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Kazei Marat

( pioneer-hero, a young guerrilla-scout, Hero of the Soviet Union (posthumously))

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Biography Kazei Marat
photo Kazei Marat
Marat I. Kazei was born October 29, 1929 in the village StaеLkava Dzerzhinsky district of Belarus. Father, Ivan Kazei - Communist activist, having served 10 years in the Baltic Fleet, worked at ITT, headed the training of tractor drivers, was chairman of a comrades' court. In 1934 he was arrested for 'sabotage' (posthumously rehabilitated in 1959).

Mother, Anna Kazei - was also an activist, was part of the election commission on elections to the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. Also subjected to repression: was arrested twice on charges of 'Trotskyism', but then released. Despite the arrests continued to actively support the Soviet power.

After the arrest of her husband, Anna Alexandrovna Kazei, which absentia studied at the Moscow Pedagogical Institute named after Krupskaya, was expelled from university. With Dziarzhynsk apartments fired. And work, too, expelled.

For this reason the kids (in the family even older sister Helen was, and the younger Kim and Nellochka, who died later from diseases) scattered on the grandmother's grandfather. Ariadne and Marat went to my aunt Zosia - sister paternal grandfather.

Anna Alexandrovna Kazei released from prison just before the war. Appear zaglazhivaya involuntary guilt, Anna tried to help the partisans. Even sheltered in their own ordered the commander of the Soviet underground under the guise of returning from exile, her husband. But an informer betrayed her - and the fall of 1941 Anna Kazei was executed by the Nazis.

After the death of the mother with an older sister of Marat Ariadna left in guerrilla unit for the 25 Anniversary of October (November 1942). Ariadne survived the war, but became disabled - when the unit came out of the environment, it frostbitten feet that had to be amputated. The girl was then 17 years. Later she graduated from the Pedagogical Institute, became a Hero of Socialist Labor, deputy of the Supreme Council, a member of the Audit Commission of the Communist Party of Byelorussia.

. When the plane it took them to the hospital commander offered to fly with her and Marat, that he continued his studies interrupted by war
. But Marat refused and stayed in a partisan.

Subsequently, Marat was guerrilla intelligence headquarters brigade. K. K. Rokossovskogo. I went to explore, either alone or with a group of. He participated in raids. Undermine trains. During the battle in January 1943, when wounded, he raised his comrades in the attack and fought his way through the enemy ring, Marat won a medal "For Courage" and "Service in Battle '.

May 11, 1944 the first year, returning from a job, Marat and the commander of intelligence came upon the Germans near the village of Horometskoe Uzda Minsk region. Commander killed immediately, Marat, firing, lay down in the hollow. Go into the open field was nowhere, and was not possible - Marat was seriously wounded. While the bullets were, had a defense, and when the shop was empty, picked up his latest weapon - two grenades, which did not take off with the belt. One threw the Germans, and the second left. When the Germans came very close, blew himself up along with the enemies.

. What thought the teenager in his last moments? The fact that fear dying in 14 years? That will not see more than father or sister? The fact that his death will bring it victory?

. Likely - and about something, and something else, and about the third
. A more probable, . that moved them to a desperate valor, . multiplied by the fierce rage, . which is peculiar only young, . because life is left exactly until, . the Germans come closer, . but death is not terrible, . because right Gaidar wrote before the war - all the same enemies will flee in fear, . loudly cursing the country with its wonderful people, . with its invincible army and its unsolved military secrets.,

. The title of Hero of the Soviet Union Marat Kazeyu was awarded in 1965, 21 years after death.

. In Minsk, the hero of a monument depicting a young man just before his heroic death.

. Awards:

. Hero of the Soviet Union (8 May 1965)
. Order of Lenin
. Order of the Patriotic War I degree
. Medal "For Courage '
. Medal "For Service in Battle '

. Interesting fact:

. When in 1965 took a shot to the posthumous appropriation of Marat Kazeyu title of Hero of the Soviet Union, . about the appropriate age of the deceased teenager, . Ariadna Ivanovna sent to the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR the most high-quality photo, . which was found in her family album,
. Made it soundly on the conscience of a couple of eggs wandered into the house to п п¦пTп¦я¦п+ in the early days of the war the Germans.

This photo is included in all the Soviet encyclopedias and textbooks, and has become a textbook.

Photos of Kazei Marat
  • Marat and Ada Kazei
  • Letter from Marat to his sister Ada. 1943
  • That's known throughout the Union made an enemy of the hero's photo
  • Mother Anna executed by the Nazis in 1941 as a partisan-underground fighter
  • Father, Marat Ivan G. Kazei in 1935, was arrested for sabotage. He died in exile in Birobidzhan
  • Marat's funeral in the village п п¦пTп¦я¦ Horometskie
  • Inhabitant Kazei Ariadne, the sister of Marat п п¦пTп¦я¦

Photos of Kazei Marat
Kazei MaratKazei MaratKazei MaratKazei Marat

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Kazei Marat, photo, biography
Kazei Marat, photo, biography Kazei Marat  pioneer-hero, a young guerrilla-scout, Hero of the Soviet Union (posthumously), photo, biography
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