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Gvozditskikh Viktor

( Russian theater and cinema)

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Biography Gvozditskikh Viktor
Gvozditskikh, Victor V. (p. 1952), Russian film and theater actor. Born September 30, 1952 in g. Kropotkin, Krasnodar Krai in the family locomotive engineer and a teacher of mathematics. After leaving school in 1967 enrolled in the Yaroslavl Theater School (now the Yaroslavl Theater Institute) at the rate of FE Shishigina. Teachers on acting were LY Makarova and VI Tsvetkov, voice coach EM Lebedeva.

In August 1971, was accepted into the company of the Riga Theater for Young Spectators, worked with directors A.Ya. Shapiro, and NM Sheiko. Stage debut in the role of prompter in the play "The Green Bird" Gozzi. In the two years of work in the theater play 10 roles, . among them Mirkin ( "Youth Theater AK Gladkova), . Student (Valentin and Valentina M. Roschina), . Bose ( "The Kid and Karlson, . who lives on the Roof "A. Lindgren, . all 1971), . Aram ( "It rained, . in buckets A. Khmelik and Shatrova, . 1972), . Carlson ( "New Adventures of Carlson" Lindgren), . Vanya, . Moidodyr, . Chimney sweeps in Chukokkala "(directed by Shapiro), . Smurov ( "My brother Alyosha" VS Rozova by F. Dostoyevsky, . all 1973),

In 1974, the principal director of the Leningrad Theater of comedy VS Golikov invited Gvozditskikh a troupe. The debut of the actor on the stage was held in Leningrad role Persin ( "The Romantics" by E. Rostand). Individuality actor attracted filmmakers from different generations and directions. Gvozditskikh played in performances PN Fomenko "Relatives" by E. V. Braginsky and E. Ryazanov, . "Muse" GM Nikitina, . "In this lovely old house" AN Arbuzov, . "Misanthrope, Moliere, . "The Forest" by Alexander Ostrovsky; in performances Golikov "One Night" by E. Schwartz, . "Repair" Roschina; in performances RG Viktyuka "Stranger" LG Zorina and Flatterer "C. Goldoni and played in productions W. Rajewski, . Yuri E. Aksenova, etc.,

Special place in the work of an actor in this period took the role of Shadows in the famous play Akimov (1984, renewed Aksenov). Virtuoso performance of this role opened up a bold and very modern sense of the play. Actor held the role of a thin line of poetic generalizations and psychological specificity. Before the audience appeared as a sinister dandy, like a dark silhouette with Akimov poster. The latter role in the theater comedy - Pete in the drama "The Scream lobster" Dzh.Marrella (1985, directed by A. Maxine) of the last weeks of the life of Sarah Bernhardt. Partner was Gvozditskikh E. Jц+nger.

In those same years, in the early 1980's, invited Gvozditskikh GA Tovstonogov. Actor played manure Bolshoi Drama Theater in the play "Dundo Maroe M. Drе+iд+ (1980, . director M. Belovich), . Imrusha in television interference "K. Sakon (1981, . director E. Arie), . Doctors in the production of "The Rose and the Cross" by Alexander Blok (1982, . director VE Retsepter), . Efimovich in "Meek" by Dostoevsky (1982, . director of Dodin L.),
. GN Yanovskaya invited Gvozditskikh the role of Tom in the play "The Glass Menagerie" by T. Williams (Maly Drama Theater). The event was a performance artist in the role of Pushkin's play "Pushkin and Natalie" the Workshop of the young actor and director of the Leningrad branch of the WTO in setting Ginkas K. (1983)

. Since 1985 Gvozditskikh works in Moscow at the Theater of Miniatures, . played in the productions MZ Levitin "Straw Hat" by E. Labiche (1985), . "Beggar, . Sand or Death "YK Oleshi, . "Hello, . Monsieur de Maupassant "on the works of G. de Maupassant (both 1986), . "A bad anecdote" by Dostoevsky (1987), . "Evening in the madhouse" by AIVvedenskij (1991), . "Don Giovanni" by Tirso de Molina, . Moliere and Levitin (1992), . "Marriage" by Gogol (1993), . "Sonia and" Casanova "by MI Tsvetaeva (1996), . "Epifanskie gateways" to AP Platonov (1996),
. Ginkas Gvozditskikh invited to participate in performances of "Notes from the Underground" by Dostoevsky (1988) and "play 'crime'" Ginkas of Dostoyevsky (1990, both in MTYUZ). In the Moscow Drama Theater. Pushkin Gvozditskikh played by Eric ( "Eric IV" A. Strindberg, . 1992), . Podkolyosin ( "Marriage", . 1993) and the inspector ( "Inspector" Gogol, . 1994) in performances, . set Y. Eremin, . as well as in his production of "The Marriage Bal'zaminova Ostrovsky on Rossiyskom radio (1993),

With Gvozditskikh on Russia's stage revival buried in the 1930's eccentric tradition. Wanting to infuse new blood into MAT psychological school, OM Efremov, in 1995 invited Gvozditskikh the MAT im.A.P.Chehova. His role at the Art Theater: Arbenin ( "Masquerade" by M. Lermontov, director Sheiko, 1995), Louis XIV, to enter ( "Kabala sanctimonious" Bulgakov, director Shapiro, 1996). One of the best roles Gvozditskikh - Tuzenbach in "Three Sisters, Chekhov (directed by Efremov, 1997). Also in 1997 the actor played Podkolyosin ( "Marriage" by Gogol, . Director R. E. Kozak), . Basis ( "A Midsummer 'Night W. Shakespeare, . director Sheiko, . 1998), . Paraclete ( "The most important" NN Evreinov, . director Kozak, . 1999) and Cyrano (Cyrano de Bergerac Rostand, work commenced on the production of Ephraim, . completed NL Skorik, . 2000),

. Actor purely theatrical, Gvozditskikh successfully played a few Movie parts: Benya Krik ( "Sunset" by Isaac Babel, directed by Alexander Zeldovich, 1989), Shalimov ( "Summer People" on the play by Maxim Gorky "Summer residents", directed by S. Ursulyak, 1995 ), Mark ( "Moscow", directed by Zeldovich)

Unrealized in the 'Comedie Francaise' the death of director Antoine Vitez remained staging of "Phaedra" Jean Racine with A. Demidova and Gvozditskikh in the role of Theseus.

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