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Golubovskii Boris Gavrilivich

( Russian theatrical figure, director, teacher)

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Biography Golubovskii Boris Gavrilivich
Golubovskii, BORIS Gavrilovich (p. 1919), Russian theatrical figure, director, teacher. People's Artist of Russia (1976), laureate of State Prize of the RSFSR (1978). Born March 30, 1919. Graduated GITIS them. Lunacharsky (1941) in NM Gorchakov, F. N. Kaverina, NV Petrova. In the period of study attended a rehearsal of Meyerhold, Stanislavsky, V.I.Nemirovicha-Danchenko, met with leading figures of Soviet theater AD Wild, LM Leonidov.

The first role Goloubovsky - in the play "Nadezhda Durova" in Saratov the Karl Marx Theater. During the Great Patriotic War was the director of the Moscow Komsomol Theater GITIS the front and the Theater of Miniatures Ogonek, produced the performances of the night of errors "O. Goldsmith," A guy from our "city of K. Simonov. In 1950-1954 worked as a chief director in the Moscow Regional Drama Theater, staged "Romeo and Juliet" by William Shakespeare (1952), "Straight Talk" LG Zorina (1953), "Legend of Love" by N. Hikmet (1954 ) etc.. Award at the contest of young directors in Moscow in 1954. From 1957 to 1965 was chief director MTYuZa, . of productions of the name of the revolution "MF Shatrova (1957), . "The boat is called 'Eaglet'" A. Galic (1958), . "My dream: India" ES Radzinsky (1960), . "Lights Lighthouse" NN Dobronravova and ST Grebennikov (1961), . "Romeo and Juliet" by Shakespeare (1964) and others,
. Work Goloubovsky in MTYuZe won deserved popularity among the audience. Festive combined with thin lines of thematic and organically formed a filmmaking style director. Each of his performance embodied the particle world producer, his credo, creative principles and views. In plays Goloubovsky visibly and accurately demonstrated an open, direct, indifferent desire as deeply as possible to know the human passions. Work in Youth Theater has left its mark on all the work Goloubovsky, he remained committed to the theme of youth.

From 1965 to 1987 he headed the Moscow Drama Theater. Gogol, was unpopular with the capital spectator. During his leadership gradually updated and strengthened the team, raise funds for the normal functioning of the theater. At this stage Golubovskii staged "I am responsible for all" M. Rogachev on YP Herman (1966), . "Riding on a Dolphin" to play LA Zhukhovitskii "Age of Reckoning" (1968), . White and Black "by A. Kotov (1969), . Earth "NE Virta (1970), . "Career Beketova AV Sofronova (1973), . "Rock 'n' roll at dawn" T. Kolesnichenko and V. Nekrasov (1974), . "Coast" by V. Bondarev (1977) in the design of E. Stenberg, . "The Law" by AI Vaksberg (1980), . ": And this fell out of the nest" D. Wasserman (1983) and others,
. Interested desire to know the deep essence of human relations, to determine the true measure of human value is constantly animated work of the director. Working in the Theater named Gogol, Golubovskii deliberately created his creative assets, sought to discover and develop the talents of young artists.

Golubovskii gravitates to the apparent dramatic material. Man excellent literary erudition and refined taste, he preferred scheme, the abstract from concrete reality ( ": And this fell out of the nest").

In 1987, the director resigned from the Moscow Drama Theater. Gogol. Since 1975 teaches GITIS (1991 RATI), Professor of Directing (1985). In 1991-1995 headed the Moscow theater college, formed on the basis of RATA.

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Golubovskii Boris Gavrilivich, photo, biography
Golubovskii Boris Gavrilivich, photo, biography Golubovskii Boris Gavrilivich  Russian theatrical figure, director, teacher, photo, biography
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