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Comments for Ville V. LIPATOV
Biography Ville V. LIPATOV
Lipatov, VILLE Vladimirovich (1927-1979), Russian writer. Born April 10, 1927 in Chita, father - an employee of the Chita regional newspaper Zabaikalsky worker ', the mother - a teacher of literature high school. In 1942 entered the Novosibirsk Institute of Military Engineers, and then transferred to the department of history, Tomsk Pedagogical Institute (1948-1952, graduated from externally). Mladshekursnikom began working in the Tomsk regional newspaper 'Red Flag', which published the first stories "Aircraft fireman" and "Two in a frock" (both 1956). From 1958 he lived in Chita, worked as literary secretary newspaper at her post '(1958-1959), in 1964-1966 - a special correspondent of the newspaper "Soviet Russia'. In 1965 he moved to Bryansk in 1967 - in Moscow.

In 1958 the first book Lipatov - novella "Six", where the traditions of the Soviet 'productive' prose is a question of how during the storm, drivers were able to push through the taiga necessary lespromhoz machine. Subject labor heroism, . growth and labor rights in Mougins, . relationship between the individual and collective labor define and scope of subsequent novels Lipatova Captain 'Bold' ", . "His burden is not felt" (both 1959), . "Deaf Mint" (1960), . "Strezhen", . "Tooth Wisdom" (both 1961; earlier titles,
. - "The young man and machine", "Vanya Cheprasov"), "Black Yar", "Death of Egor Suzun" (both 1963), as well as adjacent to them play "The Earth is not on the whales" (1966)

. The story "The Stranger" (1964), . raised the question about the psychology of modern tradesman, . provoked debate in literary criticism, . as brought Lipatov-Union known cycle of stories about the precinct commissioner Aniskin "Village Detective" (1967-1968; the play, . 1969),
. Last, . as the story "Lida Varaksina" (1968) and "Legend of the Director Pronchatove" (1969), . most fully revealed the characteristic features of prose Lipatov: sketch-documented basis for the plot, . 'background' and images, . social nature of conflict and fundamentally optimistic trust in human nature, . always capable, . by Lipatov, . well-formed (or fix) in the reasonable-established labor and moral interaction with society,

Aktualizirovannost 'journalistic' approach to the writer depicted dictated not only a certain simplicity, clarity and faktografichnost narrative, but an inevitable and gradual increase in its proizvedeneiyah social criticism. One of the first since the late 1960's began Lipatov persistently and consistently raise the issue of irregularities society, . in which an honest police officer Aniskin and talented engineer'upravlenets' Pronchatov forced to dodge, . violate the formal rules, . to benefit business and people, . causing the polemical attacks on orthodox criticism 'village Maigret' and 'Siberian Ostap Bender',
. At the same time attentive critics noted, and the elements 'pritchevosti', a particular task situation in these works of Lipatov, which is more clearly identified in the novels "And it's all about him" (1974) and Igor Savvovich "(1977). Almost fatal nature is of a loss of the positive hero, . Komsomolets Stoletov, . doomed to failure by the system itself, . as the defeat of Igor Savvovich, . 'young talent, . withered on the vine in a vicious stagnant society '(G. Mitin),

. The assertion of the eternal values of human existence - honest work, . true love, . strong and happy family - devoted to the story Lipatov "Even before the war" (1971), . The Life Vanya MURZINA, . or Love in the Old-Korotkin "(1989), . and "Gray Mouse" (1970), . where the pain and sadness following the fate of the writer flabby, . destroy itself vodka Seeds Balandina, . modification Shukshin 'chudika', . Village truth-seeker, . are not in use to their dreams, . Inventions and noble project, and therefore losing themselves into drinking,
. Especially deep social analysis of the novel "The lion on the lawn" (1978-1979, publ. in 1989-1990), a dizzying tale of a newspaper career 'charming conformist'. In the story, "Election of the fiftieth" (end of 1960, unpublished.) Talented journalist, . 'man in bed, . in the newspaper - a prostitute ', . wrote an essay-'podval ' "patriot" for the older worker, . living in a flooding basement (very significant play on words) and continues to praise Stalin,
. The writer creates a parable, a parody of being distorted and minds of ordinary workers in the Soviet era.

Author of short stories ( "Main boss", 1960, "Mister Twister," "Doll Madame Bark", both 1967; "Strongly many dreams", 1979, etc.), essays on his contemporaries. The writer had worked with the literary youth. His works were fake, in t.ch. by author.

Lipatov, died in Moscow on May 1, 1979.

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Ville V. LIPATOV, photo, biography
Ville V. LIPATOV, photo, biography Ville V. LIPATOV  Russian writer, photo, biography
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