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Daniel Lavoie

( Singer)

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Biography Daniel Lavoie
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Daniel Lavoie (real name - Gerald) was born March 17, 1949 in the village Dyunrea (240 km south-west of Winnipeg, Manitoba), the son of a merchant. Mother of Daniel - a passionate fan of classical music, opened the world of opera singing son when he was only three years. From early childhood, Daniel began to study piano at the nuns in her village. Despite the fact that his mother encouraged his interest in music, she cherished a dream to see his son a priest. Looking ahead, we say that Daniel was a priest - on stage. In life, he received a traditional education for Canada in the Jesuit college in San Boniface, the cultural center of French Canada.

. Daniel was 18 when he learned that Radio-Canada and the transfer of "Youth commits" conducts in Manitoba song contest
. It so happened that in the nomination "by the Executive," no one had before; Daniel said to himself: "Now or never". He wrote his first song and the next day was the winner.

Dreams become messionerom or doctor, who took his thoughts earlier, left behind. Daniel has chosen his path and turned to popular music. One would think that this happened in odnochaste, but it is not so. He continued his studies at the university, and after zaniyaty went to friends to make music together. Daniel recalled this time as follows: "I had a lot of ambition, and nothing seemed too perfect". Finally, during the delivery of the last exam, he learned that his friends have organized their group and go on a tour of Quebec. He dropped everything to go with them.

The entire troupe in 1970 "Dieu de l'amour vous aime" ( "God is love, loves you") travels to Quebec. It was a tour without a future, but when the friends returned to Manitoba, Daniel decided to continue studying music. He travels the world playing in bars and cafes, wrote songs. In 1975 he published his first album "A court term". The album does not have commercial success, but one of the songs of this album - "J'ai quitte mon ile" ( "I left my island") - Ten years later became a hit in Brazil, Portugal and Greece.

. In 1976, after a not very successful tour in Quebec, Daniel settled in Bose
. He lived in an abandoned school - mow the grass, cut down trees and selling timber, but this time he remembered about the music. His friends, he wrote: "I am quietly working on new album. I'm enjoying the passing of days and life itself ". Imnenno here he composed the song "Lullaby for the lion" ( "Berceuse pour un lion"). Disc with the same name allowed him in 1977, finally emerge from the shadows. Daniel Lavoie opened for a critique, laudatory articles filled the press, his songs never left the radiodorozhek. The most popular "Dans l'temps des animaux", "La verite sur la verite", "Berceuse pour un lion". The new tour and a triumph in Quebec.

The turning point in the life of Daniel was the album "Blue Nirvana" ( "Nirvana blue"), released in 1979. This album makes the singer is widely known not only in Quebec but also in Europe. Reviews read: "Nirvana" - is an example of perfection and sophistical game of words and music. No effect - not simple. Not a single word - not too much. He manages to get you out of yourself. This is a feat which very few artists can. ". The result - three weeks of performances in the theater Mont Petit Montparnasse in Paris.

In 1980 the singer released a new CD "Cravings", which consists only of songs written in English. In their speeches on the issue of language Lavoie replied: "I first wrote in French, but one day, hearing the American folk song, I changed the language and style of texts. Finally, when I returned to Quebec, I realized that if I want to live here - I must again learn to write in French. At this took me about two years. In English the words flow naturally, in French, one has to very different processes. It was hard, but necessary. Language - does not matter. What is really important - so are the relations that arise between the words. "For two years the singer has released two new albums:" Aigre doux, how are you? "And" Tension attention ". On the last album, wrote: "These songs speak of how dreams and the reality. Lavoie is both unusual and painful picture of reality. ". In October 1982, at a gala concert ADISQ Daniel won the three most coveted awards: in the category "Song of the Year" - "Tension attention", in the categories "Disc of the Year and Male Artist.

. In 1984 - the new album "Hotel of dreams and new ideas in Quebec City, Montreal, Paris, Lyon, Toulouse,
. Gentle voice, bluesy tone, piano, sensual and disappointed language of his works the most complete line of new musical tastes of Quebec.

