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Gzovsky Olga

( Russian actress, director, teacher)

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Biography Gzovsky Olga
Gzovsky, Olga (1883-1962), Russian actress, director, teacher. Born in Moscow, 10 (22) October 1883 in the family of Moscow customs officials and VD Gzovsky. In 1891 he entered Moscow's Mariinsky Gymnasium. In 1899-1902 appeared in the play "The Romantics" by E. Rostand. In 1902-1905 she studied at the theater school at the Maly Theater (Class AP Lenski). September 1, 1905, was credited to the Little Theater. The first role - Ariel in the "Tempest" by W. Shakespeare (October 1905)

. In the season 1905/1908, . 1909/1910 played a role: Eric ( "Youth" M. Dreyer), . Thea ( "Celebration of Life" G. Zuderman), . Irene ( "Golden Fleece" S. Przybyszewski), . Klerhen ( "sunset" F. Beyerleyna), . Natasha ( "Over the life of" P. Shkljar), . Beatrice ( "Much Ado About Nothing" William Shakespeare), . Kathy ( "In Old Heidelberg" V.Meyer-Forster), . Desdemona ( "Othello" by W. Shakespeare), . Marina Mnishek (Dmitry the Pretender and SHUISKI "Ostrovsky), . Miss Mabel Chiltern ( "An Ideal Husband" O. Wilde), . Cleopatra (Caesar and Cleopatra "Shaw), . Cherubino ( "Crazy Day, . or Marriage of Figaro by Beaumarchais AP), . Confusion ( "Confusion" Yu Belyaev),
. Playing in the Maly Theater, Gzovskaya continued to take lessons from Stanislavsky, worked with his assistant N. Alexandrov.

In July 1908 Gzovskaya married V. Nelidova, manager of the Maly Theater troupe. In 1908-1909 toured the south-western and southern cities of Russia: Vilna, Kovno, Grodno, Bialystok, Warsaw, Lodz, Kharkov, Kiev, Nikolayev, Odessa, Kislovodsk. Played in Alexandrinsky Theater (St. Petersburg). Repertoire: "Among the Flowers" (Celebration of Life) G. Zuderman, "The End of Love" R. Bracco, "Dolly" G. Hristiernsona, "Youth" M. Dreyer, "The Glove" B. BjцTrnson.

In September 1910 the troupe moved to the Moscow Art Theater, where she performed in the seasons 1910-1917. Among the roles played: Katerina Ivanovna ( "The Brothers Karamazov" by Dostoevsky), . Tina (Miserere Yushkevich), . Ophelia ( "Hamlet" by W. Shakespeare, . 1911), . Vera Libanova ( "Where fine, . there and tear "Turgenev, . 1912), . Tuanet ( "Imaginary Invalid J."-B.Molera, . 1913), . Mirandolina ( "Mistress of the Inn" C. Goldoni, . Season 1913/1914), . Sophia ( "Woe from Wit" A. Griboyedov, . Season 1913/1914),
. Laura ( "The Stone Guest" by A. Pushkin, 1915). In 1916-1917 rehearsed role play of the same name Marinka B. Volkenshtein and Izora a play by Alexander Blok's "The Rose and the Cross" (MAT).

In May-June 1912 on tour in Prague's National Theater has played in productions: "Much Ado About Nothing" William Shakespeare, "Nora" H. Ibsen, "Salome" O. Wilde, "The Living Corpse" Tolstoy.

In May 1917, left the troupe of the Moscow Art Theater and returned to the Little Theater, where she worked until June 1919. Met here the following roles: Sophia ( "Woe from Wit" A. Griboedova), Salome (Salome O. Wilde '), Lydia Cheboksarov ( "Mad Money" by A. Ostrovsky).

The role of Sophia, prepared with Stanislavsky, Gzovskaya chose to return to the Little Theater. Since the autumn of 1919, continuing to act in a performance art theater Mistress of the Inn, she taught at the studio and Chaliapin in the Opera Studio of the Bolshoi Theater, in concert.

