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Khans Pelaneya

( Musical Performer)

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Biography Khans Pelaneya
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Pelageya Khanova
(14.07.1986 years [Novosibirsk])

Pelageya Khanova - owner of one of the best voices of the country. It has a range of three and a half octaves and there is a vocal coach - none of it is not taken, because they are afraid to spoil. Pelageya sings Russian folk songs - a wonderful choice for young ladies: now it is not fashionable.

Pelageya Khanova was born in Novosibirsk in 1986, July 14. In infancy already shown itself as an outstanding musical personality, repeating my mother's lullabies for the whole phrases. Thus extremely surprised others, especially children's doctors. In three years, learned to read (the first book it was 'Gargantua and Pantagruel'). In three and a half typed stories of his own composition. Harmonically and slowly developing a 'humanitarian prodigy', once was on the scene. This historic event took place in St. Petersburg, one of the many avant-garde exhibitions, in which the mother participated Pelagia, Svetlana Khanova - a professional theater director, a singer in the past. Since then taken to record life stage actor Pelageya.

It should be noted that 'Pelageya' - this is not a pseudonym, as many think, but now the name given to a girl at birth (the birthday party of this name are marked 21 October). At 8 years Pelageya goes without examination to a special school at the Novosibirsk Conservatory, and became the first student-vocalist for the 25-year history of the school. As a scholarship fund 'Young Talents of Siberia and the party to the International UN program "New Names of the Planet', . it is increasingly acting on the most prestigious areas of the country - such as the Variety Theater, . SCMR Russia, . Vasilevsky descent Red Square, . Kremlin Palace of Congresses,
. Repertoire are love songs and popular songs of the Russian people.

. At the age of 9, she met with the leader of the group 'Kalinov Bridge' Dima Revyakin and he sends in Moscow on 'Morning Star' videotape Pelagia, . but, . because at this time there are no unit of the folklore, . Yuri Nikolaev then invites her to participate in the contest winners 'Morning Star', . where she successfully took the first place and becomes the holder of the honorary title of 'Best performer of folk songs in Russia in 1996' award and in 1000 $,
. Meanwhile, . written in haste in Novosibirsk, . and accidentally trapped in duffel bag, one of the men of Novosibirsk OMON, . Pelagea Anthem performed as a warrior, . song "Lubo, . brothers, . Lubo! " becomes a hit in Chechnya: an invitation from the Moscow Patriarchate to participate in one of the concerts in the Kremlin and lead him, . Pelageya meets with Russian Orthodox Patriarch Alexei II and received his blessing on creativity.,

. Among the senior people, . which met during this time 9-year-old girl from Siberia were Iosif Kobzon, . Nikita Mikhalkov, . Clinton, . Naina Yeltsin: 1997 becomes a turning point in the singer's fate: are several important developments:,
. Pelageya becomes a member of the team of KVN Novosibirsk State University and the youngest member of KVN in its history. Hollywood film director Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky invites her to participate in a grand show on Red Square, . dedicated to 850 anniversary of Moscow! Pelagea, . sang her hit 'Lubo, . brothers, . Lubo! ", . becoming a major tragic figure representation, . BBC TV channel which broadcasts to the world,
. Since then the media will call it a 'national treasure' and 'a symbol of Perestroika'. And finally, there is a familiarity with the Director General of the record company, record company Fili 'Igor Thin. After some negotiations Pelageya signed with the company an exclusive contract to record 3 albums.

. Together with her mother the girl moved to Moscow, rents an apartment, studying at a music school in Gnessin School at the piano room and recorded his first album with the working title 'Lubo! "
. The record involved a variety of musicians: The orchestra of Russian folk instruments. Osipova and Alexei Zubarev (guitarist 'Aquarium'), the Academic Choir of. Sveshnikov and Max Golovin (project 'eclecticism'), guitarist Valery Leontiev Dolgin, Trans-Baikal Cossack ensemble 'Zabuzory', winner of Tchaikovsky, the cellist Boris Andrianov, guitarist 'Megapolis' Max Leonov:

. Vocal Pelageya deals with his mother, developing and strengthening its traditional Siberian style - the so-called 'harsh vocal delivery'
. With a range of four octaves, she gradually develops and cantilena, belkantovoe singing. Living in Moscow, . Pelageya actively involved in various official events, . such as the ceremony of the National cinema award NIKE All-Russia and theatrical - 'Golden Mask', . concerts ( 'Easter in the Kremlin', etc.), . charity: In March 1998, after the airing of 'Anthropology' Dibrova with its participation, . 11-year-old singer received an incredible offer from the President of Russia itself:,

. For the first time since the 2nd World War, there are heads of three powers: France, Germany and Russia
. And at this summit only cultural program Protocol provides for a small recital Pelagia. News agencies disperse throughout the world: Jacques Chirac called the girl 'Russian Edith Piaf ", and Yeltsin with tears -' symbol of a resurgent Russia."

. After a week in one of rock 'n' Roll Club 'a' feast for journalists and visitors to the execution of his songs in a duet with Alexander F. Sklyar accompanied by an indiscreet 'Va-Bank': Cooperation with Sklyar did not end there - Pelagea participated in the Festival ' Learn to swim 'in the summer of 1998,
. and for some reason was a great success and in Estonian local. In November 1998, she participated in a record tribute album Depeche Mode 'dispatch to Depeche Mode', which publishes 'FILI', with a composition of 'Home', and the magazine 'FUZZ' calls this a cover version of the most successful. At the same time, prominent figures of culture of Russia to petition to the Mayor of Moscow on the improvement of living conditions of the singer, and the decision of the Moscow Government Pelageya becomes a Muscovite. However, despite this fact, journalists in Russia and abroad continue to call her 'girl from Siberia'. In July 1999, at the invitation of Mstislav Rostropovich, she participates in one of the most prestigious music festivals in Evian (Switzerland), . along with such global values, . as Leo Marcus, . Evgeny Kissin, . Ravi Shankar, . Paata Burchiladze, . BB King: Galina Vishnevskaya, in an interview with the French press calls Pelageya 'future of the world opera scene':,

. And, finally, in August 1999, the singer is involved in the world's largest international theatrical folk festival - FRINGE EDINBURGH FESTIVAL
. The project, which combines concert programs Pelagia and the young Ukrainian singer Katya Chile, called PRODIGIES, and had decent success with the sophisticated audience Edinburgh. Pelageya, who had come with her to Scotland, musicians (Michael Sokolov - percussion, Vladimir Lukashenya - keyboards, Max Leon - guitar), gave 18 concerts. The result of this trip were not only numerous surveys and interviews on the BBC, . translation of her statement on the huge TV screen in a central London park, . proposal of the Deputy Mayor of Edinburgh for the Arts to record an album in Scotland, . and familiarity with the manager of legendary Italian tenor Jose Carreras, . who made a formal proposal Pelageya participate in the world premiere of an opera star, . be held in England in 2000,
. Now actress is on the threshold of a new phase in his work - along with the formation of a fundamentally new repertoire and a performing style and stage image, . is a competitive selection of musicians in the group under the working title 'Pelageya',
. This project will form the basis of the second album, which will be heard only in live music and authentic singing. Work on the third, on the contrary, electronic album, has already begun.

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Photos of Khans Pelaneya
Khans PelaneyaKhans PelaneyaKhans Pelaneya

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Khans Pelaneya, photo, biography
Khans Pelaneya, photo, biography Khans Pelaneya  Musical Performer, photo, biography
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