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Slobodin Julia

( DJ Radio Chanson)

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Biography Slobodin Julia
Julia Slobodina

Born in Voroshilovgrad, which on the map is no longer a few years, because the powers that be have decided to return him to the good old name Lugansk. Up to 6-year-old grew up, how they grow many, getting to know the joy and pass the nursery school life, wrote some, now I really do not remember what, nursery rhymes, early learned to distinguish one letter from another, and then read and write. Subsequently, a modest "Philology" applied experience in teaching brother. That has since lived with his brother one soul, until he chose this country transoceanic ...

Yes, for kindergarten, essno, followed by the school, where for two years, no one except me in class for some reason did not know how to begin the school year. The mention of "Lessons of the world" torn off a barrage of applause and praise of the first teacher. And then when I realized that all the teeth on the "granite science" to break for anything, but if they break and then selectively praise began to give way to complaints, the more so meek I call really was impossible to. The result: always the last batch, and sometimes not at all what I would like to see in the magazine any self-respecting man. But not so bad. School-I graduated, and not a help, but a start in life which I now live has given a fluke ...

1 March 1996. "pure coincidence" in our town opened its first FM station "Skyway". And I do not know whether it is casual, especially if, but, well, mostly country boys on it was our good friend, that is, I could relatively easily to be in "the holy of holies" (air studio:). But, since before the end of the school was still much as 4 months, I have not thought about plans for the future. Everything was decided suddenly, when I vtemyashilas the idea to become the same as they are, ie. DJ's. From the editor in chief, who spent casting "speaking", there were constant excuses and the absolute certainty that it's not for me, well, or uncertainty that is for me. I do not remember what I have argued in favor of its usefulness for the radio, but he eventually gave up and gave me a sample 3 o'clock ether. During this time, I remember like now, I never did not move from their seats, not to mention the fact, to go out on a smoke or drink a cup of tea. Always thought that would not have time, miss, miss ... In short, experienced the usual jim-jams. Then, of course, was easier.

That's how I was found, had changed their opinion of me and provided the first in his life work, though before that I worked in a slightly firm, is compiling tracks from flowers. But everything was quite different, with the employment record, salary and endless pride for themselves. Popal, which is called "the ship to the ball, rather will say a farewell ball at the Labor ship, which to this day has me on the radio.

In 1998. due to some circumstances, . subject about which there is no desire (and it is not important now), . I left the "Skyway", . at the invitation of his colleagues on the radio "Echo" 105.5 FM, . quickly drawn into the collective, . but above all it is here that I met a wonderful man, . neotemlemoy which will subsequently become part of my life, . my beloved husband, . have fallen into this category from the category boyfriends July 6, 2002,
. (as long as the happiest day in my life). Therefore I think that change - it is not so bad, and in some cases, so in general good.

At the turn of the century happened to work out for about a year leading youth program "EfirMa" on the local TV channel "Ether-1". I can not say it was more difficult, or vice versa, rather than working on the radio ... It is quite different sensations and other liability. If the case turned up, I will not refuse to renew its telekareru. Here she was suspended because "Ether-1" closed ... Yes, and "Echo" is our favorite in August 2001. become "Chanson". The question: "Do you like this music?" tired answer. I do not have any special preferences (costs of profession), I respect any style, just to match my momentary mood. Well, as a patriot of his city and priverzhenka pleasant music, support our group UFO.

Last year (2001) came to the Institute of Culture and Arts at Luhansk State Pedagogical University. T.G. Shevchenko on the specialty film and television arts.

. NOT like: loud parties, loud music, obsessions companions for a long time away from home, get up early, wash dishes and when the words admit wrong accent.

. I love: intimate conversations with candles, cartoons, beer, sincere people, dream, New Year, give gifts, to love and be loved
. I like very much: her husband, and when all are all right.

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Slobodin Julia, photo, biography
Slobodin Julia, photo, biography Slobodin Julia  DJ Radio Chanson, photo, biography
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