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--=-? Daniel

( The businessman, engineer, owner of a huge factory)

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Biography --=-? Daniel
Daniel Swarovski (Daniel Swarovski_
(1862 - 1956)

Daniel Swarovski enigmatic personality can be described very, very different. For example, consider him a criminal figure, a fraud and the simulator in the spirit of the famous George Frederick Strassa. This Strass lived in an enlightened eighteenth century, and has successfully forged precious stones. Fake diamonds is in his honor were called "crystals". But the jeweler and remained in the history of the lone adventurer. In contrast, Swarovski, prosperous and law-abiding businessman, engineer, owner of a huge factory.

There is another approach. Swarovski - esthete, a failed violinist, romantic. And they were motivated by a desire to prove to others that art is not as important material with which you work, how your own skill and mystical Crystal Worlds, in which the viewer. In simulation, . by the way, . there is quite a strong God-fighting moment: is it not tempting to do so, . to artificial light was brighter than the natural, . to fake diamond overshadowed the real one? Unknown, . true, . I thought about it himself master, . Catholic, . man, . deeply religious.,

. You can talk about Swarovski as kitsch or forerunner of a man inscribed in the industrial revolution, European folklore, putting it on the conveyor
. About the founder of the family business. On optics engineer. About chehe, which became Tyroleans ... Concepts, as you see, you can build a lot. The facts are as follows.

Daniel Swarovski was born in 1862 in the north of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, in the mountains of Bohemia. This region is famous not so much "Bohemian Rhapsody" group Queen, as the famous Bohemian glass, which here began to blow and process long before the industrial revolution. I do not know now, and then at the home of every self-respecting bohemians working glass studio. Was no exception and the father of Daniel, particularly scale enterprise but it obviously did not differ. From the glass He made jewelry, hairpins and other accessories. All this is for domestic use and retail trade, not more. Swarovski Jr. for several years worked in the family business, playing in his spare time on the violin, and then bored. Close to him was the Bohemian village. Big things, he decided, made in large cities. For example, in Paris.

It was there, Daniel went to study chemistry, physics, mechanics and other necessary for the engineer science. And studying them, went to the World Exhibition of Electrotechnical. There, among the mysterious mechanisms and no less mysterious master-inventors, he thought: Is it possible to adapt the electrical current for the grinding of glass? It turned out that it is possible. In 1891, after long reflection and prikidok he fashioned the world's first electric grinding machine. This machine can handle stones and crystals in a respectable number and with excellent quality. The public has not yet realized that actually happened. To inform her about this, Swarovski had to open the mass production. In other words, to market. Here Daniel cheat. Deciding not to compete with the Bohemian craftsmen, he moved to Austria and there, in the Tyrolean village of Wattens, Crystal became a punch imitating precious stones.

. The fact of imitation Swarovski did not hide because he thought his business legitimate
. Its crystal looked like diamonds, and therefore could serve the same social function. Simply put, Swarovski put on stream a secular gloss, prestige, eligibility and other illusions that are associated in people with precious stones. Say that the real, natural diamond chooses, on whose finger he cut a wide swath. But time passed quickly elitism, and now even a midlevel bureaucrat could present to his wife or intimate friend an elegant cut-glass trick (nothing precious!), Without being suspected of embezzlement. The saying "All is not gold that glitters" has been refuted. Glitter was important.

Factory Swarovski overwhelmed with orders. He had to expand facilities and hire 200 workers. It was then that the company received the name Swarovski, because the goods on the market could not be nameless. For several years, along with Swarovski formed by the time his sons brought the technology of cutting and polishing crystal to perfection. It turned out that the world only he knows how to achieve supernatural transparent crystal. Major competitors cunning Daniel, the famous glass factories of Venice, on the brink of ruin. Yes there Venice! Make something like that could not until now no one, no matter how tried. Even Bohemian glass blowers were unable to beat his countryman. Industry tried to cut deal with many. Then it became clear that the strength of Swarovski is not so much machines as in the formula that he developed his cooking crystal.