1985. "They love each other" ( "Ils s'aiment"). New song and new rewards. FELIX - as the most represented artist in the Francophone market, VICTOIRE - for best francophone album of the year "Tension attention". And again and again FELIX VICTOIRE for the new album "Sea" ( "Vue sur la mer"). Another victory: Liza Minnelli invites Daniel to participate in the television program "LIZA", where he performed two new songs - "Never been to New York" ( "Never been to New York") and "Who do you love me" ( "Whom do you love ") from the new album" Tips ". Within three weeks Lavoie serves Olympia Hall in Paris, later in the market appears to videotape the presentation were (1988, VHF, 62 min.).

. In September the same year he took part in the project "Human Rights Today" in support of Amnesty International, . in which he participated but Sting, . Rivar, . Gabriel, . Springsteen, . and also participated in a charity concert for the starving in Ethiopia,
. There he performed the song "Eyes of hunger" ( "Les Yeux de la faim"). Daniel Lavoie took an active part in the activities FCAF - Canadian organization to combat illiteracy, and became the founder of the Fund for the study and treatment of juvenile diabetes.

. In May 1990 his new album "Long courrier" was on the first line rating
. Again FELIX for best album in the pop-rock - it. As a gift in honor of the singer's fans in Montreal, was presented to the play - "Celebration of Daniel Lavoie" ( "La fete a Daniel Lavoie").

In 1991, the debut of Daniel Lavoie in film. He starred in the film by Jean-Pierre Lefebvre's "Fun trip angel" and wrote the music for this film and poetry. His second job was acting in the role rock opera by Luc Plamondon and Catherine Lara "Sand and romance" ( "Sand et les romantiques"), where he performed the role of the artist Eugene Delacroix.

. In 1992 came the album "Here in the heart" ( "Here in the heart"), which was well received by English-speaking Canada and Lavoie opened the U.S. market
. In 1994, in Los Angeles, he recorded the album "Woman - a man" ( "Woman to man").

Since 1995, Daniel Lavoie began to work closely with Canadian record label Gestion son image. At this time, the release of his new French album "Here" ( "Ici") and, finally, in 1997, burst into an irrepressible romantic in the world of childhood and their album "Le Bebe dragon 1" and "Le Bebe dragon 2". Again FELIX for best album for children.

The year 1998 was difficult for Daniel. Singer settled in Paris and seven months working on the role of Frollo in the musical by Luc Plamondon and Riccardo Cocciante "Notre-Dame de Paris". After 15 released albums and sold millions of CDs, quite naturally looked Plamondon proposal to participate in the musical adaptation of Victor Hugo's novel. "I immediately said to myself that it would be great - recalled Lavoie, - I had one wish to do something else, throw a new challenge. But, of course, imagine such a success ... ". Initially, he wanted to play an evil priest that is not sootvetsvovalo his own character. But any actor will tell you that playing evil - little joy. Gradually, after some time, his attitude has changed: "In the end it is not as much fun as I expected. It is very exhausting for me because it is a heavy burden. I know, . what role can swallow you and the actor becomes an instrument of his character. "What would this avoid, . he is very much reflected on their relationship with Frollo, . while, . Finally, . the latter did not become his own creation: "It is pathetic and dramatic,
. He (Frollo) trained Quasimodo, gave him his love, and therefore it is not only evil. Quite simply, he was unable to control his passion for Esmeralda, and that his undoing. "

. After the triumph in France, the musical "Notre Dame de Paris" was raised in England, where Daniel Lavoie also some time played the role of Claude Frollo in the basic structure
. It was in London Cocciante invited Daniel to hear the first musical excerpts future of the musical "The Little Prince", created in collaboration with librettistkoy Anahi Elizabeth (Elisabeth Anaц¦s) on the second book by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. Lavoie was offered one of the main roles - the role of Pilot. In his own words actor, . At first he did not expect, . that such work can be adapted for musical theater, . however, . familiarized with the proposed material, . He saw, . that song gave the "Little Prince" completely "new dimension".,

. Daniel Lavoie performs the role of pilot in this new play from October 1, 2002
. Audio musical "The Little Prince" went on sale long before the premiere, June 17, 2002. Lavoie partner in this performance, the Executive the title role, Jeff was thirteen, before sung in the chorus of the Lyon Opera.

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Daniel Lavoie, photo, biography
Daniel Lavoie, photo, biography Daniel Lavoie  Singer, photo, biography
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