The summer of 1920 appeared on the front with a concert program. In November 1920, went abroad. In 1920-1921 toured in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania with the performances of "Mistress of the Inn," "Salome," a concert program. Again came to the Baltic in 1926, 1929 and 1931. In Riga staged: "Chicago" M. Watkins, "XYZ". V. Klabunda, "Life is calling" G. Grauman, "a liar and a nun," K. Goetz.

In 1922 he performed in Czechoslovakia. In 1923 he toured in Bavaria, in 1925 - a concert in Poland, in the same year appeared in the Munich 'Residenz-Theater'.

In the Berlin Municipal Opera Gzovskaya put "Queen of Spades Tchaikovsky (1926).

In 1929, visited on a tour in Yugoslavia (repertoire: "The Living Corpse" Tolstoy, "Mr Lambert L. Verneuil, concert program), then in Berlin.

In 1932, returning to the USSR, worked in concert organizations in Moscow. In November 1934 she moved to Leningrad, where from now and until 1940 worked in the lecture and concert organizations. Osuschestvilat staging literary compositions (with VG Gaidarov): "Anna Karenina" by Leo Tolstoy, "Duel and Death of a Poet", "Dob and his time", "1918" by A. Tolstoy, and others. Quality surplus for the dramatic scenes - plastic expressiveness, sense of gesture, rhythm, musical talent, revealed in a concert of Gzovsky. In 1939, was credited to the troupe Theater. Lenin Komsomol (Leningrad). Rehearsed: Beatrice ( "Much Ado About Nothing" William Shakespeare), Mamayev ( "The Wise Man Stumbles" by A. Ostrovsky). In August 1941, was evacuated to Novosibirsk, where it took an active part in organizing the Youth Theater. Performances Gzovsky in Novosibirsk Youth Theater: "petty tyrants" C. Goldoni and "The House in Cherkizovo Arbuzov (1943). In Philharmonic conducted staging of Verdi's "La Traviata" (concert performance, 1943). In March 1943, was credited to the company of Leningrad Academic Theater. Pushkin, played an old woman in "The Kremlin chimes" N. Pogodin.

In 1944, returned to Leningrad. From that time until the end of his life worked as head of amateur art groups House of Scientists, Seamen's Club, etc..

In the season 1952/1953 played Mrs. Eynsfordhill in "Pygmalion" by B. Shaw. Last role Gzovsky - Arseniev, Lermontov's grandmother ( "Lermontov" B. Lavrenev).

In the film debuted in the title role in the film "Mara Kramskaya" (1915). Subsequent work: Lena Rokotov ( "Woman with a dagger", directed by J. Protazanov), daughter of a landowner ( "Tasia", directed by J. Protazanov), Natasha ( "Hurricane", directed by B. Sushkevich), Miss Mary (Miss Mary " directed by J. Protazanov) - all 1916. In 1917, starred in films Ch Sabinsky: "Squall" (Tanya), . "Her sacrifice" (Angela), A. Volkov - "Way of the Cross, . "She stirred the raging sea" (Nelly), . "And the secret of absorbed wave, and they were doomed to death" (role - dancer Lilias); "No need of blood" (directed by J. Protazanov, . role - Olga Pernovskaya); "Jenny" (maid Jenny, . director J. Protazanov), . "Maroun Yola (Yola (Witch), . director V. Starevich) - all of 1918; "Thieving Magpie" (directed by Alexander Sanin, . 1920), . Olga ( "Love Life", . director G. Azagarov, . 1923, . location in Munich), . Psyche ( "psyche", . director Yuri Larin, . 1927, . shooting in Berlin), . Rohoznц¦ ( "Steppe lyrics", . director J. Urinov, . 1932-1933),
. Roles in foreign films: Madame Pommer ( "Intrigues of Madame Pommer, director Ventgauzen, Berlin, 1922), Countess (The Rogue is against the will", directed Bolvari, Munich, 1925).

Gzovskaya died in Moscow on July 2, 1962.

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Gzovsky Olga, photo, biography
Gzovsky Olga, photo, biography Gzovsky Olga  Russian actress, director, teacher, photo, biography
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