Fashionable women of Paris and St. Petersburg, where Daniel has sent samples of jewelry, they came to a complete delight. Years later, and crystal jewelry will become part of evening dresses for Marlene Dietrich's costumes, Michael Jackson, Bryan Ferry and Tina Turner. Chanel, Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent and to this day cieled crystal dresses. During the Second World War, when the fashion houses of Europe collapsed, cunning Swarovski has managed to build sales of its crystal products in the United States.

Long or short it, and in 1956 the company founder died, leaving a thriving family business. Exactly twenty years later, his heirs have opened a new production line under the name Silver Crystal. The first line went down with the mouse, collected from suspension for chandeliers. For mouse followed by hedgehog, turtle, little deer, rhinoceros, swan ... In general, a whole zoo of glass. All of them are marketers Swarovski given the status of collection. The price of these figures now range from 30 to 600 dollars.

Soon the club was created and collectors items from Swarovski, which consist of about half a million people from around the world. Each of them once a year, designers are presented with a figure made of special designs. So special that all of the tools used for the production of figures, and sketches themselves mercilessly destroyed.

Conspiracy explainable. After the secret of Swarovski crystal - the main capital of this venerable company. But it would be foolish not to put, say, CLzanne, fearing that some hustlers copied the manner of the artist and displace it from the market. Between CLzanne and Swarovski not such a huge difference: crystal - art too. Therefore, the product from Swarovski nobody hides from the world. Instead, create a cult around. I mean the Swarovski museum, established in 1995 to the centennial of the company. It is a huge underground cavern and is about an hour's drive from Innsbruck, the capital of Tyrol. If Tyroleans not arranged in a cave museum, there probably would have settled the local gnomes. Labyrinth of the seven rooms, connected by narrow staircases and corridors, fell to their taste.

Entrance to the cave guards buried in the hill giant with glowing eyes. His mouth falls down a waterfall. In light of the projectors think that water is also made of crystal. Under the ground is a glass tunnel. On the walls are engraved lines of Shakespeare, Lorca, Goethe, which is the word "crystal" - Crystal.

Here are exhibited the smallest and the largest of crystal Swarovski crystals, included in the Guinness Book of Records. Weight giant - 310,000 carats (about 62 kilograms), diameter - 40 cm. Hundred faces of the crystal cast a loose garnet lights, the cool silver glitter, shine through the darkness. The smallest crystal can be seen only through a microscope. Its diameter of 0.8 millimeters. Among the exhibits are "soft" clocks of Salvador Dali, made of crystal, decoration horse Indian maharajah, crystal wall height of eleven meters.

In the next room is a path meter in width, and ten in length. She, like a child's kaleidoscope, constantly changing color. Three-dimensional space of a glass sky twinkling night stars. Earth is covered with blue light of the oceans, the continents appear. Accelerated millions of times in the evolution of fish inhabit the oceans, roaring dinosaurs followed by the singing of birds ...

At the second oslepnuv from the light reveals itself as if inside the crystal. 590 triangular mirrors create the illusion, and do not believe that the height of the crystal ceiling only five meters. Top, bottom and side glass chudyatsya abyss. Changing colors, changing feelings. It seems that the vote reflected from the walls, woven into an endless chord. Incidentally, a former violinist Swarovski demanded from his subordinates that the crystal was heard music. Music crystal.

Paradoxically, in this museum rarely think about the firm's founder. All the attention focused on the vibrations of sound and light, the atmosphere, which creates crystal reflection. A similar effect is achieved in stereokinoteatrah where you feel like a spectator while the hero of the film. Or during an online game. Needless to say, the thrill.

During the lifetime of the computer we had to get used to traveling in virtual worlds. The very fact of entering into another reality we have not confused. We rarely think about how to relate second reality with the first. On the one who inspires us to dream and create the illusion. Unlike most of us, Daniel Swarovski, born in dokompyuternuyu era, understood that much more interesting to be a master of illusions, than their customers.

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