the music of this album was the impetus for the further development of jazz, demonstrating the amazing capabilities modal improvisation. Davis has become popular outside the U.S.. In late 1957, he prepared a musical accompaniment to the film of French director Louis Malle "Elevator to the Gallows" (L'Ascenseur pour L'Echafaud). In 1960 the music for the film came out a separate album "Jazz track" (Jazz Track).

Composition quintet has changed several times: in 1961 he finally left the Coltrane. In 1963, Davis invited new musicians, among them the pianist Herbie Hancock (Herbie Hancock), by the end of 1970 became a recognized maestro jazz-funk. Group is actively performed in concert, participated in many jazz festivals, gradually moving from the interpretation of the classic jazz numbers to create their own songs (albums "ESP", 1965, "Miles smiled" (Miles Smiles, 1966).

In the second half of 1960 on the creative evolution of Davis has dramatically altered rock music of Jimi Hendrix, funk (funk), James Brown, as well as young rock band of that time as 'End else Sly Family Stone' (Sly and the Family Stone). He began to use electric musical instruments (elektroorgan, bass guitar, electric guitar). The rhythm section of his team was refocused on the sound, more common for rock than to jazz. In recording some of his compositions involved pianist Chick Corea (Chick Corea), and the bass guitar in addition to Ron Carter (Ron Carter) played Dave Holland (Dave Holland). Two album Miles in the Sky (variants of translation Miles in the sky, or Miles in the sky) and "Daughters of Kilimanjaro" (Filles de Kilimanjaro) ushered in a new style of music in the second half of 20., . which was called jazz-rock, . or fusion (fusion - mixing, . interpenetration),
. This is probably the only jazz musician, so actively interacting with rock music and have such a great influence on rock music

. Present revelation for listeners and fellow musicians has become a double-disc 1970 "Suche brew" (Bitches Brew), . for the record that Davis assembled a large team, . which includes the Shorter, . McLaughlin, . Holland, . Corea, . Zawinul, . and organist Larry Young (Larry Young), . bass clarinetist Benny Mopin (Benny Maupin), etc.,
. performers. The long improvisations, recorded without prior rehearsal, was one of his most important works. The album has sold copies, which could be envied any commercially-oriented rock band.

Davis continued to experiment in the development of jazz-rock. Inspired by the manner of playing Jimi Hendrix, he used a guitar-top box - pedal 'wah-wah', to achieve desired effect.

In 1972 came to a serious car accident, the consequences of which greatly reduced the level of his musical activity. Series records the first half of 1970 ended with a live album "Aharta" (Agharta, 1975), recorded in Japan, which was followed by a long break ended in 1981, releasing the album "Man with a pipe" (The Man with the Horn). It was a new stage in the Davis: there has been interaction between jazz and pop music. The sound was softer and easier. The musician was still in constant creative search that brings impressive results.

In the 1980 Davis toured a lot and was a guest of various jazz festivals. His new disc has consistently attracted the attention of a wide range of audiences.

In 1991 came his volume autobiography Miles. The Autobiography, which have been waiting for since many scandalous books concerning the life of the great trumpeter. Written in collaboration with the poet and journalist Troupom Quincy (Quincy Troup), . She openly talked about the many events of the turbulent life of Davis, . full as excess, . excesses and self-destructive behavior, . and tireless creativity and creativity,

. Plates Miles Davis (all were published more than 50 titles) have held high places, as in jazz and the pop charts
. He has repeatedly nominated for the American Academy of Music 'Grammy' (honored with this award seven times!).

Died Sept. 28, 1991 in Santa Monica as a result of complications from pneumonia.

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Miles Davis, photo, biography
Miles Davis, photo, biography Miles Davis  American musician, trumpeter, composer, photo, biography
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