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Gonchar Andrei Aleksandrovich

( Russian director, teacher, theatrical figure)

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Biography Gonchar Andrei Aleksandrovich
GONCHAROV, Andrei Aleksandrovich (1918-2001), Russian director, teacher, theatrical figure. People's Artist of USSR (1977), Hero of Socialist Labor (1988), laureate of USSR State Prizes (1977, 1984), the RSFSR (1972) and Russia (1999), laureate of the Stanislavsky (1995). Born January 2, 1918. In 1941 he graduated from GITIS (teachers NM Gorchakov, A. Lobanov) and a volunteer went to the front. In 1942-1944, . after injury, . director of the 1 st of front-line theater WTO, . which put the "Wait for Me" by K. Simonov (1942), . "Truth is good, . but happiness is better "by A. Ostrovsky," The Marriage Belugina Ostrovsky and N. Y. Soloviev (1943), . The Taming of the Tamer "Dzh.Fletchera (1944),

In the second half of 1940-1950-ies in the fate of Goncharova fell between disorder and wandering. In 1951 moved to Moscow Theater. Yermolova, where in the next five years has put "pious Mart T.de Molina (1950)," Xenia "AA Volkov (1952)," European Chronicles "AN Arbuzov (1953) and other performances. At the same time implemented a number of productions at the Maly Theater: "Dangerous satellite SALYNSKY AD (1954)," When the heart is burning "VP Keane (1957)," Running "Bulgakov (1967). Since 1958, the principal director of the Moscow Dramatic Theater (at Spartakovskaya then Malaya Bronnaya). Among the notable performances, created with the troupe of the theater, View from the Bridge Miller (1959), "The Law of wintering" BL Gorbatova (1960), "The Ninth Wave" and "Argonauts" (both 1962) YF Edlisa "The visit of the ladies" by F. Dц+rrenmatt (1966) and other.

Since 1967, the principal director of the Moscow theater. Mayakovsky (since 1987 artistic director), who gave thirty-three years of life. Here Goncharov assembled a troupe consisting of differing, sometimes acting polar personalities. In different years comprised the AB Dzhigarkhanyan, E. P. Leonov, NG Gundareva, IM Kostolevsky, A. Lazarev, SV Nemolyaeva, EP Simon, T . Doronin, M. Yakovlev, NN Volkov, MI Filippov, EG Vitorgan and other actors. While, . that three decades is creative manner Goncharova determined the direction of Mayakovsky Theater, . are given the opportunity to stage performances directors ED Tabachnikov, . VM Portnov, . K. Ginkas, . BA Morozov, . A. Vilkin, . GN Yanovskaya, . SN Artsibashev, . T. Ahramkova, . LE Heifetz, . EA Nevezhina,

. In the theater Mayakovsky crystallized the basic features of the director's portrait Goncharova: latitude repertoire of tastes, . attraction to publicistic, . commitment to life-affirming top, . rejection of any kind was fragility and incompleteness (hence the certainty and unambiguity finals), . the use of harsh lighting and musical effects, . multicolored inks, . showiness moves, . compulsory element of entertaining (is not rare concert principle of distribution of roles), . 'efficiency' direction and strength of the performances,
. According IL Vishnevskaya, 'Goncharov tends to theatrical epic, told with theatrical expression, it attracts serious socio-filed as a stage-spectacular'. In the theater Mayakovsky Goncharov were created performances "Two companion" on VN Voinovich (1968), . Children Vanyushina "SA Najdenova (1969 and 2000), . "The end of the sixth book" E. Broshkevicha (1969), . "A Streetcar Named 'Desire'" T. Williams (1970), . musical explanation of "Don Quixote" by M. Cervantes, "Man of La Mancha" by D. Wasserman and D. Deriona the music of M. Lee (1972), . "Characters" VM Shukshina (1973), . "Bankrupt, , . "Conversations with Socrates" ES Radzinsky (1975), . "Long live the Queen, . Vivat! "R. Bolt (1977), . "Running" Bulgakov (1978), . "Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk by Nikolai Leskov (1979), . Life of Klim Samgin by Maxim Gorky (1981), . "Dialogues" AM Volodin (1981), . "Rumor SALYNSKY" (1982), , . "Theater of the times of Nero and Seneca" Radzinsky (1985), . "Tomorrow Was the War" by BL Vasilyev (1985), . "Sunset" in IE Babel (1988), . "Victoria?.,
. (The Will of Lord Nelson) Rettigana T. (1991), . "Hunchback" Mrozheka S. (1991), . "The sacrifices of the century" on the play by Ostrovsky's "The Last Sacrifice" (1994), . "Theater romance" on the play by Alexei Tolstoy's "Kukushkin tears" (1995), . "How do you love" by W. Shakespeare (1997) and other,

In life Goncharova direction and pedagogy has always been inseparable: in 1945, almost since the beginning of the director's work, and before his death he taught at the walls GITIS. Heading here in 1981 the department directing, he attracted to the teaching of AP Fomenko, AA Vasiliev, MA Zakharov. According to Goncharov, the director is not in their performances, and his disciples. Among the graduates gitisovskih Goncharova - so different from handwriting directors as Fomenko, V. Andreev, E. Nekrosius, E. Yarotsky, Borisov, S. I. Yashin, A. Ya Govorukha, UV Joffe, Ahramkova and other. Goncharov has initiated a joint training in GITIS on the same course of actors and directors, that is practiced today.

Goncharov died in Moscow on 7 September 2001.

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Gonchar Andrei Aleksandrovich, photo, biography
Gonchar Andrei Aleksandrovich, photo, biography Gonchar Andrei Aleksandrovich  Russian director, teacher, theatrical figure, photo, biography
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