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Michener, James Albert

( American writer)

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Biography Michener, James Albert
Michener, James Albert (Michener, James Albert) (1907-1997), American writer. Born February 3, 1907, was raised by adoptive parents in Doylstaune (pc. Pennsylvania). In 1929 he graduated from Suortmorsky College, received a scholarship Lippinkota that allowed to study abroad. Enrolled in the University of St Andrews, Scotland, collected folklore of the Hebrides, studied art history in London and Siena (Italy), toured with the organizers of the corrida the whole north of Spain, sailed on a cargo ship in the Mediterranean. Before 1939 was assistant professor and then a visiting professor at Harvard University, Master. In 1941 was promoted to assistant editor at the New York branch of the publishing company 'McMillan'.

The turn in his career occurred when he was transferred in 1943 from the reserve of the Navy and was sent to the South Pacific, where he stayed from 1944 to 1946. Service allowed him to visit about 50 islands. After the war he began writing stories in the book "Tales from the South Pacific".

Discharged in 1946, Michener is back in the 'McMillan', where he worked until 1949, when Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II made his book a popular musical, which allowed Michener to devote himself entirely to writing. In the same year he published his second novel, "Spring Fire" (The Fires of Spring, 1949).

Third novel, "The Bride at Toko-Ri" (The Brides at Toko-Ri), which was set during the Korean War, was released in 1953. The novel "Sayonara" (Sayonara, 1954) are deployed in Japan during the occupation. In "Hawaii" (Hawaii, 1959) Michener found his novel 'format', who made his name on the cover of a guarantee that the book will go to the bestseller list.

New sensation after minor "Karavanov" (Caravans, 1963) was the "Source" (The Source, 1965), which was set in Israel. "Drifter" (The Drifters, 1971) the adventures of six young heroes during the journey to Spain, Portugal and Africa. Published in the same year as the "Kent: What happened and why" (Kent State: What Happened and Why), telling about the shooting of students at Kent, "Drifter" is a profound study of the student revolution, 1960.

In the "century" (Centennial, 1974) Michener, turning to the State of Colorado, gives a panorama of development of the American West. The "Chesapeake" (Chesapeake, 1978), according to the browser 'New York Times', Michener 'makes for Maryland on the eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay is the same as he did in his century, to Colorado'. The epic novel "The Agreement" (The Covenant, 1980) is an artistic excursion into the history of South Africa. "Space" (Space, 1982) is not so much a historical novel as a treatise, in which space exploration is glorified as a brilliant result of scientific progress, the U.S. 'frontirstva' and human curiosity. Working on "Poland" (Poland, 1983), Michener eight times visited the country, met with various people, to consult the Polish specialists. The book found a new spot last seven centuries in the history of the country, including the Nazi occupation and develop in the 1980's struggle for the establishment of independent trade unions. "Texas" (Texas, 1985) was written at the request of the former state governor, William Clement to the already noted in 1986 sesquicentennial anniversary of the state.

In the novel "The Inheritance" (Legacy, 1987) Michener expressed his indignation scandalous affair 'Iran - Contra affair'. Out of the book coincided with the observed in the U.S. 200 th anniversary of the Constitution, the text of which is reproduced on the last pages. He also owns the story on bullfighting "Miracle in Seville" (Miracle in Seville, 1995), are among critics of the genre novel or fabliau. In the next historical novel, "Alaska" (Alaska, 1988) Michener traces the history of the development of the territory and the lives of its people from prehistoric times to the construction of modern highways. By removing a fragment - of detachment way to the Klondike during the gold rush in 1897 - was published in 1989 under the title "The Journey" (Journey). In the same year came another grand saga - "Caribbean" (Caribbean).

"Roman" (The Novel, 1991), depicting the publishing world, focuses on the inner life heroes. Events of four parts are presented from the viewpoint of four characters. Last Michener novel "Vacation" (Recessional, 1994) naturally devoted to the problems of old age

. Michener is also the author of the documentary works: "The Voice of Asia" (Voice of Asia, . 1951), . "Floating World" (The Floating World, . 1954), . Bridge to Ando "(Bridge at Andau, . 1957), . "Iberia: Spanish travels and reflections" (Iberia: Spanish Travels and Reflections, . 1968), . "Almanac Michener" (A Michener Miscellany, . 1973), . "The world - this is my home: Memoirs" (The World is My Home: A Memoire, . 1992), . "This beautiful land: My idea of America" (This Noble Land: My Vision for America, . 1996),

Michener died in New York on October 16, 1997

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Michener, James Albert, photo, biography
Michener, James Albert, photo, biography Michener, James Albert  American writer, photo, biography
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