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Gripich Alex L.

( Russian film director)

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Biography Gripich Alex L.
Gripich, Alexei Lvovich (1891-1983), Russian director. People's Artist of Azerbaijan SSR (1946). Born September 30, 1891 in Orel, a mail clerk in the family, the nobles of the province of Poltava. Early lost his parents in 1910 graduated from the Institute Gatchina orphanage and joined the economic department of St. Petersburg Polytechnic Institute. Under the influence of a cousin of the poet SM Gorodetsky developed his interest in art and theater. In 1913 he entered a school Society for the Encouragement of Arts, was engaged in drawing class artist AI Vakhrameeva and in the same year he entered the newly opened studio of Vsevolod Meyerhold. The First World War in 1914 interrupted the work in the studio and school. In 1918 Gripich returned to Petrograd, worked in the Commissariat, continued participation in the course of mastery of stage productions (KURMASTSEP), where he attended lectures Meyerhold. He was secretary of the courses. He worked in the studio Golovine as a decorator. In 1919-1921, while in the Red Army, created a drama studio, where he started an independent director's work.

In 1921, together with VN Soloviev and BV Alpersom founded in the People's Palace Ligovskiy State Drama Theater, renamed the following year in New Drama Theater, and in 1923 merged into theater Proletkult. Performances of these years: "Fuente Ovejuna" by Lope de Vega, "Fun caliph A. Pisarev (1921)," Death Tarelkin A.V.Suhovo-Kobylin (1922), "The Fall Helen Ley, A. Piotrowski (1923), "The Inheritance Garland" VF Pletnev, "mass-man" E. Toller (1924). Simultaneously, he taught courses mastery of stage productions (biomechanics, layout), the Institute for the Perfect Rhythm Movement (stage movement), in the New Theater School of Drama and Theater Proletkult (biomechanics, work actor).

In 1924 he was invited by Meyerhold in Moscow Theater of the Revolution, which carried out the following productions: "Quadrille with Angels" by Anatole France (1924), "Air pie" (1925) and "The End Krivorylska" BS Romashova (1926). On the stage of the Odessa Russian Drama Theater Gripich were set plays "Sunset" IE Babel, . "Armored Train 14-69" Vs.Ivanova (both 1927); in the Bolshoi Drama Theater in Leningrad, "Juma Mashid" GS Venetsianov, . Luna left "V.N.Bill-Belotserkovsky (both 1928); on stage Kazan Bolshoi Drama Theater" Thunderstorm "by Alexander Ostrovsky, . "Fruits of Enlightenment" Leo Tolstoy (both 1928), . "The Cherry Orchard Anton Chekhov (1929); in Tiflis operating theater" conspiracy of feelings "YK Oleshi (1929), . Voice of the depths "Bill-Belotserkovsky (1930),
. In 1930-1931 in the Moscow theater Lensoveta Gripich released performances Breakthrough (assembly) "," front lines "Triger," eccentric "AN Afinogenov," Meza "DA Shcheglov. After staging at the Kharkov State Theater Revolution Windsor gossips "William Shakespeare, in 1934, organized in Moscow theater studio, under its authority (later the Moscow Dramatic Theater of Moscow region), . where of productions of Seven Points "YL Goreva, . "I love you" IL Prut (1935), . "Armored Train 14-69" Ivanov, . "Governess" J. Deval (1936), . "Boris Godunov" by Pushkin (1937), . Earth "NE Virta (1938),

Important role in the creative life is Gripich Baku Theater of Russian Drama, which he headed in 1940. Here were delivered "Living Corpse" Tolstoy, . "The Kremlin chimes" NF Pogodin (1940), . Love Yarovaya "KA Trenev, . "Front" AE Korneychuck (1941), . Twelfth Night Shakespeare, . Lenushka LM Leonova, . "Field Marshal Kutuzov, VA Soloviev (1942), . "Khanlar" S. Vurgun, . "Inspector" by N. Gogol (1944), . "Under the chestnuts Prague" K. Simonov (1946),
. In Azerbaijan Drama Theater has put Shakespeare's tragedy "King Lear" (1941), the Vilnius Russian Drama Theater - "Russian question" Simonova (1947)

. Working in the province, . implemented a number of productions: the Saratov Drama Theater - "Moscow nature" AV Sofronova (1948), . "Great democrat" V.Smirnova-Ulyanovsk (1951), . "Intervention" L. Slavin (1958) in Voronezh Drama Theater - The Inspector General "by Gogol, . "Break" BA Lavrenev, . "Beautiful maiden" AD Simukova (1952), . "Woe from Wit" Sir.doc (1958) in the Kuibyshev Drama Theater - The Artamonov Business and Egor Bulychev and other "Gorky (1962),

In the play "Death Pazukhin" Saltykov-Shchedrin (1954, Moscow theater actor) were employed SF Bondarchuk (Prokofy Pazukhin), SA Martinson (Zhivnovsky). In his performances played MI Zharov, MF Astangov, D. Orlov, MI Babanova.

Gripich died in Moscow on October 1, 1983.

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Gripich Alex L., photo, biography
Gripich Alex L., photo, biography Gripich Alex L.  Russian film director, photo, biography
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